European Travel Plan – a great way to organize travel in Europe


If you are planning to travel to Europe, you may feel a bit confused. Cultural differences and differences between countries are so great that unless you have spent more than a year on the continent, you will not be able to gain an understanding of the entire continent. Instead, knowing that your boss is not the kind of person who will give you a year-round job, I will give you some advice on your European travel plan.

The first is the basic problem. Where do you start? Well, many people will tell you something very different, but as a professional travel organizer, I will not hesitate to tell you where to go. It sounds obvious, but many people are looking for flights to Europe, but they still don't know what they want from Europe. If you understand Europe as a country, it is very wrong. Then, the European travel plan must start with the country or city that you choose to visit.

I strongly encourage all my clients to look at a certain area instead of trying to get everything from it. If you choose Eastern Europe, don't try and see Paris and Rome, it will be meaningless. Remember this and visit Paris, Rome, Berlin and London in another year, with a focus on the big capital. If you choose Southern Europe, please go to Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal. There is absolutely no point in watching Sweden on this trip.

After selecting the area you want to select, the next step in the European travel plan is to look at the traffic between the cities. If you visit less than 6 cities, the aircraft will always be the best choice. If you want to travel long distances, it is usually best to choose a train pass. This is time consuming, but traveling by train in Europe is an experience in itself, especially if you choose Central Europe as the discovery area.

Then it's time to find a flight. To understand the flights that connect your city to the European continent, you should be able to see which city you fly to is cheap. Usually, round trips are the best option, so even if you plan to take a train or plane to an already visited city for an extra trip, try starting and ending the trip at the same location. I can guarantee that it will eventually be cheaper.

Finally, accommodation and activities are the last thing left. I won't disclose the overall strategy for choosing accommodation, because this will be another article, the purpose of which is to prioritize your mind when arranging a European travel plan. If you know what happened first and what happened last, you will know soon! However, if you need help, some travel organizers can set it up for you at a lower price.


How to ensure the safety of gadgets during an adventure trip


The adventure is full of excitement and adrenaline, which can bring amazing fun. The challenge is to ensure the security of gadgets on the go. There are many ways to destroy gadgets, such as picking up hands, throwing small things into the river, in the canyon, from the moving vehicles.

You may leave without leaving any mesh with any gadgets, but this may not be a good idea, especially if you are traveling on an adventure. These gadgets help you find hotels in a short time, learn about local public transportation systems, and translate languages ​​to help you communicate better, send money, GPS, and more.

So how do you ensure that these convenient small devices are protected on the go? Here are some tips to help you.

Get some gadget travel insurance

Before doing anything else, make sure all gadgets are insured. Most good travel insurance policies will provide gadget travel insurance, including your gadget. When you travel on adventure, your gadget is likely to be lost, stolen or damaged. However, if you are insured, you can replace them in just a few days.

Do not have too many gadgets

If you carry fewer gadgets, the chances of damage, loss or theft are reduced. Too many gadgets can get people's attention, which means expensive devices are more likely to be stolen. When you have too many gadgets, it's easy to lose them. The best thing you can do is carry one or two gadgets with you on the go. Usually, a smartphone and a camera are enough.

Use a simple satchel to store your gadgets

If you carry a small bag with accessories, it will cause trouble. Instead, get an unobtrusive shoulder bag that you can grab in a crowded place. You can even invest in one of those anti-theft bags on the market today.

Replace the camera strap

Nothing is more unwelcome than the camera straps of the advertising camera brand. Change the camera strap to something that is low-key and inconspicuous, so no one will notice it even if the camera strap is hung in the bag.

Ensure hotel safety

Most hotels offer a safe in their rooms. So use it. If the gadget is not in a safe place, your insurance company will not cover the cost of theft from the hotel room. And, if you want to take part in adventures all day, you don't want to be bothered by too much luggage.

These ideas sound a bit overkill, but keep in mind that when you add all of these devices together, they can cost a penny. And don't forget that everyone is not evil, you can be lucky to find a good Samaritan, and the Samaritans will find the missing or stolen little objects and return them to you.


Venice – good travel tips


The best time to visit Venice is in early spring, the weather is slightly warmer, but the weather is not too cold. At the peak of the summer, the weather may be hot and humid, but spring is much fresher!

Take a water taxi from the airport and make sure your style is in place. It's expensive, about 100 euros, but if you share it with a friend or agree, it's well worth 25 euros or less per person, you will get off at the nearest landing point.

If you stay for three days or more, please invest 33 euros in the 72-hour ACTV smart card. Unless you're planning to sit in the hotel all day [why!!], you'll save money by buying a single ticket, and it's much simpler. Just pass it to the reader every time you enter your boarding pass to verify your ticket. -stage.

Don't go to the most expensive hotel unless you plan to spend most of your time here. There are many cheap hotels in Venice that can serve as the perfect foundation! The boatmen often travel around for your customs. In special circumstances, with a special friend, taking the cable car along the Grand Canal is unforgettable. If the cable car does exceed your price range, you can take the traghetti [cable car ferry] across the canal for just 50 cents.

You must explore on foot. Don't panic when you get lost, it's almost certain that after discovery, you will find a lot of happiness until you get back on track. A yellow street sign on the building indicates the route to San Marco, Rialto and Accademia. As long as you are away from the crowds, alleys and bridges, you will soon get lost in the stagnant waters of Venice. Head to Dorsoduro in Castello, Cannaregio or Sestieri.

In the morning, before the arrival of the day's visitors, or at nightfall, head to St. Mark's Square. After dark, lights and music add a new atmosphere to this fascinating place. In addition to fast food, if you have a limited budget, don't dine at the stone throwing distance of popular tourist attractions. Instead, find a place where locals can eat to truly understand Venice, and you can save even more in this way!

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is very popular and worth a visit. Even if it's not suitable for modern art, you can have a beautiful sculpture garden and terrace in front, where you can sit and watch the Grand Canal.

I hope that you will find these travel tips helpful, just because the city of Venice is very romantic. This is not only for couples, but even for single travelers, there is still a lot to do, so please don't be intimidated when traveling alone.


How to find an excellent travel agency specializing in cruise travel


Booking a cruise is much more complicated than buying a ticket or calling a hotel to book a room. As with any holiday, you have to make many decisions. It is important to find cruise professionals with extensive experience in cruising. For beginners, a local cruise company that can sit down in person is the best choice. However, in the age of social marketing, you can now easily talk to travel agents via Skype. If you are not sure how to use the video call feature, you can download the software for free. Simply add the name of the travel agent Skype and call them via a video conference call. This is much better than sitting in the travel agency office waiting for them to go to work. If you are not sure if they have a Skype account, simply send them an email asking them to provide a Skype name, and then you can talk to the cruise company within a few minutes.

CLIA's affiliates can take advantage of many CLIA programs to better serve their cruise customers. CLIA agents receive the latest training in the CLIA and cruise industry. Agents of the Cruise Lines International Association will also list their affiliation on their website.

Cruise companies can act as advisors, planners and negotiators for cruise companies to help you get the best deals. They also tend to buy a large number of cruise ships at certain times of the year and resell them to customers at low prices due to bulk purchases. Groups planning to plan for cruise vacations may save thousands of dollars when traveling with cruise agents who have purchased these berths at last year's price. Therefore, sometimes before the online search engine is booked, the cruise customer needs to spend some time talking directly with the travel social. In addition, many online travel sites do not accept group bookings, and you need to talk directly to the cruise company to make all the necessary arrangements without too much pressure and time wasting. When you book in this way, in many cases, travel agencies also offer certain privileges to customers of certain groups. This may include in-flight points, a bottle of wine and other rewards, which are not always available to cruise travelers who book online.


8 tips to avoid eating trouble while traveling


One of the best parts of the journey is to taste and taste a variety of fresh and delicious food, whether you are driving across the state or traveling around the world. And, no doubt, relax a bit, then eat something you usually don't eat at home for a week, it's fun, it's part of the freedom and excitement of a vacation!

However, we all know that there are too many feelings in many days in a row: lack of energy, bloating, dehydration, headache or hangover, obvious time difference, and increased susceptibility to illness. All of these things can actually prevent you from maximizing your travel pleasure. Moreover, if you are a food-restricted person, you will know that trying to find food that is good for you will increase your frustration!

The good news is that it's easier than ever to make a variety of food choices to keep you healthy and energetic while you get rid of your daily eating habits. Have a good time on the go, here are some simple ways to eat:

  1. Take precautions. Usually, when we travel, we become irregular and eat irregularly. Sometimes we can walk for hours without eating.

    Contrary to popular belief, you should delay eating to save space and eat a big meal. If you don't eat for a long time, you will delay your metabolism, make your body tired, tired and keep calories. Our bodies call these periods "mini-hunger" and put our brains in panic. To maintain blood sugar stability and avoid energy loss [energy loss can lead to over-compensation of high sugar or fried foods], eat a little nutritious and lean foods every few hours while in transit and when going out. Pack snacks for easy access: nuts, seeds, boiled eggs, hard fruits [like apples], vegetables and hummus, or natural fruit and nut bars.

    If you know where you want to live, search for restaurants near your hotel. Check the menu with your hotel or resort and check the available menus. Once you arrive, you can use apps like AroundMe to find healthier restaurants in your area. Check out these smartphone apps, which help you find gluten-free and other allergen-free options when you travel.

  2. Don't forget the grocery store! Supermarkets, especially local cooperatives, may be the best ally when you travel. You can get fresh produce and lots of healthy snacks easily and cheaply. You'll find a wide range of quality foods at reasonable prices that are free of gluten, dairy products and other common allergens. In addition, many cooperatives also have a deli where you can enjoy delicious sandwiches, salads or crepes during the day.
  3. Your mother is right: eat more vegetables and take in vitamins. When you travel, your immune system is exposed to a large number of new pathogens, especially on airplanes and other mass transit vehicles. You want to make sure your body has the things you need to stay healthy, resistant to bacteria and toxins. Don't forget to pack multivitamins and other supplements! If you can't get fresh greens right away, consider buying some powdery greens, take them with you, and easily mix them with a glass of water or a morning smoothie.
  4. Speaking of morning smoothies… If you are really committed to eating fruits and vegetables every day, you might even consider carrying a travel mixer. For some people, this seems extreme, but think about it: most of them are under $20, can be easily placed in the back of the suitcase or car, and can be quickly made with fruits and nuts. A strong breakfast with vegetables will keep you going all day.
  5. Drink more water than usual. The plane and hotel room are very dry. Walking around the day consumes energy and dehydration. People usually drink or soda during meals, which can also dehydrate people. Drink more than 8 glasses of water a day, and keep energetic, hydrate the cells, make the skin glow, and help toxins.
  6. Drink less than the people around you. Especially in business travel, this is a challenge because drinking is a common pastime. However, in addition to exacerbating dehydration and jet lag, throwing more than two drinks back can lead to an unhealthy diet. [A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that when men drink more than two, they consume an average of 433 calories from alcohol and food!]
  7. Try to make your eight hour beauty break. It's easier said than done, I know! However, getting a decent rest helps stabilize metabolism, resets the adrenal system and boosts immunity. Taking a full rest will make the other options you face during the holidays easier.
  8. Try the rules of "once and for all." Let yourself enjoy and enjoy the food – stick to it once a day. Take a beautiful chocolate cake. There is also a steak fries to help. Order something that happily licks butter and loves every bite. Then, cook with unhealthy food that day. There will always be more.

Whether you decide to plan your meal on the go, we are happy to help you get there! As your travel agency, we can provide you with insider tips on transportation, accommodation and entertainment.


5 tips for Boston Terrier car travel


One of the challenges of having a dog is to travel with your puppy companion. There are problems when traveling with any breed of pet, but the Boston Terrier has its own special needs, and long-distance travel needs to address these special needs. There are many ways, many tools, methods and techniques to manage the Boston Terrier's travel by car. Some jobs are better than others. How do you get the best results now?

Understanding and preparation are undoubtedly the key. Similarly, the real key to getting good results with a Boston Terrier is knowing how to work and how to prepare yourself before you travel.

Here are 5 tips for using the Boston Terrier to drive smoothly:

1. Walk to Boston before boarding. from

  Why is this important? Boston Terriers are naturally energetic and become boring and moody when they have to stay too long. If they don't have the opportunity to take a proper "toilet" break [which means several times if you already own Boston], the situation is even more complicated. Make sure your friends have enough time to run around and do business before long trips. What happens when you follow this advice? You can be sure that your Boston will stay asleep most of the journey and stay comfortable until your planned first break..

2. Bring a plate filled with ice instead of a bowl of water. from

  Water can easily spill during driving, but it is absolutely essential that your Boston can use fresh, cool drinking water at all times, especially if you are traveling during the summer. Ice actually helps because the Boston Terrier's head deformity [which means their nose is short] and it is very prone to overheating. Cold water will help your pet regulate body temperature in hot weather.

3. Place the shadow on the window. from

  Again, the main reason behind it is that the Boston Terrier is not heat resistant. Although you may notice that your friends like to sun on the living room floor, it is important that they lie down in the dark. This is also a good idea because Boston's coat is very beautiful and if exposed for a long time In direct sunlight, there is a risk of severe sunburn.

4. Have a comfortable car bed. Why is this a good idea? from

  The shape of the car seat is to make the hips comfortable, not to make our canine friends feel comfortable. The seat belt stretches out and sews in a strange place. Long-distance travel can be very uncomfortable for your dog. Is there any other reason? Depending on the color of the car's interior, the seat [and seat belt] may become very hot – enough to burn your Boston. Preparing a special bed for your puppy can eliminate this risk.

5. Take a break every 2 to 3 hours. from

  This will be important because of what? Just like people, dogs need to take frequent breaks. A long journey will make your Boston as uncomfortable and uncomfortable as possible. What other important reasons are there? It is not healthy or uncomfortable for your dog to "catch it" for a long time. If you find that your dog is drinking a lot of ice water, you may need to stop more often. A good indicator? If you need to leave, they may do the same.

Final advice: from

Do not put the Boston Terrier in the car on warm or sunny days. from

  Even in cool weather, the interior temperature can rise by 30 degrees in less than 15 minutes, which can have fatal consequences for the pet you travel.

When you follow these 5 tips carefully, you should expect a pleasant and comfortable adventure when you travel with the Boston Terrier.


Tips and tricks for writing great travel articles


Every great travel article has several elements that make reading a pleasure. Not just important topics, but how you organize your content. This is one of the reasons why some webmasters decide to let others write content for them. If you're not a natural writer and don't spend a lot of time honing your craft, it's hard to easily complete the steps to create solid, interesting, and relevant articles.

So, with this in mind, there are some experienced writers who are helping them to create great travel articles that appeal to the attention of each of the readers who come across it.

Know your theme

Every travel article has a theme. If you want to write about the main attractions of London, be sure to stick to it. Don't cut lines and start writing articles about restaurants, or Western shows that are being broadcast. Focus on the theme and throughout the theme. The subject of the work should always honor the promise of the title.

Do your research

This is another important factor to remember. Research is very important because some people read your travel articles and plan a vacation or trip. Therefore, you must be able to figure out what to write in order to conduct appropriate research.

Double check all sources and facts and pay attention to websites that anyone can edit – such as Wikipedia. You are more likely to encounter incorrect facts. On these sites, even if they are added in good faith.

Break down into chunks

When the work is displayed online, it helps the reader to see at a glance. This means using bullet points and subtitles [very similar to the title in this article], making it easier for people to scan content. This also makes the work easier to write. Once the formatting is organized, you can basically fill in the blanks to complete it.


This is another important aspect of the entire work. You should read and check the spelling, grammar or content for errors. It may be helpful to check it aside so you can touch it with fresh eyes.

As you can see, there are a number of techniques you can use to help simplify the writing process. If you are not sure about doing this, feel free to hire a writer to get the job done for you. But at least now you will know how to guide them to make sure you have the best quality travel items you really want.


Travel forecast for 2010 – unexpectedly good news!


  • Traditionally, January is the cheapest travel month of the year [and the coldest month!]. My advice is not to worry about taking the holiday decorations and just running away in the warm sun for a week – or one or two margaritas, then sc toes on the beach. You can find great deals on all-inclusive Caribbean resorts on sites like, and In the selected weeks of this winter, you can spend a week in Mexico or the all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic for just $1,000 per person, including airline tickets!
  • January also brought the “wave week” of the cruise industry. Traditionally, the lowest cruise price for the year is available during the Wave Week promotion. Stay tuned to sites like, and to get some of the most discounted cruises this winter.
  • It will be very difficult to find a destination that is cheaper than Las Vegas in 2010. The combination of the newly opened new resort [city center, Trump and Hard Rock], coupled with the sharp decline in the convention and exhibition business, means that luxury resorts are being discounted at an unprecedented price. You are likely to find luxury Las Vegas rooms that are cheaper than the rest of the country. Combine the cheap hotel rooms with all these low-cost buffets and spectacular stage performances for an unforgettable vacation. Be sure to visit to find a discounted performance ticket.
  • No matter where you travel, you can't enjoy the price of resorts and services – you may be surprised by how much they are discounted. Four- and five-star resorts usually offer a 30-50% discount when you stay one night. [Free for 1 night for 2 nights, etc.] Sandals Resort continues to sell its 65% discount to 2010. Children can dine and stay for free, enjoy spa treatments and even play golf for free. There is more room at the top of the airline. As the company develops a travel policy that limits business and business class seating, business class and first class seats will increase significantly in 2010. As more seats are open, this is the perfect time to try to get your business class or first class seats with your frequent flyer miles.
  • Watch out for the launch of Europe with a matte glow this spring. After the Christmas bomber incident, Europe will be squeezed more than usual because passengers are reluctant to travel abroad. Keep an eye on sites like, and to provide great value for European travel. We may also see amazing prices on European cruises. They have a short season to fill their cottage and they will perform special offers to get you on board.
  • The growth trend of holiday accommodation is expanding day by day – rents for houses, villas, apartments and apartments will increase by day, week or month. People who cannot sell their vacation properties list them in the “owner's rental”. Sites, and as the number of choices increases, transactions and special offers escalate. Check the trading page on and start searching.
  • For anyone who has the spirit of freedom and wants to sleep alone, the Internet opens up a whole new world of rental beds and sofas [a lot of time is free]. The popular website is a great starting point – they have a community of college students to retirement adventurers.
  • 2010 is likely to be an important year for road trips. Gasoline prices are expected to remain fairly stable, and the airline's attitude will curb our desire to escape. Listen to the Regional Bed and Breakfast Association and note that seasonal promotions will be a good year for harvest. For New England, the deal on the website becomes a member of the "Inn People". For the West Coast, you can find beautiful hotels and hostels at

2010 will be full of opportunities to take risks and meet new people and experience the wonderful places. Save your pennies and add some adventure to your life!


Best travel accessories for men and women


The necessity of travel accessories

Planning a trip is crucial. If you forget something important, your trip may be ruined. Travel accessories are essential for mobile issues that may arise anywhere, anytime. Necessities must be packaged and redeemed with the necessary gadgets to ensure you are ready to travel abroad or travel to the area.

You should purchase some travel accessories that are essential for travel and check the list as soon as possible to ensure that you don't miss out on any travel packages. List the items that meet your needs and package them accordingly.

Necessities to be packaged

Pack a wash bag or suitcase to keep utilities such as toiletries and cosmetics in a safe place. Both men and women must do this. In addition, if you eat in a new place and cause fever or weak stomach, please keep a small first aid kit with essential medicines.

If you decide to venture into any lake, river, beach or waterfall, it's best to buy a waterproof phone case, because if the phone accidentally falls into the water, it can protect your phone. Also, please keep some good password locks to secure your baggage on the go. This will help keep valuables such as passports, credit cards and debit cards safe and sound.

Buy a leak-proof, good travel bottle that can be easily filled with water so you can stay hydrated when you travel to any destination or walk. Carry a quality Swiss knife with you – they are very useful for hiking, fishing, hiking and camping. With its many tools, this is a tool every man and woman must have on the go.

Keep a water bottle, which is essential for any adventure. During the day, when you are traveling small or taking long walks and excursions in the area, please buy a small waterproof shoulder bag.

Keep a premium universal travel adapter for all countries. This is a very useful device that will save your device the trouble of carrying different charging adapters. If you are planning a few days of hiking or hiking, then a good portable outdoor solar charger is also very effective. In addition, keep good portable WiFi for good Internet use to stay connected to the world. In addition, please keep a good travel cable manager to avoid looking for cables in your luggage.

It is recommended that you carry an empty hard drive with you to save the picture so that you don't have enough storage space on your phone or camera memory card. Women must also be vigilant in case they are in danger.

Dry shampoos are also useful accessories for travel. These items are the most essential and important travel accessories for men and women.


Travel Package Tips – How to find cheap deals and save money on your next trip


Everyone loves vacations – especially when on vacation through affordable packages. Travel is much cheaper than before, and it's easier than ever to find something cheap. It's all about where to look and know how to compare quotes. Regardless of which trip you plan, here are some tips to help you find the best travel package:

• List your main destination and register to receive trading alerts. In addition to newsletters, there are apps that track fees. You can be notified by phone that the second transaction will pop up in one of your ideal destinations. Always be vigilant to get discounts – you never know what will pop up. You can also sign up to receive cheap ticket alerts. Use tools that automatically track ticket prices from one city to another.

• Flexible location selection. Sometimes, if you are flying or driving to an area other than your intended destination, you may get a better choice. If you can get a lot of discounts by renting a car, or if the area has a good, affordable public transport system, you need to consider this. For example, if you want to go to New York, you don't have to spend money in an expensive hotel in Manhattan. Look at cheap alternatives in other towns.

• Do not use the lowest price. From airfare to accommodation, this applies to all aspects of travel. In the long run, if you stay at a higher-priced hotel for a specific number of nights, you may end up saving more money because many resorts offer discounts. You may also want to check if you can combine your ticket with hotel accommodation to get a discount.

• Some travel websites offer “Featured” and “Recommended”. No need to filter by price or specific conditions, just check out the default daily or weekly transactions.

• Determine if you want to simplify packaging or consider a specific topic. For example, if you plan to do a lot of golf, you might want to study a golf trip package. There are also all-inclusive holidays, including all activities, including meals and free benefits, which you may not be able to get.

Travel package – the last words

These are just a few tips to get you started. Whether you are going to a beach holiday, a ski resort, a casino or a cruise, you should be able to find a good deal on your travel package.

You can view all recommended travel packages and transactions online. Travel can be very affordable with special offers and promotional codes.