Current hotel scenario: competition, raising and marketing

International hospitality industry – just anything. For a long time, innovation in this area was not, but the arrival of the technology, working on the basis of demand, it has drastically changed. On the & # 39; Airbnb appearance on stage was an indicator of this change, along with the rise of boutiques. Soon, even the traditional chain restaurants have begun to experiment, grow, acquire and, as a consequence, rapidly introduce innovation.

This leads us to the current scenario of hospitality. Although it continues to be a brutal, unyielding and tough competitive industry, the path to success is now a multi-faceted. There is no one formula that applies to all, and the hotel no longer have to subscribe to a hard and fast rule. Technology plays a large role equalizer, giving even the youngest players fighting chance to survive.


Travel sector, tourism and hospitality all over the world are crucial for economic development and job creation. In this economy, where transport becomes more affordable, and the country's borders are blurred, fair to assume that travel and tourism will remain the dominant sector for the near and distant future.

Consider the following statistics:

  • In 2016 travel and tourism contributed to the world economy 7.6 trillion. Dollars and supported 292 million. Jobs.

  • This profit is 10.2 percent of world GDP.

  • 1 in 10 of all jobs can be attributed to the travel and tourism industry.

  • According to 77 percent of the rest to rest was a piece of human costs. For comparison, the remaining 23 percent were corporate and business travel.

  • Domestic travel (72 percent) were higher than international.

  • All contributions to the GDP increased by 3.1% in 2016.

  • By 2027, this sector is likely to be 11.4 per cent of world GDP and will support more than 380 million jobs around the world. Of course, this indicates that the sector will outperform the world economy.

There is no doubt that companies like Airbnb, puzzles compete with hotels in certain market segments. This means that part of the business can add themselves as travelers make more trips (and longer) than those without opportunities. However, it is important that private housing has changed consumers' expectations on a fundamental level, reviewing what and where the hotel is located.


Competition in the hospitality industry with the & # 39 is the result of two aspects:

  • technological adaptation

  • Changing customer profile

technological adaptation

As I have said before, technology negate a level playing field and contribute to various aspects of the industry, including branding, communications and information communication. In particular, three areas

In the coming years it is planned to revise the hospitality industry. Let's look at each of them separately.

Mobile first approach

In emerging markets around the world, 1 billion people are expected to come out on a global scale. Most of them will be customers who feel on your phone all the guests lifecycle. Hotel companies and travel companies have no choice but to invest in mobile and engagement strategy and content of the first mobile phones.

In any case, customers are always looking for the "individual" experience and using innovative mobile technology, such as, AirBnB and Uber, will be key when it comes to brand differentiation and experience. For the convenience of the hotel guests will be required to offer the operation of the reservation, lightning and other meaningful items for all customers traveling on mobile phones.


As Internet access becomes virtually limitless digital natives and nerazhentsav, can connect only increases. In addition, the propagation of the market of connected devices and wear, the hotel must be innovative when it comes to new ways of interaction and communication with the consumer. Tours of the virtual reality, interaction with augmented reality, robotics and AI will use the market and cook it for another travel experience that you can put really.

Machine Learning, big data and analytics

The use of large data makes it possible to create and kuratavats a personal experience for each type of consumer. A lot of marketing campaigns can be easy to use and track, taking into account tangible figures for growth and further optimization.

It also accelerates existing processes, such as customer service, feedback collection, email automation and interaction with customers. In addition, it can also contribute to reducing the scaling and business in accordance with the objectives of the company.

Changing profiles of customers and brand experience

The tourism industry there is a change psihagrafichnaga and demographic profiles of travelers. Along with travelers Gen X, there is a fresh influx of thousands of years, whose expectations and lifestyle set very different standards of performance in the industry.

Currently, the customer experience with the & # 39 is the most dominant brand dyferentsyyataram. It will also lead to customer loyalty, and more targeted, personalized and complex loyalty schemes need referrals and hotels than ever before.

This personalization and differentiation also applies to the types of experiments that you create. The concept of "home from home" refuses gomagenizatsyi luxury, which was tested earlier paradigm.

Now, in order to provide unsurpassed service, the introduction of the hotel in its local climate, as well as to gain experience outside the usual hotel space was an important factor. Millennial demand for organic food and sustainable options creates more vulnerable when it comes to the risks and food safety, which should be monitored by the hotels.

The Travels of Marco also left behind brands, not traveling, pabaluyuchy customers, providing higher level of service. "Amazon", "Starbucks" and "Uber" – it's a few names that adhere to the millennia, and the competition will only intensify when customers begin to expect the same from all the service providers, especially players of the hospitality industry.


This brings us to the last point – the marketing of this user new time. Hotel sale, as well as today, different from other consumer goods. This is because the player has to sell tangible and intangible products. Success then depends more on the marketing of "services", and not simply push consumers to buy what you offer. It is important to create the right brand image that encourages confidence and, especially conversion.

Constant brand identity is also becoming more important as customers have multiple fronts on which they can engage your brand. Your active presence in social media becomes very important as a portal for interaction with customers.

Customers can also explore and evaluate you better through such portals like TripAdvisor and Yelp. Reviews and advice or other influential figures suddenly become very important factors of sales growth. In addition to providing a stable income stream, repeat customers can become property owners.

Using all the tools and technologies that come with digital marketing – is not only the need for an hour, but it is much cheaper and configured on the client's preference. Email marketing and content is now closely associated with SEO and brand visibility across the network. Most of these marketing efforts carefully create, establish and maintain identity and brand image. Constant interaction of customers with the best marketing practices of modern times, as well as providing invaluable experience – something that lifts you up beyond your competition.

At this point, the sector with the & # 39 is extremely profitable and are ready for tremendous growth and favorable for & # 39; in investments. If you are an existing player who does not work very well, or a new player who wants to make a significant focus in this area, compliance with all of these things will give you a significant advantage over your competition.


Benefits of tourism for cities

People from all over the world love to travel. Recreation provides many social and psychological benefits for people. They offer a vacation in a world full of stress. Although vacation benefits to travelers, they also benefit the cities where people go.

The first method, which benefits from tourism – is to increase sales for local businesses. The more people who visit the city, the more the customer uses this client. Concrete business benefit more from tourism than others. Hotels and restaurants are especially good in areas visited by tourists. Also enjoy sights, museums, theme parks and other tourist attractions. In the case of the tourist area, a state-owned, the government may even get additional profit.

Most of the cities tends to tourists to see the bright side of the city, and, of course, it leaves the tourists who want to stay. Growing city always seek to increase its population. The more residents of the city, the more successful a & # 39 is a local business and the government. Not to mention a better representation in the state and federal government. Thus, the growth of tourism not only brings you an immediate benefit, but it can plant the seeds for long-term benefits that will continue to give.

Some cities naturally suited for tourism, while others seem to have nothing to attract travelers, but even these seemingly empty city can boost tourism, creating work and giving time and energy. If you are promoting tourist attractions in Cape Cod and Cape Canaveral, money and effort will be worth it. Tourism brings many gifts to the cities which need.


Travel outside India tourism in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – amazing island, which is saturated with attractive charm. Any other tourist destination has some interesting features, such as the history, heritage and cultural attractions, etc., but Sri Lanka, includes many attractions. Words and pictures can not justify the greatness that this island has on its territory and beyond. I have been to the islands before, but have not seen anything enticing than Sri Lanka. Location is incredibly rich in nature. The natural beauty of doubles with a pleasant atmosphere and charming intimacy. It is properly called "The Nation of smiling people", because if you visit this place, you do not take time for you to realize that you are smiling all the way. He spreads a smile through his inimitable charm.

Travelers, like us, is rather difficult to explore all the fascinating places Sri Lanka at once as the island of & # 39 brings together a lot of interesting places. Landing on the island, you will want to visit them all, as we do. But it is advisable to choose the excursion package for Sri Lanka, which includes the most well-known destinations. To make it easy, we offer a summary of the wonderful destination that you can include in your itinerary.

Colombo – paradise city on the island, not only because it contains incredible travel options, but also because it costs the national capital. The town is decorated with fascinating attractive sights. Apart from the glorious natural beauty, the city is decorated with historic monuments such as Fortavaya Tower, Independence Hall, the Museum of the Dutch period, etc. He's also known as Colombo. Other attractions of this beautiful city include the Dehiwala Zoo, Mountain Lavigne Beach and some spectacular natural wonders.

Hikaduva – another fascinating city of the island, which stands in the exotic setting along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. This fascination for aquatic birds. On the glorious beaches Hikaduvy can explore marine life. Water sports and activities – is another attraction of the city.

Kandy – the capital of the heritage in which is stored the imperial glory of a bygone era. Candy decorates his outstretched landscape of the tea gardens of Sri Lanka. It is because of the emerald tea estates of Sri Lanka known as the world's largest tea exporter.

National Forest Singarazha known worldwide for living exotic and enchanting wildlife of the island. Galle – a city in which is exciting tourist destinations, such as the Peace Pagoda, Galle Fort, Temple Zeenigama, Kalutara temple, etc. your vacation in Sri Lanka.


Walking through the centuries

Galina tourism is at its peak. This applies not only to one country or one continent. In fact, thanks to the power of the web and social media, people discover other countries, other than its own. Travel to some extent changed, because people are now more open to share their experience in traveling to foreign places. With the help of blogs and reviews, supplemented by photos and videos that others may look into someone else's vacation before deciding what they want it for themselves.

Travel was also easier thanks to more affordable flights that allow people to plan trips around the world. For example, people from Asia can explore South America, and then plan your next study in Europe. Thanks to the efficiency of air travel, tourism allows people to get to a place quickly and without hassle. Compared with marine and terrestrial hunting trip in the old days the time travelers to explore too short. Nowadays, you can find the time to enjoy the scenery and enjoy the culture, before he returns home.

The scope of the word "tourism" has changed. Far from the usual sights and small cultural exposure, the word is now for other sectors. Terms such as medical tourism or leisure tourism, is now widely used by people traveling to certain countries, to take advantage of medical procedures or watch concerts. Because of these aspects, which are now included in the tourism, beauty in each country emphasized. And this beauty goes beyond the picturesque places. After all, a huge part of tourism connected with the people and culture. If these positive developments at the site will be put forward, many will be invited to experience the country first hand.

Tourism is improving every day. As quickly as technology changes, people will have more flexibility to explore the world. In contrast to earlier times, tourism is now able to enjoy all kinds of people and the situation. Globalization is now expanding the boundaries and borders, allowing people to explore the world outside the comfort zone. This era – the best time to discover and enjoy the rest of the world. If you want to see the world, the tourism industry offers a great show that will surprise you with a world in which you live.


Cheap international travel – Peru for all kinds of travelers

Peru many times appeared in various articles, videos, images and other materials. Most of these materials have been prepared by marketing organizations Destination (DMO) and tourist sites. Although most of the reasons that make Peru more popular for a global audience, related to obtaining profits, Peru is really a country that can "sell" themselves.

With its easy-to-use web-sites for online travel is now easy to find cheap flights to Peru, and buy an air ticket in just minutes, without leaving the comfort of your own home. In addition to this, the increase in competition in the tourist Peru has led to competitive prices. Once dear Peruvian trip was made more accessible, especially since tourism in the country is rapidly flourishing. The airline holds a competition for the attention of visitors to Peru, which leads to a surprisingly low prices. Hotels and activity providers are also going through this tough competition. To the delight of many visitors, professional travel agents can help them find the lowest prices on the Internet. Major travel agencies can surprise even their prices, lowering prices for travel by as much as 40% to 50% thanks to a special arrangement with the agency business airlines and hotels. Promotional promotional tour in Peru continue to appear throughout the web, secret codes discount coupons are sent to subscribers e-mail, regular customers are offered a reward for the journey – a list of interesting benefits continues.

Locals Peru opened its cities, communities and hearts of tourists who want to learn more about their rich culture and gifted land. Peru Visitors usually say that they feel safe when walking the streets of Lima, Cusco and other cities, even without a guide. Artisans from all over Lima, Cusco, the Andean mountain ranges and Arekipy Now show the world your crafts. Kiosks, shops and shopping centers were built to provide the pleasure of shopping for those who want to take advantage of very affordable pots, pans, and alpaca products.

Interesting hotel, taverns and houses are now open for business. After visiting Peru, you will realize how different their hotels, compared with major hotel chains facilities to which we are accustomed. Most hotels are designed to reflect the views of the colonial era, with a rich fusion of Peruvian culture. While Miraflores Lima and Cusco have five-star hotels, most travelers prefer the more affordable hotels, hostels and taverns, because these types of housing to help them experience the culture of Peruvians – simple but passionate and colorful lifestyle.

Many travel blogs and forums also talk about how travelers get pleasure from visiting the popular places and tourist destinations in Peru. The infamous Inca Trail, which is about a 5-day trek to the popular Machu Picchu – this is just one of the things travelers travelers from visiting. Unknown to many people, there is still a lot of things about the country, which will definitely steal the hearts of many, to awaken the scientific thought of some and excite the imagination of others. From archaeological discoveries, ancient temples and intriguing mummies that can make any normal person to feel that they are either Lara Croft or Indiana Jones, to the mysterious giant lines forming geaglify in Nazca, which caused experts and theorists wonder earthly beings visited and made friends with the ancient people of Peru, the country boasts a wide range of chances, adventure, wildlife, strangeness, mystery and exciting adventure, enough to entertain any type of traveler.


Road stands Hainan attracted 80,000 visits in China International Tourism Fair – Tours Sanya

Hainan Booths attracted 80,000 visits in China International Tourism Exhibition (Shanghai).
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China International Tourism Fair 4th day closed on November 24 in Shanghai. Cabs Hainan specific to rich tropical elements, collected a total of 80 000 people. Some of the Hainan tourism enterprises, participating in the fair, got rapid development.
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During those two fair days open to the public, the citizens of Shanghai and tourists collect tourism catalogs, brochures and information about the trip to tour around the country and abroad. According to incomplete statistics, before the closing of the fair dozens of Hainan corporate exhibitors given out of a total of 25 million copies of travel information to businessmen, buyers, as well as tourists.
Signed 280 contracts for the potential journey, covering 600 thousand tourists. One of the exhibitors Hainan International Pearl River International Travel Service and Chenda International Travel Service signed a travel contract with Russian companies, the number of potential contracting groups in the tens of thousands of people; International Travel Service Hainan Kang Tai has signed a contract for a lot of potential 5 million domestic tourists.
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Administration of tourism in Hainan Province was awarded the “Award for the best stand” and “Award for outstanding organization,” the summary session of the fair in the afternoon.
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According to the current trading situation, the resources of Hainan tourism & # 39; the development has two obvious trends: First, pay more attention to the deep development of tourism resources, improve the characteristics of the product brand, focused on tourism.
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For example, tourism resources are turned into “eco-tourism”. Second, it takes full advantage of valuable older tourist resources in the province of Hainan, such as Sanya, haiku, and so on; and attractions such as hot springs, Hainan fish treatment, the line sea view, rounds of golf and so on.
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Meskalski ethical tourism in Oaxaca, Mexico to understanding

The second decade of this century was the witness the birth of a new and targeted forms of Mexican travel; meskalski tourism. Supporters of spirit, entrepreneurs, photographers and creators of documentary films, as well as the diversity of the students of the rich Mexican culture converge mostly in the southern state of Oaxaca.
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They come to buy, learn and understand, expose the rest of the world, and in some cases, financially benefit from broken work agavodav (amave), artisanal distilling (palenkeros) and their respective seven & # 39; ads. Of the nine states of Mexico, which in 2018 legally could call the spirit of the agave “mezcal”, Oaxaca today with & # 39 is the poorest, by any reasonable criteria.
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And so here, in the state where he was born and raised Benita Yuares, Mexico, the son of Mexico, we must ensure that meskalski tourism is ethical, responsible, sustainable and respectful both to the environment and to the lives of people seeking modest cultivation and agave mezcal preform and distillation. But how can we achieve such lofty goals while ensuring those who support the economy Oaksana?
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Will we move toward understanding meskalskih pilgrimages to Oaxaca in terms of ethical, responsible, sustainable or environmentally friendly, or any combination of the above tourist classifications, we need a point. Most of the more capacious definition contained in the decision by the World Travel Market Declaration on Responsible Tourism in 2002 in Cape Town:
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(1) minimizes negative economic, environmental and social impacts;

(2) create greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well-being of host communities, improves working conditions and access to the industry;

(3) draws locals in decisions that affect their lives and life changes;

(4) makes a positive contribution to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage, to the maintenance of diversity in the world;

(5) provide a more enjoyable experience for tourists through more significant due to the local people and a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues;

(6) provides access for people with disabilities and accidents;

(7) culturally sensitive matter of respect between tourists and hosts, and builds local pride and confidence.

Meskalskaga key players in tourism & # 39 are manufacturers, vinakureli, community, government, industry, regulators, and representatives of brand owners, as well as visitors of Oaxaca. Guides are also included, drivers and others who want to effectively provide appropriate services to those who come to Oaxaca to achieve one or more objectives.
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Almost on a weekly basis in the conduct of meskalskih excursions almost everything that I hear associated with ethical meskalskim tourism for the current “agave shortage” as yourself, because in fact, enough misery. The problem is the sharp rise in the price per kilogram over the last few years, as well as palenkeros and producers who harvest espadin that small, for years before they need to collect in order to produce the best mezcal with optimum yield.
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While demand is growing, tourism, from the point of view of those who travel to Oaxaca to purchase for personal use or to promote export project, only to a limited extent able to resolve this issue in the context of the industry’s sustainability.
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Brand owners, including palenkeros should not pursue their producers, especially those who lead a natural way of life, wanting to get the benefits of the train. They must recognize the cyclical nature of the industry; decent income, received today from the sale of the agave can evaporate in a few short years.
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Likewise, visitors should not refuse wineries sell them at a fair price. Some customers mezcal supporters acknowledge that they are paying a fraction of what they will return home; there is no middle men, no transport costs and often do not have the tax.
Virtually no one in this group of pilgrims is not trying to stay with palenkerasam, and in fact, some insist to pay a little more. They see the standard of living of some seven & # 39; palenkeros ads to which I drive them away, and they have a conscience. Maybe it depends on the type of visitor that keeps me or that I tend to visit predominantly small mom and alcohol plants makeshift factories, which are being moved Oaksana depth, or a combination thereof. Even if your discount when buying mezcal directly with a small artisanal Palenque, will save you only 50% of what you would otherwise have paid back home, who would you prefer to see a profit? Exporter? Dystryb & # 39; Yutariya or sellers: American, British or Mexican? Or something & # 39; I Oaksana who tries every day?

Many tour operators believe that their customers are not willing to pay more for a holiday to the residents of the host region is best shaken. However, a survey of the Association of British Travel Agents has shown that two-thirds of visitors to foreign lands, who were on package tours, will be willing to pay an extra 10-25 pounds for environmental and social improvements. A survey conducted by Tearfund’s aid agency, revealed that 59% of respondents were willing to pay more for their holidays if it will provide a decent salary by local residents and help protect the environment. This supports what I found during meskalskih excursions. Many travelers visiting Oaxaca for peyote, “get.”

Most palenkeros can not even imagine how much it costs per liter of mescal. One company, Aventureros, works with a limited number palenkeros to help them in the calculation of the actual cost of production. This is the highest price paid for raw materials and the final yield, adds to the expense of utility bills, it brings value to the work of family members & # 39; and assisting in various stages of production, and considers more. The problem faced by vinakureli mainly those who want to sell a large number of export is that there will always be a competitor who is willing to pay less and, therefore, knowledge of the real costs of production balanced with finding a market for your peyote. It’s the nature of capitalism, but at least there are people with a decent swing ethical business practices that take Aventurarosa sense of morality. Many of palenkerosav determines prices based on how much they need to “get around” and no more. Consumers who can buy directly from the source, have the ability and possibly the obligation to be fair. Yes, our Western world is not necessarily correct, but, at least, think to do something more, to correct an injustice by your standards. It’s part of ethical tourism, regardless of whether there should be.

The above-mentioned nature of the export business, which deals with foreign brand owners and exporters, with a & # 39 are citizens of Mexico or otherwise. Some believe in fair trade, insist on an appropriate price to pay and / or return of the profits some & # 39; and or society. However, there are others who are trying to squeeze their manufacturers to ensure the best possible cheap price. Some of the former categories represent their business practices as a way to increase sales and / or simply illustrate that they are mostly motivated by altruism. Plotkavyya network to help us learn more about them on both ends of a continuum between them.

To some extent, it solves the problem of the extinction of wild species and sub-species of agave. Some communities dictate its residents that for every wild agave crop yields need to plant two small. It turns out that the lesson has been received in the near extinction of the wild Tabalov near Solo de Vega, previously famous for its beautiful wild mezcal. Regulatory advice CRM (Consejo Regulador del Mezcal) recently began performing promulgated rules that exclude palenkeros that not dealing with the issue, as noted above, and registered the land from which they were harvested, producing mezcal certified for export and for domestic consumption . Of course, there are problems with any regulatory authority, particularly in Mexico, but it’s a start. For me, the notion that mezcal, which is made from wild agave, with & # 39 is better than distilled from cultivation can, with the & # 39 is part of the problem and is clearly false as a general opinion; should be considered more as teroir, specie and sub-specie, production and trade of weapons means palenqero skills and reputation, etc .. Mezcal, peraganyany in copper cultivation espadina may be “better” than Tabola made from wildlife agave and distilled in clay. Buy what you like, and this operation will take place a long way towards sustainability.

Similarly, there are brands who understand the potential cutting trees that are cut and used as traditional wood for burning furnaces. Some begin to programs to restore forests in search of volunteers for planting seedlings in the rainy season. These environmentally conscious entrepreneurs are also encouraged volunteers to agave planting programs.

I do not belong to walk to where the government is. Indeed, you can skillfully argued that the government is doing more than its fair share to promote meskalskay industry for the benefit of producers and distilling, as well as to address environmental issues. But ethical meskalski tourism takes a different approach. Request, and no more than:

• complies with the rules of responsible tourism to direct visitors to Oaxaca only certified on the & # 39 facilities built for tourists;

• whether the principles of responsible tourism, to avoid Palenquero small size call them the spirit of the agave “mezcal”, given that the root of the word predates even the founding of a country, which we now call Mexico;

• conforms to the rules of responsible tourism, or can not be Palenquero collect and pay the tax when they almost scraped off, if there is a viable and reasonable ways to fill public offices.

Yes, of course, meskalnaya industry needs regulation to protect the public consumption, and those who have the ability to pay tax, must pay their fair share, whatever it was. But there are no funds to achieve these objectives, which are more consistent with the principles of responsible tourism or ethical? Since we can stretch the limits of the theme of this article, let’s just leave it at that.

In the short term Oaxaca Visitors wishing to explore, learn, buy, and all the rest, can not have an impact on the public or otherwise controls. meskalnaya industry, and do not think about trying to do it. But they can resolve imbalances by ensuring that they are doing everything reasonably and under its control, to benefit the citizens who grow and create the spirit, if not increase, at least to protect the environment from the adverse effects on humans.

The initial possibility to travel in Oaxaca should ensure that their visit according to their desire to become part of the ethical meskalskaga tourism in choosing their mezcal-facilitator, whether a guide, a driver and fixer in the context of the goal to remove or take a picture. This person must play a key role in ensuring that residents are engaged in the growth of agave or mezcal production, to have a reasonable profit. It is his responsibility – to help those who need help, and at the same time does nothing to reduce or prevent sustainability; that is, to benefit people and the environment.

I wrote about the supporters of the responsibility to make mezcal proper care in evaluating brands, representatives and others in this area, to ensure that their purchases match with respect to social responsibility. It is true that the issue is not directly related to tourism meskalskim. However, usually those who love the spirit of the agave eventually find their way to Oaxaca. And so it is best to begin to address these issues before you go to the state for any reason related to mezcal, to study, to buy or to promote a commercial project. Given the effects and consequences of the visit of the structure in the early stages, it increases the likelihood of a decision on the issue, the relevant ethical tourism meskalskamu.


Rajasthan tourism – ten tourist places to visit

Rajasthan, the largest state of India with the & # 39 is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. The state has great tourism potential and delights tourists and vacationers for its fascinating tourism options in the forms of culture, traditions, churches, art and architecture, history, castles and palaces, monuments, havelisav, sanctuaries and wildlife parks ripples sand dunes, Thar Desert, and g .d. In the state of India there are many fascinating places to travel that you can visit, explore and enjoy travel and tours. Let's look at the top ten tourist destinations of tourists in Rajasthan.

1. Jaipur – Also known as the Pink City of India, Jaipur with & # 39 is the state capital and a very popular tourist destination in India. It is worth visiting the sights of the city of Jaipur City Palace, Albert Hall Museum, Havana Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Amber fort, Zhaygar fortress Nagargarh Fort hotels Heritage.

2. Udaipur – also known as the city of lakes, Udaipur – a city in the state, which is known for its elegant palaces and beautiful lakes. This is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in India. Key attractions that appeal to the tourist city – the City Palace, Jagdish Temple, Lake Palace, Lake Pichola, Fateh Prakash Palace, the Palace of the monsoon, Lake Fateh Sagar-lake-Udai Sagar temple Eklinzhy, Nagdi temple, etc.

3. Jodhpur – also known as the Blue City of India, Jodhpur – the second largest city in the state. This is a great tourist destination, which can be visited on Rajasthan-trips and excursions to attractions such as mammoths Merangarh Fort memorial Zhasvant Thada, Umaid Bhawan Palace Palace, Gardens Mandor and many heritage hotels.

4. Jaisalmer – Also known as the Golden City of India, Jaisalmer famous Golden Fort, Jain temple, Gavelisam and exciting ride on the sand dunes rabistyh wide Thar Desert.

5. Bikaner – Also known as the city of camels, Bikaner – a great tourist spot to visit in Rajasthan. He enjoys a commanding position in the development of tourism in Rajasthan with such great attractions like Fort Zhunagarh, Lalgar Palace Gavelis and sand dunes.

6. Pushkar – Pushkar – the holy city of Rajasthan. This is one of the most sacred cities in India with lots of attractions like the temple of Lord Brahma, Gayatri Temple, Savitri Temple, Pushkar Lake Palace Pushkar, rose gardens, Pushkarskaya longitude, etc.

7. Ajmer – Aimery – the world famous Muslim pilgrimage center and tourist destination. It is famous mainly Azhyram Sharif Darg. Darg same value as the Hindus and Muslims. In Aymeri there are many other attractions that contribute to the development of tourism in Rajasthan, India.

8. Mandawa – Located in Shekavaty region, Mandawa with & # 39 is one of the most popular tourist destinations and travel Rajasthan. Widely known beautifully colored hares containing fine frescoes, murals, paintings and wall miniaturized. The main attractions of Mandawa with & # 39 are Gavelis and Fort Mandawa Castle.

9. Ranthambhore – Ranthambore – one of the most popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan. This world famous reserve and National Park Ranthambore Tiger. The park is rich in its flora and fauna. Key attractions of the park – the tigers, the Ranthambore fort, jog Mahal and ancient banyan.

10. Bharatpur – Bharatpur – a beautiful city in the state with attractions such as the National Park Ganadao Ghana (formerly known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary) Lohagarh Fort, Bharatpur Palace, etc.

These destinations are very popular among tourists and vacationers from all over the world as well as in a variety of tour operators of the city of Rajasthan. You will be very like to visit, explore and enjoy these worthy tourist attractions in Rajasthan, the royal state of India.


Travel and Tourism in Kerala

Kerala, located in the southern part of India with the & # 39 is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. Mystical land of Kerala is always full of surprises. It is clean – green land in the southern part of India. Beautiful land was awarded one of the three most beautiful destinations in the world.

Kerala – a land where you can experience something new – green coconut trees, a plant spray, mist covered mountains, wildlife, rolling grasslands, beaches and adventure. The beauty and splendor of Kerala is also imbued with iconic monuments, places, castles, memorial and worship places that reflect the social culture and historical evolution.

Neither winter nor too cold nor summer. A pleasant time to visit here – the month of November to February.

What Kerala offers tourist For those who want to visit Kerala, there are many options for tourism, some of them – adventure tourism, Ayurveda tourism, tourism in the wild, beach tour, cultural tourism, tourist tourism, eco-tourism and many hill stations there for tourism and excursions.

Tour of Ayurveda – Kerala, the land of Ayurveda, with & # 39 is the absolute perfection in the field of medicine and science. The main body care in Ayurveda with an abundance of herbs, medicinal plants and medicinal oils offers complete rejuvenation and immunization.

Adventure Tour – Trekking in Kerala – it's a completely different experience that will not leave you in the glory. The beauty of the tropical jungle and bamboo alloy fully breathe you in circles.

Tours of the wild nature – Journey wild life will take you through the forest reserve tiger Peryyar, Chinar Wildlife, Wildlife Parambikulam and shelter for wildlife Veanad. There you can watch the beautiful wildlife, birds, butterflies and more.

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Information technology and tourism


Over the past few decades, information technology is extremely influenced all areas of our lives, and one of the main beneficiaries – the sector of tourism and travel. The introduction of computers can be attributed to the beginning of the 60s, when the vacuum tube is the main component of computer & # 39; computer systems. This was largely inefficient and prone to errors, and soon gave way to transistors, which were replaced by integrated circuits. Now, technological progress has allowed to include in the modern computer & # 39; yutery modern graphics, integrated with moving pictures and sound.

tourism product is largely immaterial to get the most benefit from the technology. Travel was considered dangerous in the early days, mainly due to the fact that knowledge of the terrain, climate, culture, etc. appointments were limited either unknown. Only adventurers and people who want to newer pastures, decided on such a trip. C & # 39; advent of IT in the field of travel, everything changed. Travel has become much more enjoyable and comfortable. The modern traveler has many choices: the Internet & # 39 is a favorite pursuit for the potential traveler. Places of tourist interest and scenic beauty often do not attract the attention of buyers is largely due to the fact that they do not sell well. Internet in the early days did not support graphics, video, sound and so on. Thus, tourism goods could not effectively sell over the network. Now everything has changed with the introduction of protocols such as Transfer Protocol / Internet Protocol Control (TCP / IP). This has led to more than light speed and clarity of transmission of graphic images, music, video, etc. network. Thus, tourism was effectively sold through the Internet. This led to a proliferation of sites of tourism and travel.

There are a number of software that meets the needs of the sector of tourism and hospitality. Travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, etc. using modern systems, equipped with powerful applications running on huge databases. Computer & # 39; yuteryzavany front office gave elegance to modern office, which is largely paperless. Office Automation led to efficient and accurate processing. The man, armed with the right information, to the & # 39 is the most powerful in the modern era. Comp & # 39; yuteryzavanyya systems are used to obtain information from a & # 39; omnyh amounts of data storage in the databases. Query the database, whether to book or request zabraniravannya ticket, is in the hands of the end user. The customer – the king and because it has a number of options, if you go on a journey, or get information about tourist destination.

Earlier computer users & # 39; computer systems were supposed to be experts. Even to start the system requires a computer operator. Only then the application can be run. Currently, with a graphical user interface systems (GUI) and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) technology, even a non-professional person or a child is able to control a computer or use the Internet. A person who does not know the local language in its place, has tips on the fingers with a & # 39; advent means the touch screen. Almost all banks have introduced in their premises ATMs services (automatic telephones) to allow customers to access their accounts at any time.

In the scenario with Kerala & # 39 The advent of IT has been limited to travel agencies using the reservation systems and the development of web-sites of governmental and non-governmental agencies. Also running office automation, as well as taking into account the process of computer & # 39; yuteryzavany. Official website of Kerala Tourism has won numerous national and international awards as one of the best websites in the tourism sector worldwide. The institutions of education, such as the Institute of Tourism Studies and Tourism in Kerala (KITTS), dedicated to IT education in the field of tourism, giving training to students GDS (Global Distribution Systems) and computer & # 39; yuteryzavanyya application. Tourism Development Corporation of Kerala (KTDC) is also fully computer & # 39; yuteryzavala their reservations and a tourist can make your booking through the network. Hotels Contact your system with other global systems to establish a connection in the world. Let us briefly consider the application of IT in the field of tourism.

Global distribution systems

Global distribution systems (GDS) have evolved over the years and have played an important role in making the opportunity to travel on the Internet. Computer reservation system (CRS) is used to store and retrieve information and conduct transactions related to travel. They were originally developed by the airlines, but later they extended to travel agents as a sales channel. CRS functionality has been expanded, and began the creation of global distribution systems. Basic operations using the CRS, who reserve and sell tickets to different airlines, called GDS. Many airlines have decided to send most of its funds in the Global Distribution Systems, so that many systems are now available to consumers through Internet gateways for hotels, car rental agencies and other services, as well as tickets. Traveler or travel agent can carry out a route via the GDS, which is a & # 39 is a global system linking airlines, hotels, travel agents, car rental companies, cruise ships, etc. AMADEUS boasts a market share of 31%, followed by SABER go with 30% of the market, with 26% of the GALILEO and WORLDSPAN, capturing 12% of the market.

Today's GDS systems have the following features

  • Available and accessible to 99.9% of the time
  • Process to 17,000 messages per second at peak
  • Powered by the advanced architecture of corporate systems
  • Enjoys the response time of a second
  • Able to reserve multiple transactions
  • You can modify the route to the last minute and complete the complex international routes to every country in the world
  • Automates laborious and complex process reassessment flight when changing routes
  • It allows customers to send e-mails and faxes without leaving the system
  • It allows customers to compare price and availability for to shop for the most comfortable travel at the lowest cost
  • Stores all data pertaining to tens of millions of travelers that clients received the desire to travel

On that day, GDS can access

  • More than a billion of tariffs
  • More than 95% availability around the world
  • Over 750 airlines
  • More than 50 000 hotel on the & # 39 Objects
  • More than 400 tour operators
  • Almost 30,000 car rental locations

GDS system can reserve

  • One way and airline seat
  • hotel rooms
  • Car Rental
  • tours
  • cruises
  • Bus and train tickets
  • insurance
  • limousines
  • Event and theater attractions
  • reservation of table
  • route changes
  • Sophisticated international routes

electronic tickets

The electronic ticket or e-ticket – is the means by which the passenger or group of passengers can secure your place in a commercial airline you book via the internet. This significantly reduces the procedure of using paper ticket, which consists of several copies. Airlines and passengers benefit from this form of a ticket. ticket image is stored in a computer & # 39; your computer, from which the customer can take a printout and on board an aircraft, if it has no baggage. In the presence of baggage after obtaining permission passenger can sit on the plane. The client may need to send a paper copy of the confirmation by postal mail, but it is not required to register. The passenger is assigned a confirmation number and flight number, date, place of origin and destination. When registering at the airport passenger simply presents positive identification. Then provided the necessary boarding pass and the passenger may check luggage and proceed to the security gate.

The main advantage of e-ticket is that it reduces the cost of the reservation, depriving you want to print and send paper documents. Another advantage with the & # 39 is that it eliminates the possibility of lost documents by mail or sending the wrong address. It is estimated that, worldwide, about 25% of its passengers book their tickets on the Internet, which led to a high-speed take-off flyers.

The Internet has created new economic conditions for doing business. E-commerce is growing sector and many travel companies are involved in the development of its online services, including traditional travel agents, tour operators, national tourism offices, airlines, hotels and other housing providers and car rental firms. This way of doing business known as "e-tourism" or "tourism e-business." The main differences from the traditional markets – a data transmission speed, global availability and minimal costs of setting up an online business.

Property Management System

As this time, the property management system relate to systems that are used worldwide to manage and effectively control a variety of everyday and other procedures related to the management of large properties. Even in Kerala, these systems are used on a large scale.

The main functions that can operate PMS – this clause, operations branch office, some of the operations in the office and some management functions. PMS is usually used for the treatment of the accounting functions of the various departments in the hotel. It's also a center for interconnection with other systems in the hotel. Just as a person who is cut off from the rest of their colleagues at work, stand-alone computer does not bring much good. Thus, a network environment, whereby the server can satisfy the end user's needs, which may be the manager registry or waiter. This is achieved by systems and network resource sharing. The software can be developed in accordance with the needs of the hotel, which may have front and rear. Front – a user interface through which you can enter data or receive information. The rear end can consist of a RDBMS, which acts as a storage center. Queries and reports can be used to obtain information. For example, if a guest wants to know detailed information about tariffs in the off-season, for information can be quite click.

Virtual reality systems

Virtual reality – a relatively new field, which is associated with artificial intelligence and neural networks. Artificial intelligence – this is an area where technology is rapidly gone in recent years. People were blessed intelligence that Var & # 39; iruetstsa on their ability to remember things and invent gadgets makes life more significant. Needless to say that the human brain – an amazing and intricate body, which has not yet been surpassed even the fastest supercomputer. It is doubtful if this will happen in the future. But artificial intelligence has paved the way for new gadgets and robots that help a person in a potentially dangerous and complex task.

Tourism in addition to natural attractions, theme parks, attractions, simulation, etc. Singapore, Disneyland, etc. features some of the most excellent human miracles thanks to IT and its applications. In particular, the theme parks and attractions, along with the rest of fantasy and dinosaurs added a run tourist destination.

virtual tour

With the growing need to use the network, tourism has entered a new era. Virtual travel have become popular tourist and if he wants, can use a variety of tools and the Internet, and to sit in the comfort of their office or home and do the virtual tour. Previously, there used to travel the creators of seats, which created the show on articles and rumors. But now travel writing simplistic because in the discs, booklets, and the network has a lot of information.

The network has even virtual travel agencies that offer a tour of the gallery and offered a lot of information. Gone are the days when travelers used a guide for traveling, talking about a few stories cocks and bulls and karmivshy customers false information. Virtual travelers are more informed, and many of them do not even need to be acquainted with the destination, which they plan to visit.

In addition to the virtual tour of the real world, artificially created virtual worlds exist and are waiting for their study. These sites offer free package per week, which can be downloaded. Having this demonstration, the user can see the real thing when it is registered online and pay for it. This trend, which quickly take root. After all, globalization has worsened the world, and it took a long time until a & # 39 will be the new trend in the world of cyber.

travel advice system

Traveling became neodymium & # 39; emnay part of people's lives. The efforts of travel agencies and tour operators in conjunction with government organizations materials led to great changes that have weakened the difficulties associated with the traveler. The modern traveler has many choices when planning their trip. System recommendations for travel, although at an early age have established its usefulness in planning trips. In the coming years, its importance as a tool to help plan trips will be indispensable. On the market are several systems of recommendations that give the tour operator or the client to remove nemateryyalnasts associated with the product. Austria – one of the few countries that provided recommendations for the system of travel and found favorable reviews from users. Recommendation travel plan consists of many aspects, such as the destination type, information on the location, season specific recommendations, etc. All of this must be presented to the user in a convenient form for the customer, so that he could get acquainted with the possibilities of the system, which in turn offers the most recommended travel plan. These systems use artificial intelligence and fall under the category of expert systems.

Geographic Information Systems

Using maps dates back centuries. Man uses maps for orientation and search sites. With the development of computer & # 39; computer technology and graphics cards were digitized and used to provide users with accurate and timely information. Databases were about & # 39 combined with computer & # 39; computer graphics in the field of GIS.

GIS is used to display and analyze the spatial data associated with databases. This relationship between the spatial data and the database & # 39 is the driving force of GIS work. Maps can be made from the database, and the data can be referenced on the card. When you update the database accompanying map is also updated. GIS database includes a wide variety of information, including geographical, social, political, environmental and demographic data. GIS technology – a computer & # 39; computer tool collection, storage and analysis, which is about the & # 39; combines the previously unrelated information in an easily comprehensible map. GIS can perform complex analytic functions and visualize the results in the form of maps, tables and graphs, allowing the decision makers to visually see the problems facing them, and then choose the best course of action.

GIS is widely used in the tourism sector, especially in the reflection of tourist destinations, hotels, etc. The end user can determine the destination and even view the hotel room in which he or she intends to stay.


In general it can be said that information technology has left an indelible mark in the field of applications, "Tourism and travel". In the coming years, areas such as travel advice system, GIS, space tourism, etc., become popular and will help to give a new aspect of the travel and tourism sector. Kerala Tourism, which has found its presence in the global market, will rely on these applications to further advance its growth trajectory. The international market, which is growing, received a shot in the arm with the introduction of IT and be able to win away from that.