How to triple tourist destinations and sales of a simple training – without the cost of money

You can imagine, if you can reduce marketing costs, increasing sales?

Experts in the field of hospitality and tourism industry knows that training to enhance customer service and treatment of staff – one of the best returns on investment that can be made. We are in the customer / hospitality service industry, and this is reflected in your personnel both at work and in the distant marketing of travel. If your employees are happy, shocked and a team player, their ability to represent and effectively promote the destination or tours increases. Great place for happy motivated employees to promote and increase sales – at tourism fairs.

Exhibitions and public presentations – great opportunities

experienced field staff to enthusiastically communicate face-to-face

with potential clients. Who else can share with potential visitors

your wonderful trip or direction, rather than in the field guides?

Tim Tip: Role play here with your staff from the & # 39; is paramount. Also check the "Travel

Avdyokurs trade show – a success. Do not consider the exhibition without

listening to it. This can increase your success and profits tenfold. Marketing tourism exhibitions

——————- Board phones for sale —————-

Sales of handsets represent yet another opportunity to involve their staff effectively.

Field staff know your product better than anyone, but not the entire staff

suitable for telephone sales. Use opinion for this important "gateway"


—————– The following steps to success ————————

Your employees, whether they work on the ground, not from the & # 39 is one of them

your most important assets. Take the time to choose the attachment

the best candidates for the job, provide ongoing training and reviews and

create incentive programs to compensate its staff for the work,

as well as for their ability to stimulate the return of customers and obtaining new

Referrals. Excellent customer service, combined with unique rides,

excellent accommodation and enthusiastic, motivated staff, assure the continuation

and increasing business success for you and your business.

Tim Tip: I really like to sound like a broken record, but to train and play a role

regularly. Call staff and simulates different perspective

Calls: friendly, discreet or uncertain prospects. What about existing customers?

Can they be friendly or need help? Even at times angry? be

ready to professionally handle all calls, your number 1



The impact of social media marketing in the tourism


Area Lebanon ranked 170th in the world (CIA, 2014). He is smaller than the size of Connecticut, one of the smallest states in America. Moreover, Lebanon & # 39 is one of the few democratic countries in the Middle East. As for its economy, Lebanon – it is a free market economy and has a very long tradition of the economy. In addition to its coastal location on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean & # 39; I, Lebanon is considered a central "window" to the Middle East to Europe, North Africa and the rest of the world. Because of this, its economy has experienced a very flourishing times and even once called the "Paris" in the Middle East before the 15-year bloody civil war, which ended in 1990.

In addition, although a tiny Lebanon, he is also a & # 39 is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Christians, Muslims, Druze and other minority sects spread across the small nation, and even the political system in Lebanon is based on a sectarian power-sharing.

However, this variety has played a key role in the country's problems. This diversity was a necessary condition of the interstate civil war in the country and is currently playing an important role in its political paralysis, although other factors are to blame (mostly foreign). At present, the incumbent president and the competing political parties of the country continue to act up and get in the way, rather than contribute to the development of the country.

In addition, the proximity of Lebanon to Israel made his field of foreign policy / proxy for the foreign countries, each of which used the Lebanon for their own selfish purposes.

Sad political reality of the country greatly damaged the country's economy. Moreover, since the Lebanon – economy based on services, this sector took the biggest hit.

Tourism plays a significant role in the economy. According to the Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade (MOET), "tourism has long been a & # 39 is one of the leading sectors of the Lebanese economy" (Unit Research Research Unit, 2010).

In addition, the World Council of Travel and Tourism estimated that travel and tourism sector in Lebanon has made more than $ 4 billion in 2013 (World Council of Travel and Tourism, 2014).

Travel and tourism sector amounted to about 10% of the economy in 2012, but this share decreased to 9% in 2013 (ibid, page 14). This is due to the political situation in the country, as well as some other factors. Moreover, the number of tourists arriving in the country from 2011 to 2013, has steadily decreased.

As the tourism industry is falling apart a few over the past few years, business opportunities for the industry are very small. The political and economic situation compress the tourist business in Lebanon. This means that these businesses have to do more to replenish the losses increase (or decrease in profits) and less money. Nothing is reported when the political and economic situation in Lebanon improves, especially since the civil war in neighboring Syria shows no sign of peace.

Lebanese retailers can adapt to the many ways in these times, such as a policy of cuts and cuts in budget and advertising budgets. If economic recession and tough times affect the business, the first thing that needs to be eliminated – are usually marketing budgets. But the more that businesses TR should do more marketing to replenish lost businesses, this may not be a good idea.

One solution to this problem – the use of social media marketing strategies, as they are few resources, making it ideal for the current economic situation in Lebanon. Social Media Marketing allows businesses to overcome obstacles TR limited budget and business contraction.

formulation of the problem

Over the past few years, the positive impact of social media on business was extremely high (Kaplan et al, 2010;. Stelzner, 2010; Treem & Leonardi, 2012, page 143;. Baker & Green, 2014).

Moreover, proponents of a particular brand of Facebook and Twitter is much more likely to recommend and purchase these brand than non-fans (Cruz & Mendelsohn, 2011). But we do not need to be convinced of the impact of social media on business by conducting research studies. For social media users, which include more than 30% of the world, this fact is known. More and more businesses are inserted into the marketing of social media tools in their marketing strategies, and in some cases even become neodymium & # 39; emnay part of an overall strategy for their business.

Naturally, it can be expected that the Lebanese companies to quickly adopt social media marketing as a key role in their overall marketing strategy, but it is not. In the Middle East and particularly in Lebanon, the region lags behind the West in the use of social media. Not only that we are talking about companies that are engaged in the tourism industry, there are many opportunities for growth. A small investment in technology reject the tourist business by maximizing marketing opportunities provided by social media.

Lebanon's tourism industry does not use tactics of social media marketing, though obvious advantages. This is a big problem, especially since the economy is going through a very difficult time.

Moreover, the Lebanese enterprises and business in Lebanon do not use social media tools as necessary. This is a big problem with the waste of resources, as well as significant missed opportunities as a wide target audience can be achieved with the help of social media, which enables businesses that use social media marketing tools to get a better chance of success and prosperity.

study goal

The fruits and benefits of social media marketing tools can take a lot of time in Lebanon, if we do not know the factors that led to the prevention of widespread adoption of social media marketing.

In addition, while not studied the question of effective implementation of marketing campaigns on social media in the Lebanese context, many companies that sell on the market, may be lost, even if you decide to take social media marketing tools.

In addition, despite the fact that in the West there are numerous studies on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in social media, these findings may not apply to the Lebanese context. Thus, the aim of the present study with the & # 39 is also to find out the factors related to the effective implementation of social media marketing among Lebanese enterprises TP.

In the end, there is no doubt that social media marketing plays a crucial role in marketing campaigns, and even in the overall success of the business related to tourism.

Lebanese tourism companies lag far behind developed SMM investment and the use of country. Because there are many benefits of SMM, why is it so? Moreover, in order to catch up with the rest of the world, which is the most effective way to deploy the Lebanese enterprises TR SMM campaign? Thus, the aim of the research – to find the causes associated with such low investment and using SMM Lebanese business and help drive this company in the efficient use of SMM.


The purpose of this study is twofold. This study aims to clarify precisely those factors hindering the widespread adoption of social media marketing tools among Lebanese enterprises TP. Philosophy – it interpretyvizm to an inductive approach has moved from the specific to the general research strategy – ethnographic and methodology – qualitative. Deep interviews & # 39; nd used ten participants from ten different companies. Five companies had a greater "visibility" in social media, and five – not. Thus, participants' responses gave very useful information and solutions to research problems.


The results revealed that among the most important factors of a small investment and the use of SMM Lebanese enterprises in trade lie in the fact that many do not see the benefit of using SMM and therefore did not support him.

The results also provided useful information on the factors effective implementation SMM TR Lebanese companies, including the adoption of SMM from the owners / decision makers, and the importance of these people to see the benefits SMM. In addition, with the implementation of SMM challenges include negative feedback from customers and interdepartmental power struggles.

Recommendations include the transfer of the benefits SMM Lebanese business that is so important to get them to use the SMM. SMM also needs to be a plan with the agreed schedule, which defines the days to add content on social media sites, as well as comprehensive monitoring of SM comments about the business users.

In the end, it is the researchers hope that the study will shed light on important aspects of the SMM and its relation to TR Lebanese business. It is also to be hoped that the Lebanese enterprises TP will be considered recommendations.


Baker, S., & Green, H. (2014, February 20). Social media will change your business. Working week.

CIA World Factbook 2014. (2014, November 11). Total area – 2014 square kilometers countries, comparisons, rank on rank.

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Kaplan, Andreas M. and Michael Haenlayn. 2010. "People of the world unite! The challenges and opportunities of social media." Business Horizons 53: 59-68.

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The World Council of Travel and Tourism. (2014). Travel and tourism: economic impact in 2014, Lebanon.


Why India with & # 39 is the leading country for medical tourism?

With regard to health, nothing should not be among them. It is very important to take care of health. All the things that we do and the goals we need to achieve is only possible when our health is in good hands. Perhaps we need some compromises, but we should not shy away from them. In the end, if we have good health, the chances come again, and with the & # 39 there will be opportunities to do what we could not do. But sometimes we do not have solutions. As for the treatment of major diseases, perhaps in our country do not have adequate resources or if they are present, the price will be quite high. This has made medical tourism is very famous. Now more and more people opt for medical tourism.

Medical tourism – a term in which people travel to foreign countries for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment. With the help of medical progress, people around the world can get quality treatment for any part of the body. When the term medical tourism was first used, it is mentioned only patients seeking treatment, which were not available in their country. But now the price is also an important factor. This is mainly done for operations such as heart bypass surgery, cosmetics, dentistry, etc. This treatment also includes health and wellness services.

With regard to medical tourism, India has become a preferred destination for many. And this is true for every disease that can be life-threatening or treatment which requires expertise. If you need additional guarantees, you can check the statistics for yourself. As of 2015, the industry was valued at $ 3 billion. According to forecasts, it will grow at 7-8 bln. Dollars, which is more than twice. This proves that the medical tourism in India is growing by leaps and bounds.

India is called "one of the lowest cost and highest quality of all medical tourism destinations." The main reason to & # 39 is the efficiency and the highest quality of care. The US and UK are considered to be the largest source countries. According to the report, Bangladesh, Afghans accounts for 34 percent of foreign patients, who make up the largest share of the close proximity to India and his own poor health infrastructure. If we look at some Indian states take maximum patients, then cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore received the greatest number of patients. Of all the states of Chen called the capital of India's health.

But what makes India the first choice? Are all reasons India is dominated by the popularity of the healthcare market? These reasons are explained in detail below

• Quality of care received by patients, has no equal. Education received in primary schools should be attributed to it. If the foundation is strong, the end result will be excellent. This can be confirmed by seeing the main doctors in developed countries such as the US and UK. The list is headed by the Indians only. This is the main reason why patients are confident enough on a trip to India.

• Cost – another important factor. In fact, nowadays it has become the most important factor for some people. Most of the treatments that you can get in India, starting with about one-tenth the cost of a comparative treatment in the United States and the United Kingdom. For example, open-heart surgery costs about 125 thousand dollars in the US, while in India, you get it all for 5200 dollars. Savings, which makes the patient even more than the annual salary of most people.

• The Government of India has also adopted the program with wide open arms. They removed the restrictions on travel for medical purposes. Earlier there were visa restrictions, which required a two-month gap between successive visits to people from countries in the Persian Gulf. But these rules have already been terminated. For patients in some countries provide for the granting of visa at admission. There are certain rules regarding medical visa, when it is getting to be performed.

• There is no language bar & # 39; EPA for patients who travel to India. English language & # 39; is the official language here, and you can communicate with doctors in English. A number of hospitals also have interpreters for people who are comfortable only speak their native language.


tourism benefits

Tourism – one of the most important factors that contribute to the country's economy. Considered the most powerful means of promoting national integration and a & # 39; unification of people from all over the country. All states in the US are promoting all kinds of tourism, especially Ohio. Ohio offers visitors a variety of historical sites and scenic beauty that like any tourist. Cincinnati is famous for its tourism and one of the advantages that the city offers, with a & # 39 are its apartments. She brings a peaceful life for all its residents. Since 2002, the crime rate has dropped significantly in Cincinnati, so the tourists prefer to live in rental apartments, as this increases the fun during the holidays and provides them with the necessary comfort.

Education provides the real benefits of tourism. Knowledge of the place, you can get the best, when the region and understood properly visible. Students look forward to these opportunities, if they carried out of the four walls of the school in a far away place. Angliytsy consider their education complete only after the continent tour. Tourism – one of those experiences that the student saves life.

Geography may also become interesting when students are taken out of the book, to see with their own eyes the scene depicted in the pictures. If students attend and witness the wonders of the world, they tend to learn more and remember for a long time. History can be very exciting if students are allowed to visit the historical monuments, architectural buildings, battlefields and all such historical cities. Thanks to tourism, education really becomes enjoyable.

We can learn much more, if in fact we communicate and witness all the sights of the world. Sitting at home will give us a very narrow vision. Our outlook on life becomes blurred. By staying in our own cities, we can not understand the positive and negative impact of the environment on people's lives. Just reading about the place will not give you much information about it. You need to know the habits, manners, culture and way of life of people in other places. Journey to carry people into the sphere of practical knowledge. During the trip, you will learn how to adapt to the changes in living conditions and the environment. In addition, you get global experience and find that the differences between you and other trivial and can be overcome.

Learning a foreign language from the & # 39 is a very important aspect of tourism. This is the first step to understanding the nation. Things will become readily apparent and understandable only if it is known the language of the common people.

Travel to & # 39 is necessary for those who are interested to know about the world in which they live. It will provide them with the views of permanence. Plus tourism – the fastest and best, if not the cheapest way to learn new things. Experience that you have a travel time can not be reproduced in the book.


What is responsible travel?

. "I am very sur & # 39; ozna perceive the meaning of our life in the global neighborhood and the first sensible thing to do in such circumstances, as well as one of the most useful things – go and meet the neighbors, know who they are – and that, what they think and feel why I travel -. it is an act of transparency and accountability, as well as a grand adventure, and permanent relief. " – Jer Peak, a famous writer of travel

Travel today swamped with new vocabulary: a stable, responsible, eco-tourism, based on the community, fair trade, valanturyzm. There has been a shift in consciousness and integrity for the travel and tourism industry, to "create a better place for people and places to visit." In this essay will be considered responsible tourism concept, its advantages and what you can do to make sure you are a responsible traveler.

Cape Town Declaration of 2002 describes the basic support of responsible tourism as tourism that:

  • Minimizes negative economic, environmental and social impacts
  • It brings great economic benefits to local residents and improves the well-being of host communities
  • Improves working conditions and access to the industry
  • It draws locals in decisions that affect their lives and life chances
  • Making a positive contribution to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage, covering a variety of
  • It gives a more pleasant experience for tourists through more significant due to the local people and a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental problems.
  • It provides access for people with disabilities
  • Culturally sensitive, encourages respect between tourists and hosts, and builds local pride and confidence

These posts seem common sense, so why responsible tourism recently become an important principle? This is for three reasons, namely: climate change, customer demand and corporate social responsibility.

Speech on Climate Change has raised environmental awareness on a global scale, and we are more aware of their own impact on the earth. Destruction of carbon when booking flights, ecological houses and hotels that conserve water, not my towels every day, & # 39 are examples of companies that are buying up the climate conversation.

Consumer awareness is beyond the scope of climate change, increasing demand for a holistic approach to responsible global citizenship. Travelers want to ensure their vacation less invasive and more beneficial to the local communities. There is interest in communicating with communities and understanding of different cultures, rather than sitting in a tour bus, looking to foreign countries because of safety glass. Tour operators almost want to include a visit to the community, and the community understand what is profitable for them to open their tour of the village (the question of the ethics of the matter another for another article).

Third, corporate social responsibility means that it is good for business when consumers believe that the good citizens of the world. fair trade movement bears witness to this, as consumers are willing to pay much more than the usual brands of chocolate, coffee and other products. Program development allow large corporations to demonstrate their commitment to responsible global citizenship. Staff offered the opportunity to voluntarily develop in developing countries, training of local people in their area of ​​expertise. Done well, these programs can be very beneficial for both parties.

But why do you need to travel responsibly? It might be better to consider the opposite: what happens if we do it NOT travel responsibly? We are already seeing evidence of centuries of reckless trip with a growing list of endangered species, prostitution and sexual slavery, poverty, intolerance and racism, and exploitation. To prevent these terrible things, we must treat the whole world as his own home. We need to protect the world's treasures for future generations.

So how do we do it? Already there are two important promises, which may be signed by a responsible traveler. First oath of Hippocrates: First, do no harm. The second – the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have done to you. Responsible travel Treat others as you want them to treat him. For example, push the camera in the human person, without asking permission or going into an unfamiliar house, uninvited, probably not acceptable behavior in your country, then why leave?

People need to travel responsibly and positively contribute to the well-being of others. Some of the actions that you can implement right now include:

  • Do not litter and do not teach those that do. For example, when driving on transibirskay railway wagons often cleaned debris from the window. You can ask them to keep it in a room for smoking and yourself to throw it to the next station.
  • Buy local. This usually means that you have to bargain, so be fair. If you come up with 50 cents, ask yourself these 50 cents means for the provider than you.
  • Do not let outputs. Instead of having to create a society, we must encourage the attitude towards profit. This means that if someone helps you, good to give them a little advice.
  • Choose local guides. This not only supports the local community, but also gives you access to the best known, because who knows your home better than a local?
  • Stay at a local shelter.
  • Respect local regulations. If the locals are dressed conservatively dressed too conservatively

In choosing a tour operator it is necessary to consider a few things:

  • The operator, who calls himself responsible, does not guarantee – ask questions
  • A study of their placement
  • Look at their other services; they are relevant to what you offer?
  • Or & # 39 is the operator of part of a conglomerate? What are the values ​​of the conglomerate?
  • Use the forums to travel to ask travelers experience with the operator. Check that they fulfill their promises, they are treated well with people, etc.
  • They will return the community?
  • Check the operator's activities in accordance with the Declaration of Cape Town

Five years ago, World Travel Market and the UN World Tourism Organization appointed November 7th World Day of Responsible Tourism. This event of world significance, which on & # 39; brings together experts in travel and tourism, to build a strong and sustainable future for the industry.


But why Zambian safaris and tourism?

Because Zambian safaris – better preservation of Africa! They have made Zambia the most attractive place in the African safari today.

Livingstone in Zambia is now known, and rightly so, the center of the adventure of South Africa!

The World Tourism Organization (WTO) came to Zambia as a tourist destination number one in Africa.

Examination of trends in the UK and expenses in 2004 also assigned a rating number 10 in Zambia, "the best directions for further transport." Zambia – the only other African country, which ranks the top ten rankings

Zambia Land

Zambia – a great country, which occupies a total area of ​​752,614 square kilometers. He was a little more than the state of Texas in the United States, or slightly larger than France and Belgium together. Zambia is generally high average plateau

from 1060 meters (3500 feet) and 1363 meters (4,500 feet) above sea level. This makes the weather & # 39; e in the country mild and pleasant.

Water Zambia is 11,890 square kilometers, which is equivalent to 2% of the land surface. Reservoirs are mainly of three natural lakes in northern Zambia. The fourth is in the south, a spectacular man-made Lake Kariba. After commissioning in 1957 Lake Kariba was the largest man-made lake in the world. Length of 280 km and a width of 40 km.

Zambia, people

In Zambia, speaking more than 73 dialects, but the official language from the & # 39 is English. All media and business in English, and most zambiytsav says on it pretty good. From under

73 ethnic groups (tribes) 20 celebrate special annual cultural ceremonies. They manifest customs, social life, rituals, oral history, material and spiritual

culture. Visitors can watch these ceremonies.

During these traditional rites music and dance characterize quiet beauty, bustle, bounding life or filled with joy. Emphasis will Var & # 39; iravatstsa from akrobatychnaga spectacle which held her breath for a background prapulsivnaga barabanstva to fine subtleties of sound and movement.

In Zambia, there is freedom of worship with more than 15 different churches. However, 60% of Zambia to be Christians.

Zambia, natural resources

Zambia has 19 national parks and game control zone 34. Some parks occupy only 47,662 square kilometers. It accounts for 6% of the land in Zambia. Some game reserves are privately owned and are largely under state control. Zambia has

a wide variety and large number of wildlife, both large and small, including more than 741 species of birds.

In addition to abundant wildlife in parks and nature reserves, rivers and lakes, Zambia holds 6% of the world's copper reserves. He also has a world-class emeralds,

aquamarine, amethyst and tourmaline.

Vegetation type savannah with a plurality of different density trees. Zambia climate makes suitable for a wide range of agricultural crops. Vegetables and fruits, such as

citrus fruits, bananas, pineapples, mangoes, avocados, all grows everywhere.

Zambia, climate

Although Zambia lies in the tropics, the total height of the plateau ensures that the climate is seldom unpleasantly hot, except in the valleys. There are three seasons: the cool, dry winter season from May to September; hot, dry season in October and November; and the rainy season, which is a bit hot, from December to April.

Discover why tourism in Zambia Africa – the secret is stored.


Civil tourism – pick up trash, keep nature, plant trees, make a difference

Civil tourism is largely similar to ecotourism except that instead of helping the environment, people help the society in which they live. At the local level, at the state or federal level, there are opportunities to improve the lives of citizens, their city or state beautiful, and the people – a better place for our children and grandchildren. site is easy to use and allows you to look for opportunities in the United States by location or interests, so you can even specify the destination of the type of service you want to provide. Use the website to check out the area and see if there is volunteer work that you could provide to help local residents or improve your community.

At the international level, a non-profit company GlobeAware offers charter trips to places around the world at affordable costs.

Other sites to try to find ways to include: (beautiful site, especially for students who wish to leave the city during the breaks), and

Habitat for Humanity – one of the best companies, that changed over 30 years.

If the vacation is vacation this year, then, looking at the allocation of part of it, contributing to the local level, this could be an interesting and exciting part. Contact your local environmental or forestry department to find out what is close, exciting and worth preserving, or contact your local mayors office or fire area to learn about the local jobs that you can do to help in your hometown.

Learn more at civic tourism


Hiking tours in Europe – get ready for some action

You want to go on vacation, but do not have time to plan it? If yes, then you need to travel in Europe, which calm your mind and make you rejuvenate from the hectic schedule of your hard working life. Now you can visit this beautiful content and trust tours that were previously resolved, so you do not have to spend time, to bring all the trouble.

Predetermined tourist tours in Europe cover the places with the & # 39 is a special attraction for all tourists. Places not to be missed, probably covered tours that are carried out by professionals. They care about is that you do not miss any fun and get the maximum value for the money that you allocate for the trip.

Hiking tours in Europe covering places such as Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Rome, etc., that delight tourists from all countries. Also available are a variety of options that will fit into your budget and allow you to visit the places that you are most interested in.

Planning for these tours can be arranged via the Internet. You can find the planner on the Internet through research, and they will give you a pre-organized trip. All bookings and reservations will be made by the organizers of the tour, so you do not have to participate in any hassles and troubles. All the work done by them on behalf of you, and you just have to enjoy your trip to Europe.

With so much fun and mischief of all kinds of tourists travel tours in Europe are admirable. This is an opportunity to break free from the chain of life and take time for yourself.


Space tourism: go away or begin to spin?

In the US, there are only six spaceports and others. Space Port America, located in Apheme, New Mexico, with the & # 39 is the world's first commercial space port, the world's first self-proclaimed "Space Line" Sir Richard Branson, Virgin World Galactical and tenant anchors.

Recently the company Bigelow Aerospace, based in Nevada, called on the Government of Canada regarding the construction of the object & # 39 in the country. Orbital facilities are sold by the government as an alternative to the International Space Station and one of the reasons Bigelow called on the Government of Canada on the ground of the & # 39 object.

As for space tourism, it turns out, there are several companies in different degrees of planning and development of spacecraft and space ports. Other companies sell and sell tickets to space.

"I think that the future of space tourism will depend on many different factors, and how successful these companies will start", – said Douglas Messier, owner blog.

Messier site dedicated to the commercialization of space, and tourism. He received a master's degree in science, technology and public policy at George Washington University. He studied at the University Space Policy Institute and graduated from the International Space University. (He also has a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Rider.) Institute – a place where scientists, policy analysts, practitioners and students gather to study and evaluate the future of the cosmos.

In the industry of space tourism pouring hundreds of millions of dollars, but the question that seems to exist, or & # 39 is a real space tourism. Meser suggests that it may be as long as certain components fall into place. The biggest money – namely companies such as Virgin Galactic, XCOR Aerospace and Armadillo Aerospace – the current leaders in the effort to send a "civilian astronauts" into space.

Both companies, especially in the Virgin Galactic of Branson, live vision throughout life, and the belief that there is money, and the interest in fuel. Then there is what can be called the factor "X" type manifestavanaga pulse based on the destiny that carries our natural compulsion, as someone who is committed to what we already know. This gravity has become a race.

Companies such as Virgin Galactic, XCOR Aerospace, Blue Origin Aerospace, Armadillo Aerospace, Excalibur Almaz, Bigelow Aerospace and most recently, Boeing, the widening waist mini space race. with private tourists on suborbital and eventually orbital flights.

Virgin galaxy seems the most appropriate in terms of suborbital flights, having made several successful test flights of its spacecraft Two.

"The Virgin lot of money and prestige," – said Meser for NewSpace Magazine. ".. They are, for example, the Goliath of the industry they have just completed another test flight will be interesting to see how fast they can move with an aggressive schedule that they have one of the issues – their engine:. They still need to do a lot of testing," .

That affects a whole new subject – safety.

But, when Virgin Galactic with the & # 39 is Goliath, XCOR and Armadillo – "David" stories.

"XCOR – is a small, plastic company", – said Messier. "XCOR a & # 39 is an expert in the engines, and I think that they have a workable design, and their financing now it seems hard. They are looking for initial test flights before the end of 2011. It seems a lot of people interested in this (site visit ) The question is to what extent a good flight, reliability and many other factors. But I think there is a market. Companies are also looking for the market of suborbital experiments in the framework of its receipt. "

There is also a significant market for orbital flights. Russians for many years sent the very rich to the ISS (International Space Station).

"This is a very interesting market," – said Meser, Communications Expert, who for the last 10 years conducting entrepreneurial startups. "During the 10-day-two-week assignment price rose to about $ 45 million. The Russians had a monopoly, so prices have not gone down."

This will change when private companies are catching up, stay viable, safe and cost-effective ways to exit payment customers into orbit. One of these areas – buying technology in the Russians themselves. At least one company, Excalibur Almaz, has already done this. The company, based in the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea between the islands of Britain and Ireland acquired the equipment of military space station Soviet times, which it recovers.

A former employee of Excalibur and the current State University professor Clay Boys Morgan hinted that the company may have the intention to send tourists around the moon and back.

Other companies that are currently working include crew module Bigelow-Boeing CST-100 – they have a marketing deal with Space Adventures – and the spacecraft SpaceX Dragon. Orbital Sciences Corporation may convert truck Cygnus for human missions.

"These vehicles are designed to serve a number of & # 39 objects (ISS space station Bigelow) and fly a few rockets" – Meser said.

These companies and others are involved in the financing of the NASA program for commercial development (CCDev).

"Missing link with & # 39 is a commercial transport to orbit Low Earth" – said Messier. "It's only about 250 miles up, but now the government has a monopoly on it. Overcome stuffiness, and you can see an explosion of commercial development on a low earth orbit. Space industry in ten years can be completely unrecognizable.

In a sense, space tourism has no choice but to achieve success and prosperity, especially given the fact that the current administration of President spoiled NASA's plans to return to the moon. Now NASA is counting on the private sector to continue development efforts from the Earth to the Moon, as he tries to adjust to the new mission's mandate.

Commercial Crew program and the freight NASA, as defined below, Aims to stimulate the private sector's efforts to develop and demonstrate the capabilities of the human space flight. These efforts are aimed at the development of entrepreneurial activity, which leads to an increase in jobs in engineering, analysis, design and research, as well as to economic growth, as are opportunities for new markets. The program intends to solicit input from all interested industry participants in the United States for the development and the development of space concepts of space flight and associated enabling technologies and capabilities. In 2009, NASA used its powers on space law, to invest up to $ 50 million and funded numerous competitive agreement. This activity is called Commercial Crew Development, or CCDev, and since then several companies have taken advantage.

"This is a complex problem Former NASA's vision has focused on the moon, and it was not very realistic in its implementation and financing.", – said Meser, referring to the canceled program "Suzorye & # 39; e" of NASA. "Machines that they built were too expensive, we were not going to get to the moon very quickly, and in a lunar base would be so much money that we will not have enough money to do anything with it." , The private space industry. "

According to Messier, the economic effect of space tourism literally can become significant when thousands of new jobs and the car & # 39; EASURES will be available to the public.

"The impact of the construction of space stations and rocket may have suras & # 39; a serious impact on the market", – he said. "Bigalav talking about more than 20 flights a year to maintain their space stations."

But whether there will be the price of the trip earlier or it will fall? Mesier says that prices should fall. Ticket prices vary between companies, even now, for about 16 months before the Virgin Galactic launched its first flight. Virgin will sell tickets for 200 thousand dollars, and XCOR about 95 000 dollars, while another flight model. Armadillo sell their seats for about 102 thousand dollars.

"Virgin Galactic says drastic cost reduction of up to 50 000 dollars, when commercial operations begin and the market will be checked", – added Meser.

But from outer space causes people to drop as cold, hard cash for a few minutes above the earth? Changes stay in space look the average person that means to be a human being on this planet? Some say that, and so it is, but by Messier, who had never been in space, not sure.

"I really do not know It will be interesting.", – he said. "Virgin has made the argument that forcing people to get it to change our view of how fragile the earth, and things like that. And this is probably, yes. This will cause people to invest their money or saving the rainforest, or return. Virgin really wanted I would have to repeat customers, so the people in the company of interesting people to come back again and again. "

waiting decades

Messier – it's part of a growing number of people who are closely monitoring the industry, which was 40 years ago, most people, but out of reach, except for a relatively small group, which had enough vision to see the past and the commercial future. space flight.

Many of them were Moladah, which hit the zacharovvayuchuyu surprise and excitement caused by the space race of the 1960s. They are quietly waiting in the wings, waiting for his chance to get on board the spacecraft, designed for external movements of the earth's atmosphere.

The wait is over several hopes, which began in 2001, when Dennis Tito began to ride with the Russians to the International Space Station cost $ 20 million. Yet few tourists walked in the footsteps of Tito's for about 10-year period.

But things have changed: the fact that to build spaceports around the world spend millions of dollars to the & # 39 is a very sensitive indication that this thing is real space tourism.

Sent into space is not cheap, and if the money flow into the space tourism, with & # 39 are a kind of indicator of the industry's future, the idea of ​​people traveling into space, will one day be as common as the international flights to Paris.

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