Women and travel: survey results reveal trends and preferences

The investigation is a great thing. It is only when you think you can control who, when, where and why, a survey will produce the results that challenge these ideas.

For example, in April 2006, Women Traveling together sent a recent travel interest survey to 7,000 women. My first surprise was how many replies we received. Experts say that if you get a 5% response rate, you are doing a good job. Well, our performance is much better, reaching nearly 9% [representing the opinions of more than 600 women].

Of course, we will use the results of the survey to develop our travel schedule, but it also reveals some of the anecdotes about who, when, where and why women's travel preferences. Survey results show…

Who is traveling with a woman…

  • It is difficult to find a travel partner. More than 65% of women said it was difficult to find someone to go with.
  • …but when they travel, they like to travel with girls! Most people travel with their girlfriends or travel alone, but in either case, they travel with women's groups.

When women travel…

  • Women can travel all year round! 45% of women said that it is a good time to travel anytime, anywhere.
  • The woman is "mad." In the past 18 months, more than 40% of women surveyed have traveled 4 times or more.

Where women travel…

  • Women like new destinations. 65% of the women surveyed said they would rather go to a new place than return to the previous place.
  • Alaska, we are here! Alaska is the most sloping destination in the United States.
  • Italy, Italy and Italy. In Europe, the overwhelming preference is Italy.

Why do women travel…

  • The beauty of the earth is the reason why women travel. No matter where the destination is, whether it is to see the natural beauty at the destination, or the primary reason for travel.
  • The cost is secondary. When choosing a trip, women first consider where to go, then consider money and travel with whom.

How do women like to travel…

  • It can be transported by land if needed. Most people prefer land cruises instead of cruises.

How to find a lot in the cruise holiday

Everyone needs to take time off from time to time. In addition to taking time out and rest, all of us should have the opportunity to discover a wider world. A good way to do this is by boat. It's a very easy way to travel, you can sail comfortably and luxuriously, and you can visit some of the more exotic and adventurous places on earth. Of course, the budget may be important to you. Therefore, you should know how to get a lot of discounts on a boat holiday.

One of the best ways to get a large number of cruises is to wait for the last minute vacancy at a lower price. Cruise companies usually prefer to fill the cruises. If not, they may offer some amazing deals just to get enough people on board. The only downside is that you won't have much choice. These last-minute cruise deals are set for a specific date and duration, and you may need some flexibility in scheduling to take this into account. However, if you can work as planned, you can usually get half the price of the normal price.

Travel sites such as Expedia are also an ideal place to find deals on cruise ships. In fact, you should not stop on a travel website, but try one by one until you find the best price. However, travel sites have some pitfalls. The truth is that some of them don't effectively update the listed routes, and when you register for a cruise online, you may end up with something different from the bargain. In the worst case, you may end up spending money instead of traveling on a cruise. This is not the case for more well-known travel sites, but even if they occasionally fail.

I suggest that you spend some time and energy looking for an excellent travel agency that specializes in cruise travel. Travel agencies can help you in a variety of ways, providing tips and resources, and advising you so you can avoid catastrophic bookings. You can do research on your own, but it takes a lot of work, and you have to find good advice from the bad. Travel agencies have lessons to learn from and can find the skills that best suit the type of cruise you are looking for. They may charge between $10 and $50, but the trouble for them may be worthwhile, especially if it helps you avoid choosing bad vacations.

Why the holidays are healthy: the health benefits of travel

It seems that the weekend has just passed; today is Monday, when you drag yourself out of bed, you still feel exhausted. There is an urgent need to lose enthusiasm for work, interest and social life.

Why vacation health: Since the interest in exploring landscapes and sounds around the world, the health benefits of travel have become widely known. Travel effect: uplifting spirit, inspiring desire.

A good vacation can help you relax, rejuvenate and regain creativity and motivation. Unforgettable travel experiences have cultivated a lot of positive qualities in us, and as time goes by, these qualities may fade or we have not released the quality.

Obviously, the benefits of travel can last for many years and may even last a lifetime. Let's take a closer look at some of the "plus" points:

Interpersonal relationship
Couples traveling together generally enjoy a healthier, happier relationship than couples who do not travel. Traveling together may make it easier for couples to meet their relationship, enjoy a better romance and maintain good communication with their partner.

Containment pressure
Traveling has a profound impact on reducing the likelihood of burnout due to work. Even if you are on a business trip, the fact that you are in another country can make a big difference in your scenery. You need to go out and enter a whole new environment in the workplace – it's exactly what your system needs to get rid of that 9 to 5 square feet of routine work, which can lead to anxiety or tensions related to other family matters. Get in touch, meet new people, enjoy food and entertainment. You will regain a new experience.

Taking risks outdoors and getting out of conventional habitats, whether at work or at home, can be as good as a good night's sleep. It is well known that this alone can have a therapeutic effect on the body and mind and keep it stagnant.

The external environment means fresh, oxygen-rich air – absorbing everything that nature has to offer. Enjoy the benefits of the sun, although the best way to enjoy all of this is where you have never been. Make the most of it.

Moving forward
Travel will take you on many fun activities such as whitewater rafting, sightseeing or beach volleyball. Unless your only goal is to lie in bed or relax all day [which is unlikely to happen], you will fall in love with extra physical activity, such as walking around during the day or night, and exploring what the resort can offer. In normal work or office life, you are much less likely to do it.

Raise your senses
During the holidays, people are often forced to try a variety of exotic dishes from local cuisine. Dining in a restaurant that offers a variety of flavors and ambiences is sure to outweigh the leftovers or snacks cooked in a microwave. No need to worry about the number of copies or calories. Indulge in a variety of cuisines.

Cultural injection
One of the biggest benefits of travel is the ability to meet people from different backgrounds. Interacting with people from another culture is an excellent source of treatment and an opportunity to understand the values ​​and principles they value.

How to reduce stress in world travel

Travel around the world to reduce stress, the first thing you have to do is to make a travel agency you can trust. This is because you do not know all the rules and regulations that will be made during the world trip. Having agents you trust is an important source of stress reduction. This is because you don't have to worry about all the small details and countless paperwork and the changes that come with it. A good travel agency can advise you on passports, visas, shootings and immunizations, as well as tips on local customs and culture so that you can adapt more easily when you arrive.

There are many travel sites, and the most popular travel sites offer you the cheapest flights and hotels. This is great and wonderful for what they do, and they are very good at it. However, they cannot ensure that all small details are taken care of or provide the personal style that other sites and agencies can provide. I found that world-travel-tour.com is one of the sites that do a good job of focusing on all the small details.

Due to events in the news, today's world travel can be a very frightening thing, full of pressure. A good agent will be aware of all these things and will do everything in his power to ensure your safety. If you are a knowledgeable agent, your world tour will be enjoyable and relaxing. There are other things to consider when traveling around the world.

Make sure you've set your schedule, and you've really left yourself "my time" on all the hectic things on the go, and it's easy to forget. Keeping your schedule realistic, these resorts have been around for thousands of years, and they will be there when you return. Make sure you have a list of drugs and doctors so that you can get proper treatment when something happens.

Due to the long flight time, please bring a good book to read and you will have plenty of time to read and sleep. Before you leave, make sure you have a good night's sleep. Even if your round-the-world trip is a business trip, schedule some time for yourself to enjoy the new location, not just try back-to-back meetings and appointments. You will be able to enjoy the location at the conference site and get enough rest and eventually get better working.

Relax and enjoy the world tour and find all the secrets the world can offer. If you visit world-travel-tour.com, this will be a good start to discovering secrets. After all, the secret is that the things that travel in this world do not have to be full of pressure and suspicion. If you like, then go to work, traveling around the world will save you time.

Be cautious when traveling abroad: Part 1: They must be Americans

The weather was very hot that day, so when the couple spent a morning on the beach, they chose some shopping-swimsuits. At the bottom of her bikini was wrapped in a transparent fragile scarf, he wore flip-flops and slogan T-shirts, and they walked into a small shop in the main passage. The onlookers gasped and stared. The mother covered the eyes of their slumbering children. Mature men and women snicker or shake their heads. "They must be Americans," a salesperson deliberately whispered to another. Unfortunately, she is right.

On the road, whether you are on a business trip, vacation or vacation, please pay attention to your behavior. Americans are especially famous for their impolite manner when they go abroad. I said to be it? The image of "ugly Americans" is already too broad. Unfortunately, the loud speech, the wise choices, the improper dressing of the wealthy foreigners who show off their lifestyles during travel are in many ways true in many ways. As anti-American sentiment grows globally, international publications from Microsoft to McDonald's and commercial publications such as The Wall Street Journal talk about this topic time and time again. This is some advice on how to build a better, smarter, educated and respected image when traveling abroad.

Understand local geography

Planning to travel abroad? Primary business – get maps and conduct research. Understand how the city and its surroundings are laid out. Learn about important sights and landmarks. Many excellent travel guides provide basic information about travel. This is especially important if the local language uses a non-Western alphabet writing system. During a recent trip to Colombia, my wife and I were not listening to entertainment when a foreigner explained the compass to his family. Although you can see the Pacific Ocean sunset, his north-south direction is the opposite.

Moderate dress

Note that local dressing habits and customs are not enough. In many countries, women wear casual clothes in public, and clothing that exposes the skin or body parts is not respected. Even in front of men, bare hairy chests or legs are considered objectionable in many cultures. If you are not sure what to do, ask for inquiries or visit an informative website for information on local customs. In public places, the rule of thumb available is not to expose the legs, torso, back or arms. Imitate the dress of the locals to ensure that you respect their cultural norms. Embera Indian women are often exposed in their culture, and they will wear colorful coats when visiting non-Indian towns and villages on the Pacific coast of South America to respect the social norms of their neighbors. For the same reason, the Embera man wore a regular thong belt and wore a T-shirt and pants outside the village.

Look at what you say

Your speech reflects who you are and what. It may be a useful tool for blending culture or being hit by dissatisfaction. Do not endlessly talk about your "rich", power, business or social status to create resentment. People don't care to hear how inferior your lifestyle looks.

In the second part of this three-part series, we will discuss how to say and how to travel abroad when you travel to pay attention to your attitude: religion is taboo, politics is going out.

Please feel free to send me a comment or question via lynchlarrym@gmail.com.

Travel tips let you spend the summer

The long-awaited summer is halfway through, and most of the world has celebrated and shined on vacation. However, if you still have no chance to go out, don't worry. You still have a lot of time to make the most of the rest of the summer. Summer is the ideal time to travel. However, most of us don't have much experience in travel, which is why we tend to resist such adventures. Not very long! We are here to help you get rid of the anxiety of travel and help you through your life. So if you're not familiar with travel and want to know the best way to travel, here are some tips to help you get the job done with Summer Travel.

1. How to save travel expenses

this is very simple. If you start planning ahead of time, the chances of getting ready to travel for yourself are high. However, if you can't do this, don't worry – you can try many other options, some of which may also help you save a lot of money. If you know someone who travels a lot and is close to you, you can ask them to give you miles. Then you can from

Sell ​​these airline miles online from

 And get a considerable travel transaction. How cool?

2. Baggage can be very difficult to predict

Yes, yes – baggage, travel can be unpredictable and sometimes even a responsibility. Think about it – when you travel to a new place, too much carry-on baggage may cause you to choose not to move because the baggage is too heavy. Therefore, whenever you plan to travel, please install it lightly. Make sure you don't have too much baggage. Consider the necessities of life and try to compromise on luxury.

3. Always have a backup plan

This is crucial – going to foreign territories, you don't know all the factors that live in foreign territories. Therefore, it is always a good idea to make a backup plan for all content. From funds to baggage to important travel documents, everything should be backed up. Try taking photos of all the documents related to travel and save them all on your phone. Also, make sure your phone is always safe, as plagiarism is an old problem for most visitors.

Invisible Backpack – Lightweight

Cesare Pavese said: "If you want to travel, you can get on the road. Get rid of all jealousy, jealousy, forgiveness, selfishness and fear."

Each of us walks through life with memories, experiences and stories as the backdrop to life. Every time we encounter something new, we carry an invisible backpack filled with everything we think we need to succeed. If we look at the backpack carefully, we will find happy memories, fulfilling fulfilling moments, financial successes, hopes and dreams. These are full of sadness, unforgiveness, loss and fear. Even though our lives are full of experience, we often dispel good things and amplify bad things.

Psychologists have found that despite many of our achievements, negative emotions are different from positive emotions in the cerebral hemisphere. Therefore, negative emotions require more thinking and more information to solve. In addition, Professor Roy Baumister, co-author of "Bad is strong and good", found that bad experiences have a greater impact on us than good experiences. This makes it easy for us to forget what we are grateful for.

In order to reduce the burden of luggage and empty the invisible backpack so that we can travel quickly, we must unravel the negative beliefs, we forgive the attitudes and unfair attitudes, and the "what they did wrong" story. We must eliminate many things that make us feel depressed.

Start changing life and open the package of the backpack by doing the following:

Remember the kindness that happens to you. Five [5] things will change one [1] negative experience. This is the perfect time to create the Gratitude Journal or the Daily Miracle Journal. List five or more things you want to thank. Gratefulness is endless. There are no big and small miracles. Only grateful. Within a year, you will have 365-1,825 "daily" miracles.

Bragging list. Create a list of achievements that you can boast about. Try to list seven things. Keep this list ready to use and check it at least once a week. Your bragging list will remind you that in every new storm, you are very surprised and have conquered many storms. When life is whispering, "you can't resist the storm." You replied: "I am a storm."

Determine the miracle. Every experience brings a lot of lessons and blessings. List the lessons learned and the insights gained. If you can't change this, use the lessons you learned and the ideas you got so you can change your mind. Asking yourself how to grow from this experience will help you find gold in places that you think are dark.

Your luggage bag is now lighter. What is the next stop?

  boarding. Your dream is waiting.

  Great dreams! Live the life you imagined.

  Remember, life is too short to drink cheap champagne.

How does the forestland tell you that you need travel management software?

Woodland in the fall. A peaceful afternoon. The sun goes through the canopy to the floor. At a glance, you will learn everything.

Except it does not. When you see our photos at a glance, what you get is the impression. Of course, you can say that it is a picture of a tree, but how many trees there? What kind of age? How many hectares? Are they healthy?

see? When I asked each question about this simple picture, you realized that you knew less than you thought. Finally, you only need to read the first three words of this article. Autumn woodland.

The same is true for travel expenses. You know they exist because you have been approved for business travel. You may even know what you spent last year or so far. But has your company paid a high price for this?

Asking for data

The only way to answer this question with confidence is to look up the data and pick out the information that lurks in it. It sounds like a complicated job, and there is no doubt that this is – if you are creating a bunch of receipts and fees from scratch, and the travel data is aggregated in all other content.

That's why the supervisory dashboard system built into so many modern software is so valuable. The smart developers behind the software that support your favorite applications have set it up to do the hard work and immediately tell you where there are peaks and valleys in the system being monitored. For example, if an employee is absent, you may find that many people do not do this on Monday.

Moreover, if you want to travel, you may find three employees who travel to major customers for sales trips, but all claim to be traveling alone. Sadly, it happened. Even if your business doesn't, you may find better ways to get things done, such as not having to spend a lot of time on the road to complete the task. For example, if you factor in the miles to the airport and the overnight hotel charges due to the embarrassing time of flight, is the cheap flight from other airports actually really cheaper? First, how much time is your business wasted on travel? What is the hourly cost of hiring anyone on a business trip in the overestimate situation I just outlined? Will their time be better? In short, is there a better way? Travel and expense management software will help you find the answer.

More accurate requirements and payments

Excellent travel and expense management software can make rules that make it easier and faster for employees to file claims, which also makes approval costs easier and faster, giving you more time to continue to generate revenue – And is that the purpose of your business?

By using travel and expense management software, you can get the most out of the tools available, and increase your productivity by automatically querying your data to provide you with incomprehensible information in front of you.

As my father always said easily: "You can't see the trees of trees." I think he means that there are too many details and it is impossible to clearly understand the really important content in the scene.

Look at our photos again. Thinking about what I said, does it look a little different now? Will you find and use some travel and expense management software?

6 good books on the trip

Nothing is more arbitrary than the book that is best read when you decide to travel. Reading is a subjective activity based on personal preferences, telling anyone that they should take them with Janna Gray's Kilingiri or Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code to bring them nervous on the plane's borders. On the other hand, it is recommended that reading well is as common as suggesting where to get the best sandwiches.

Good reading usually improves the physical strength of travel. It makes the journey fun with extra sensory driving, making the journey more enjoyable and memorable. So it doesn't only take a few hours to avoid going crazy when waiting to get to your destination. This may be related to entertaining yourself, learning and challenging your perception of the world. Whether you're doing it through fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction or police procedures, if you have enough reasons to read it, it's on the go.

So while we risk being neurotic, there are a few books that not only pass the time during the transportation process. They will remind you why you should like writing text very much first.

Harry Potter Collection [J.K. Rowling]

Are there other books that offer so much entertainment and inspiration? There are seven volumes in its catalog that will keep you busy on your longest journey. The whole world is amazed at the transformation of a young innocent boy into clever adulthood and witchcraft.

Separated waters: 1944-1963 King of the United States, "Fire Column: America in the Kings Period, 1963-1965", Canaan Edge: United States [Taylor Branch] of the Kings Period, 1965-1968

This award-winning trilogy is the author's life goal, faithfully documenting the history of the civil rights movement, especially the story of Martin Luther King. Non-fiction and history buffs will find these books exciting because the clips can be read like a page flipper. These books will keep you awake even on the longest journey.

Yihe Memoir [Arthur King]

This debut novel has been considered a classic literary work, a meticulously detailed and detailed story of the pre-war Kyoto Kyoto area. It focuses on the journey of a young girl from a poor fishing village to becoming a famous entertainer. The memoir is a vivid story full of hope, courage and love, and has always reminded readers that life experiences are fragile and beautiful.

Hollywood Babylon [Kenneth Ajie]

Some of us like to read dirty scandals. Peeking behind the curtains found that not all the bright lights and champagne. There are many such books, but this is the first book. It was issued in 1965, but it was not banned until 1975. Until here, there is nothing to learn to make your life better. But for our gossip dealers, this is the cat's cry!

Painted House [John Grisham]

In fact, anything Grissham does can make you read well when a speeding train, ship or plane jumps into the clouds or jumps out of the clouds. They are deliberately fast-paced and fascinating. This is about a boy who was involved in a brutal murder. He is not slack in the Grisham department.

Chantalan [Gregory David Roberts]

What is fascinating is that it is based entirely on real events. A man escaped from an Australian prison and flew to India to pretend to be a doctor. From there, we experienced a series of adventures that brought our heroes from the turbulent slums of Mumbai to New Zealand, Afghanistan and Germany. Don't let its size stop you. The reading speed is the fastest.

7 reasons why you must travel far

Pick up the world atlas or just browse one online. Go to the map of your state or province to see how small your area is compared to the entire state. Now go to the map for your country, and although your region may disappear, your “big” state or province becomes a small part of the country. Continue to view your map of the continent. This time you may not find your own state or province, and your "big" country becomes a small part of your continent. Finally, please go to the world map, what do you notice? Your country may not disappear, but your "big" continent has become a "part of the world."

This exercise shows that as you travel far away, your worldview will grow larger.

The headlines of the last century, especially the explosive growth of the Internet in recent decades, have made you aware of the diversity of the world. But no matter how well you know about the world from a sofa or an armchair, nothing is more annoying than the place you experience.

So in the following headings, we'll see why you have to travel a lot.

1. Not only can you understand but also experience great places

The media [newspaper, radio, television, internet], people and books showcase and introduce you to the best places. But only by travel, you can really "feel" to a good place in the world, such as the Hawa Mahal of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India; the boatman and handicrafts of Venice [Italy] on many waterways; Mexico City [Mexico] not far from the Sun Pyramid of San Juan Teotihuacan; Casablanca city centre [Morocco], the main port, while Leoti Square is at the forefront; metric tons. Cook, the highest peak in New Zealand and the Southern Alps, spans the Matheson Lake on the South Island. American Falls in Niagara Falls, New York; and a typical mosque in Port of Spain [Trinidad and Tobago].

2. You know a lot of different people, actually they are

Travel is a great way to expand your circle of friends and increase your understanding of others.

Many of my travels have made me meet many close friends in many countries around the world. Otherwise we cannot build a close relationship.

When I was living in Africa, I had barely touched whites [and never even thought about it] because we lived in different communities inherited by colonialism. But for example, when I went to Germany, I made many friends and shared a lot of moments of love with me. This makes me think that whites are detached or that all racists have collapsed.

Some time ago, I watched a TV documentary of a French television crew. The film crew went to Mali [Africa] to shoot an illiterate mechanic, completely removing the old engine, repairing and reassembling it. As the roaring cars disappeared into the fading distance, they concluded that Africans also have the ability to achieve technological success.

There are many such situations to eliminate the obstacles created by misconceptions and to make people appreciate each other.

3. You can experience more cultures and customs and be able to better interact with different people.

I have visited a friend from a neighboring country in the rural areas of northern Ghana. According to custom requirements, he must take me to all members of his extended family. I am very surprised that I am satisfied with it. But to my surprise, it is equally popular in the other two places. We went back to my friend's house with me and disappointed me. I was too full and angry with him because he didn't even give me any hints.

In fact, in my friend's area, there is an obligation to provide food for visitors and to provide honor when visitors eat. Therefore, I am honored for the first home, but not for the second home. However, my inability to eat for the third time was considered to be that I did not like their meals, and my decision to reduce the time of visits caused shame to my friends and his family.

This custom exists to some extent in my area. Before asking them why they should visit, they must drink water for all visitors. However, if you do not like to drink water, you are not obligated to drink some or all of the water. You only need to take a bite or touch the container [cup, gourd, etc.] and your behavior will not be interpreted as snobbery. However, saying no is equal to "insulting" your host.

4. You have expanded your horizons

An American friend came to Togo to visit me. I took him to Régiondes Plateaux, our famous tourist center. This is also the agricultural area of ​​Togo. We visited a farm where people could buy a fruit that was previously harvested.

“Is this a real pineapple?” my friend asked, staring strangely at the fruit cut by the farmer from the plant and handing it to him.

"Why?" I asked in surprise.

"That wasn't harvested from a big tree," he said la.

I smiled.

My friend explained: "In terms of size and weight, I think the pineapple grows on the tree."

The curious farmer smiled as I explained his conversation to him. He is willing to show his friends that pineapple plants are at different stages of development.

Again, you like lamb, but for example, when you visit the sheep grazing area in Australia, I will appreciate it more. The same is true for cotton clothes when you visit the cotton farm in São Paulo, Brazil; the coffee that Colombian farmers see when drying coffee in the tropical sun; when you witness the farmers take nuts out of the pods in the cocoa plantation in Côte d'Ivoire [West Africa] [The first stage of processing chocolate]; canned pineapple, when you see pineapples on the way to a cannery such as Puerto Rico.

5. You have another environment

Germany is the first European country I have visited. My strong desire in the winter is to look at the snow, especially the experience of snow. On a dark winter night, an excited friend called to tell me that the snow was going down. I jumped out of bed, rushed outside, and stretched out my arms to try to grab the flakes that fell from the sky. A passing German couple walked their dogs and made me laugh.

When I hated the dry heat of the Sahara desert that had been blowing to the coast of West Africa, “harmattan”, it brought a lot of dust, making the morning and evening nights cold and hot. A foreign friend in France found it exotic because it brought Fog in the morning and evening tones.

6. You live a "great" world history

You may have heard [from someone or on the radio] or on the [newspaper, television or internet] see the pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal of India, the ancient buildings [castle, cathedral, castle] feel awe ], museums, castles in West Africa [slave history], American plantations [slavery history], monasteries and famous standing wood sculptures of American Indians, but the visits found a completely different experience of their place.

7. You will encounter a hospitable climate

People with money and money in the tropical climate tend to go abroad when the hot climate becomes hot. For anyone, it is no secret that people in temperate climates flock to the ocean where they can enjoy the sun and warmth. .

There are many other reasons why people should go far and far. But I think these 7 are enough for you to pack your luggage [if you have never traveled], or if you pick up your luggage soon.

Do you have no money to travel?

Maybe you haven't worked yet [you are a student or unemployed], or you don't have a high income, so you can't continue to travel. do not worry. You can make money by doing simple work at home in your spare time. These include data entry, surveys, registered member businesses, pyramid schemes, online marketing, freelance writing, call center agents, and more.

Want to know where you live?

Accommodation is available in a variety of sizes and prices. The resource box below gives you a place to stay for your accommodation and budget. The companies cited provide rooms for all destinations worldwide.