Rajasthan tourism – ten tourist places to visit

Rajasthan, the largest state of India with the & # 39 is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. The state has great tourism potential and delights tourists and vacationers for its fascinating tourism options in the forms of culture, traditions, churches, art and architecture, history, castles and palaces, monuments, havelisav, sanctuaries and wildlife parks ripples sand dunes, Thar Desert, and g .d. In the state of India there are many fascinating places to travel that you can visit, explore and enjoy travel and tours. Let's look at the top ten tourist destinations of tourists in Rajasthan.

1. Jaipur – Also known as the Pink City of India, Jaipur with & # 39 is the state capital and a very popular tourist destination in India. It is worth visiting the sights of the city of Jaipur City Palace, Albert Hall Museum, Havana Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Amber fort, Zhaygar fortress Nagargarh Fort hotels Heritage.

2. Udaipur – also known as the city of lakes, Udaipur – a city in the state, which is known for its elegant palaces and beautiful lakes. This is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in India. Key attractions that appeal to the tourist city – the City Palace, Jagdish Temple, Lake Palace, Lake Pichola, Fateh Prakash Palace, the Palace of the monsoon, Lake Fateh Sagar-lake-Udai Sagar temple Eklinzhy, Nagdi temple, etc.

3. Jodhpur – also known as the Blue City of India, Jodhpur – the second largest city in the state. This is a great tourist destination, which can be visited on Rajasthan-trips and excursions to attractions such as mammoths Merangarh Fort memorial Zhasvant Thada, Umaid Bhawan Palace Palace, Gardens Mandor and many heritage hotels.

4. Jaisalmer – Also known as the Golden City of India, Jaisalmer famous Golden Fort, Jain temple, Gavelisam and exciting ride on the sand dunes rabistyh wide Thar Desert.

5. Bikaner – Also known as the city of camels, Bikaner – a great tourist spot to visit in Rajasthan. He enjoys a commanding position in the development of tourism in Rajasthan with such great attractions like Fort Zhunagarh, Lalgar Palace Gavelis and sand dunes.

6. Pushkar – Pushkar – the holy city of Rajasthan. This is one of the most sacred cities in India with lots of attractions like the temple of Lord Brahma, Gayatri Temple, Savitri Temple, Pushkar Lake Palace Pushkar, rose gardens, Pushkarskaya longitude, etc.

7. Ajmer – Aimery – the world famous Muslim pilgrimage center and tourist destination. It is famous mainly Azhyram Sharif Darg. Darg same value as the Hindus and Muslims. In Aymeri there are many other attractions that contribute to the development of tourism in Rajasthan, India.

8. Mandawa – Located in Shekavaty region, Mandawa with & # 39 is one of the most popular tourist destinations and travel Rajasthan. Widely known beautifully colored hares containing fine frescoes, murals, paintings and wall miniaturized. The main attractions of Mandawa with & # 39 are Gavelis and Fort Mandawa Castle.

9. Ranthambhore – Ranthambore – one of the most popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan. This world famous reserve and National Park Ranthambore Tiger. The park is rich in its flora and fauna. Key attractions of the park – the tigers, the Ranthambore fort, jog Mahal and ancient banyan.

10. Bharatpur – Bharatpur – a beautiful city in the state with attractions such as the National Park Ganadao Ghana (formerly known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary) Lohagarh Fort, Bharatpur Palace, etc.

These destinations are very popular among tourists and vacationers from all over the world as well as in a variety of tour operators of the city of Rajasthan. You will be very like to visit, explore and enjoy these worthy tourist attractions in Rajasthan, the royal state of India.


Travel and Tourism in Kerala

Kerala, located in the southern part of India with the & # 39 is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. Mystical land of Kerala is always full of surprises. It is clean – green land in the southern part of India. Beautiful land was awarded one of the three most beautiful destinations in the world.

Kerala – a land where you can experience something new – green coconut trees, a plant spray, mist covered mountains, wildlife, rolling grasslands, beaches and adventure. The beauty and splendor of Kerala is also imbued with iconic monuments, places, castles, memorial and worship places that reflect the social culture and historical evolution.

Neither winter nor too cold nor summer. A pleasant time to visit here – the month of November to February.

What Kerala offers tourist For those who want to visit Kerala, there are many options for tourism, some of them – adventure tourism, Ayurveda tourism, tourism in the wild, beach tour, cultural tourism, tourist tourism, eco-tourism and many hill stations there for tourism and excursions.

Tour of Ayurveda – Kerala, the land of Ayurveda, with & # 39 is the absolute perfection in the field of medicine and science. The main body care in Ayurveda with an abundance of herbs, medicinal plants and medicinal oils offers complete rejuvenation and immunization.

Adventure Tour – Trekking in Kerala – it's a completely different experience that will not leave you in the glory. The beauty of the tropical jungle and bamboo alloy fully breathe you in circles.

Tours of the wild nature – Journey wild life will take you through the forest reserve tiger Peryyar, Chinar Wildlife, Wildlife Parambikulam and shelter for wildlife Veanad. There you can watch the beautiful wildlife, birds, butterflies and more.

Beach Tour – Excursion on the beach Kerala adds magic, made by boats, sun baths and bathing in these waters. This will allow you to get a unique experience and enthusiasm to give up a trip to Kerala.


Information technology and tourism


Over the past few decades, information technology is extremely influenced all areas of our lives, and one of the main beneficiaries – the sector of tourism and travel. The introduction of computers can be attributed to the beginning of the 60s, when the vacuum tube is the main component of computer & # 39; computer systems. This was largely inefficient and prone to errors, and soon gave way to transistors, which were replaced by integrated circuits. Now, technological progress has allowed to include in the modern computer & # 39; yutery modern graphics, integrated with moving pictures and sound.

tourism product is largely immaterial to get the most benefit from the technology. Travel was considered dangerous in the early days, mainly due to the fact that knowledge of the terrain, climate, culture, etc. appointments were limited either unknown. Only adventurers and people who want to newer pastures, decided on such a trip. C & # 39; advent of IT in the field of travel, everything changed. Travel has become much more enjoyable and comfortable. The modern traveler has many choices: the Internet & # 39 is a favorite pursuit for the potential traveler. Places of tourist interest and scenic beauty often do not attract the attention of buyers is largely due to the fact that they do not sell well. Internet in the early days did not support graphics, video, sound and so on. Thus, tourism goods could not effectively sell over the network. Now everything has changed with the introduction of protocols such as Transfer Protocol / Internet Protocol Control (TCP / IP). This has led to more than light speed and clarity of transmission of graphic images, music, video, etc. network. Thus, tourism was effectively sold through the Internet. This led to a proliferation of sites of tourism and travel.

There are a number of software that meets the needs of the sector of tourism and hospitality. Travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, etc. using modern systems, equipped with powerful applications running on huge databases. Computer & # 39; yuteryzavany front office gave elegance to modern office, which is largely paperless. Office Automation led to efficient and accurate processing. The man, armed with the right information, to the & # 39 is the most powerful in the modern era. Comp & # 39; yuteryzavanyya systems are used to obtain information from a & # 39; omnyh amounts of data storage in the databases. Query the database, whether to book or request zabraniravannya ticket, is in the hands of the end user. The customer – the king and because it has a number of options, if you go on a journey, or get information about tourist destination.

Earlier computer users & # 39; computer systems were supposed to be experts. Even to start the system requires a computer operator. Only then the application can be run. Currently, with a graphical user interface systems (GUI) and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) technology, even a non-professional person or a child is able to control a computer or use the Internet. A person who does not know the local language in its place, has tips on the fingers with a & # 39; advent means the touch screen. Almost all banks have introduced in their premises ATMs services (automatic telephones) to allow customers to access their accounts at any time.

In the scenario with Kerala & # 39 The advent of IT has been limited to travel agencies using the reservation systems and the development of web-sites of governmental and non-governmental agencies. Also running office automation, as well as taking into account the process of computer & # 39; yuteryzavany. Official website of Kerala Tourism has won numerous national and international awards as one of the best websites in the tourism sector worldwide. The institutions of education, such as the Institute of Tourism Studies and Tourism in Kerala (KITTS), dedicated to IT education in the field of tourism, giving training to students GDS (Global Distribution Systems) and computer & # 39; yuteryzavanyya application. Tourism Development Corporation of Kerala (KTDC) is also fully computer & # 39; yuteryzavala their reservations and a tourist can make your booking through the network. Hotels Contact your system with other global systems to establish a connection in the world. Let us briefly consider the application of IT in the field of tourism.

Global distribution systems

Global distribution systems (GDS) have evolved over the years and have played an important role in making the opportunity to travel on the Internet. Computer reservation system (CRS) is used to store and retrieve information and conduct transactions related to travel. They were originally developed by the airlines, but later they extended to travel agents as a sales channel. CRS functionality has been expanded, and began the creation of global distribution systems. Basic operations using the CRS, who reserve and sell tickets to different airlines, called GDS. Many airlines have decided to send most of its funds in the Global Distribution Systems, so that many systems are now available to consumers through Internet gateways for hotels, car rental agencies and other services, as well as tickets. Traveler or travel agent can carry out a route via the GDS, which is a & # 39 is a global system linking airlines, hotels, travel agents, car rental companies, cruise ships, etc. AMADEUS boasts a market share of 31%, followed by SABER go with 30% of the market, with 26% of the GALILEO and WORLDSPAN, capturing 12% of the market.

Today's GDS systems have the following features

  • Available and accessible to 99.9% of the time
  • Process to 17,000 messages per second at peak
  • Powered by the advanced architecture of corporate systems
  • Enjoys the response time of a second
  • Able to reserve multiple transactions
  • You can modify the route to the last minute and complete the complex international routes to every country in the world
  • Automates laborious and complex process reassessment flight when changing routes
  • It allows customers to send e-mails and faxes without leaving the system
  • It allows customers to compare price and availability for to shop for the most comfortable travel at the lowest cost
  • Stores all data pertaining to tens of millions of travelers that clients received the desire to travel

On that day, GDS can access

  • More than a billion of tariffs
  • More than 95% availability around the world
  • Over 750 airlines
  • More than 50 000 hotel on the & # 39 Objects
  • More than 400 tour operators
  • Almost 30,000 car rental locations

GDS system can reserve

  • One way and airline seat
  • hotel rooms
  • Car Rental
  • tours
  • cruises
  • Bus and train tickets
  • insurance
  • limousines
  • Event and theater attractions
  • reservation of table
  • route changes
  • Sophisticated international routes

electronic tickets

The electronic ticket or e-ticket – is the means by which the passenger or group of passengers can secure your place in a commercial airline you book via the internet. This significantly reduces the procedure of using paper ticket, which consists of several copies. Airlines and passengers benefit from this form of a ticket. ticket image is stored in a computer & # 39; your computer, from which the customer can take a printout and on board an aircraft, if it has no baggage. In the presence of baggage after obtaining permission passenger can sit on the plane. The client may need to send a paper copy of the confirmation by postal mail, but it is not required to register. The passenger is assigned a confirmation number and flight number, date, place of origin and destination. When registering at the airport passenger simply presents positive identification. Then provided the necessary boarding pass and the passenger may check luggage and proceed to the security gate.

The main advantage of e-ticket is that it reduces the cost of the reservation, depriving you want to print and send paper documents. Another advantage with the & # 39 is that it eliminates the possibility of lost documents by mail or sending the wrong address. It is estimated that, worldwide, about 25% of its passengers book their tickets on the Internet, which led to a high-speed take-off flyers.

The Internet has created new economic conditions for doing business. E-commerce is growing sector and many travel companies are involved in the development of its online services, including traditional travel agents, tour operators, national tourism offices, airlines, hotels and other housing providers and car rental firms. This way of doing business known as "e-tourism" or "tourism e-business." The main differences from the traditional markets – a data transmission speed, global availability and minimal costs of setting up an online business.

Property Management System

As this time, the property management system relate to systems that are used worldwide to manage and effectively control a variety of everyday and other procedures related to the management of large properties. Even in Kerala, these systems are used on a large scale.

The main functions that can operate PMS – this clause, operations branch office, some of the operations in the office and some management functions. PMS is usually used for the treatment of the accounting functions of the various departments in the hotel. It's also a center for interconnection with other systems in the hotel. Just as a person who is cut off from the rest of their colleagues at work, stand-alone computer does not bring much good. Thus, a network environment, whereby the server can satisfy the end user's needs, which may be the manager registry or waiter. This is achieved by systems and network resource sharing. The software can be developed in accordance with the needs of the hotel, which may have front and rear. Front – a user interface through which you can enter data or receive information. The rear end can consist of a RDBMS, which acts as a storage center. Queries and reports can be used to obtain information. For example, if a guest wants to know detailed information about tariffs in the off-season, for information can be quite click.

Virtual reality systems

Virtual reality – a relatively new field, which is associated with artificial intelligence and neural networks. Artificial intelligence – this is an area where technology is rapidly gone in recent years. People were blessed intelligence that Var & # 39; iruetstsa on their ability to remember things and invent gadgets makes life more significant. Needless to say that the human brain – an amazing and intricate body, which has not yet been surpassed even the fastest supercomputer. It is doubtful if this will happen in the future. But artificial intelligence has paved the way for new gadgets and robots that help a person in a potentially dangerous and complex task.

Tourism in addition to natural attractions, theme parks, attractions, simulation, etc. Singapore, Disneyland, etc. features some of the most excellent human miracles thanks to IT and its applications. In particular, the theme parks and attractions, along with the rest of fantasy and dinosaurs added a run tourist destination.

virtual tour

With the growing need to use the network, tourism has entered a new era. Virtual travel have become popular tourist and if he wants, can use a variety of tools and the Internet, and to sit in the comfort of their office or home and do the virtual tour. Previously, there used to travel the creators of seats, which created the show on articles and rumors. But now travel writing simplistic because in the discs, booklets, and the network has a lot of information.

The network has even virtual travel agencies that offer a tour of the gallery and offered a lot of information. Gone are the days when travelers used a guide for traveling, talking about a few stories cocks and bulls and karmivshy customers false information. Virtual travelers are more informed, and many of them do not even need to be acquainted with the destination, which they plan to visit.

In addition to the virtual tour of the real world, artificially created virtual worlds exist and are waiting for their study. These sites offer free package per week, which can be downloaded. Having this demonstration, the user can see the real thing when it is registered online and pay for it. This trend, which quickly take root. After all, globalization has worsened the world, and it took a long time until a & # 39 will be the new trend in the world of cyber.

travel advice system

Traveling became neodymium & # 39; emnay part of people's lives. The efforts of travel agencies and tour operators in conjunction with government organizations materials led to great changes that have weakened the difficulties associated with the traveler. The modern traveler has many choices when planning their trip. System recommendations for travel, although at an early age have established its usefulness in planning trips. In the coming years, its importance as a tool to help plan trips will be indispensable. On the market are several systems of recommendations that give the tour operator or the client to remove nemateryyalnasts associated with the product. Austria – one of the few countries that provided recommendations for the system of travel and found favorable reviews from users. Recommendation travel plan consists of many aspects, such as the destination type, information on the location, season specific recommendations, etc. All of this must be presented to the user in a convenient form for the customer, so that he could get acquainted with the possibilities of the system, which in turn offers the most recommended travel plan. These systems use artificial intelligence and fall under the category of expert systems.

Geographic Information Systems

Using maps dates back centuries. Man uses maps for orientation and search sites. With the development of computer & # 39; computer technology and graphics cards were digitized and used to provide users with accurate and timely information. Databases were about & # 39 combined with computer & # 39; computer graphics in the field of GIS.

GIS is used to display and analyze the spatial data associated with databases. This relationship between the spatial data and the database & # 39 is the driving force of GIS work. Maps can be made from the database, and the data can be referenced on the card. When you update the database accompanying map is also updated. GIS database includes a wide variety of information, including geographical, social, political, environmental and demographic data. GIS technology – a computer & # 39; computer tool collection, storage and analysis, which is about the & # 39; combines the previously unrelated information in an easily comprehensible map. GIS can perform complex analytic functions and visualize the results in the form of maps, tables and graphs, allowing the decision makers to visually see the problems facing them, and then choose the best course of action.

GIS is widely used in the tourism sector, especially in the reflection of tourist destinations, hotels, etc. The end user can determine the destination and even view the hotel room in which he or she intends to stay.


In general it can be said that information technology has left an indelible mark in the field of applications, "Tourism and travel". In the coming years, areas such as travel advice system, GIS, space tourism, etc., become popular and will help to give a new aspect of the travel and tourism sector. Kerala Tourism, which has found its presence in the global market, will rely on these applications to further advance its growth trajectory. The international market, which is growing, received a shot in the arm with the introduction of IT and be able to win away from that.


Summer Tourism: School is back in session for travel agents

Summer Tourism: School back in session for travel agencies

Hold on to the hammock: school is over, and the Americans will make a 325 million vacations in June, July and August. About 65 million of them have been investigated or booked online.

If this is not enough to offer travel agents the possibility of on-line, consider this:

The market of online travel is estimated at $ 60 billion and is growing rapidly;

On-line booking an average of $ 750 versus $ 400 in the off-line;

In 2006 it was the first time zabranavana more travel online than any other way;

Next, the most common method, phone book, dropped by 16 percent since 2005 and

Travelers who use the Internet to plan and purchase trips almost always visit multiple sites.

Big players make money. Online travel agents, such as Orbitz® and Expedia®, continue to thrive, but face two new sources. Research sites for travel or "meta" sites, such as Mobissimo®, using the criteria of customers to search hundreds of sites for the best option. Sites focused on research, publications include traditional directories as Fodor & # 39; S®, and new on-line businesses such as®.

There is a place for smaller players? Yes. People are shopping when planning trips, no matter how big or beautiful can be a particular site if they find your site, it seems, they will come.

Therefore, an important step in with & # 39 is to increase search engine visibility. Witted partner for search engine optimization allows the travel agency web-site to attract a huge share of traffic:

Create and update content keyword / keywords;

Developing effective strategies and ethical relationships;

Developing site elements search engines reward;

Cleaning elements search engines penalize a site and

Discovering further enhancements by analyzing site date.

Of course, once visitors start coming, the travel agency needed a convincing message to save them. Most importantly, its website should communicate the company's position in the industry and its unique value, and to provide information that they want her target customers. On the site you need to easily navigate, load quickly, and invite dialogue with clients.

It seems that the practice of slow travel in his spare time, despite the economy down and down, and high fuel prices; one can only imagine the growth when conditions improve. But the opportunity does not guarantee success in the market change. travel industry is quickly reaching the point where the Internet will dominate to exclude almost all other sales channels. Companies can take advantage of becoming a star web marketing – or go to the hammock.


Things that need to be taken into account for the global medical tourism

Thanks to technology, our life has become much easier and more convenient. This has helped to launch new ideas that were once considered impossible. Have you ever thought that the flight to another country for an operation is possible? Today it is unattainable for you. Simply pressing the keyboard and presto, you can select a million options. This principle is in medical tourism, traveling abroad for health reasons. And if we talk about the Medical Tourism Asia – a place.

India, Singapore and Thailand – the most leading Asian countries that offer medical travel services, and recently Korea, entered the arena of the expansion market, overtaking that can offer the usual country. Such places are proud of offering heart bypass, hip replacement, spine surgery or even cosmetic surgery at very affordable prices without compromising on quality, since they allow their experts to do the work. In addition, they are also known for its modern amenities and high-tech equipment that is used at all times.

If you think you do the surgery in a strange place, what kind of things you take into account? What factors are important when choosing the right country, the right hospital and the right doctor? Costs, quality and safety certainly at the top of the list. And if you pay them to turn to them respectively, safety, certainly with the & # 39 is the most important.

against security costs

Blogs will tell you that people are willing to invest as much as they can in health. Indeed, cheap costs can be very tempting. However, if you look at it deeper, if you will sacrifice for the sake of safety only save a few dollars? In the end, you can just pay a lot more, trying to fix an operation that went wrong.

Putting words into action

Promise friendly operation plays an important role in promoting medical tourism. But this should not only be over. Clinics can build their reputation based on safety. You do not have to keep coming back to do the operation again only because of faulty procedures, know-how and experience lower. Would you like to go under the knife, feeling sure that the first time everything goes the right way?

Testing of security in your choice

the concept of security is up to you. You are in the best position to know when a particular clinic is really innocent of any violations of the rules. We must start with choosing the right suppliers. You can find the Internet useful blogs and forums in any medical center to which you follow. Or & # 39 are their services and facilities to date? Best of all, if they have earned a specialization in a particular procedure, because the experience is no substitute when it comes to such matters. Then you can see the accreditations of any visible authority. You can also check whether your surgeon license. And finally, you should also think about the conditions of appointment. Stay away from places that are simply not to & # 39 are safe for you, perhaps, because of the prevalence of the disease, political upheaval, environmental pollution and rampant crime.

The reason why the global medical tourism in many respects is the concept of security. People are highly related to security, and it's the first thing that they pay attention to when making a policy decision. Hospitals deserve much more respect and status when the safety – one of its guiding principles.


Ecotourism is today – to travel lean and green

The new trend in travel – is the eco-tourism in our days, or eco-tourism, which gives it the full name. In a world where more and more people are looking for ways and means to preserve the environment as a result of environmental degradation. As a result, eco-tourism has been around for many years, and since 1980 more precisely. And only the last few years it has really attracted the attention of travelers everywhere.

Ecotourism is ideal for people who are interested in the natural world. We are talking about a return to nature and assessment of all that is around us. As a result, ecological tourism incredible and can really make you feel alive. The only thing that causes adpustku most people, this is what it sounds expensive, but if you know where to look and receive hints and tips given to you, it does need not be expensive.

There are many countries around the world, who have a very active resort for eco-tourism, and most of them have received rave reviews from people who have already experienced it. At the moment, Costa Rica, India, Ecuador and Kenya – most popular destinations that support eco-tourism, but there are others that seem to fly under the radar, and that's probably the best choice for individuals or couples who want to experience this is not hearsay. remote place.

New Zealand – one of those countries that support eco-tourism as Australia. Both countries do not give publicity to this fact, because they are relatively new items in the world of eco-tourism and develop their resorts as we speak. A variety of eco-tourism and superb beauty of the landscape is definitely worth a visit, but you can really turn it into a tour of the region and spend a month or so, if you want.

If you want a successful trip on a variety of eco-tourism, you should first examine the region to find out what customs and values ​​of this country really is, because it is very easy to undo all the good work in the ecological zones. one of several errors. The list below will help you distinguish between what is possible and what not to do:

1. First, obviously, do your homework. Areas that are visited by people in eco-tourism trips, perfectly balanced and is usually valued more than the natural harmonies of life. If you do not know these values, it is easy to damage the balance of the site. In fact, you can do more harm than you can imagine, acting as the country's Western World.

2. Try not to give things to those in need. To begin with it may seem cruel, but eco-tourism – is to help people out of poverty and give things simply encourages begging, exactly what the country is trying to avoid setting ecotourism.

3. myanyaytsesya with the locals, if it is not in their culture to you. Items they sell are usually helping them to live and cost only retirement home. The whole point of ecotourism as set forth above, and this also applies here.

4. Avoid buying souvenirs that are made from flora or fauna in the local region, because the likelihood that it is contrary to the principles of ecotourism. We are talking about the use of local materials, but it does not include animals and plants.

5. Be careful where you take pictures, because it may offend some people, when they actually come off, not giving consent. It's just plain decency. They are not to show them to just do their job.


Environmental problems affecting the travel industry

Environmental protection is now a & # 39 is one of the most popular and hot topics around the world. Many companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build a product or the fact to make their products environmentally friendly. An example is the electric vehicle, which is viewed as a viable option for this car on gasoline. In 2009, world leaders met in Copenhagen to discuss how they can prevent global warming and reduce the effects of climate change, in fact protecting the environment. travel investment is also not left out of the question. In an industry where, according to forecasts, the number of people involved in international travel, to reach the billion mark in 2010, there is concern about its contribution to environmental damage. As in any other industry, the travel industry has to take care about environmentally friendly ways of doing business. Below are some of the environmental problems affecting the travel industry, which needs to be addressed, and in some cases, to seek long-term solutions.

1. Aircraft, which transports thousands of tourists around the world, is of great concern to those who seek to protect the environment. The main challenge for the sector greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on climate change. Aviation produces at least two per cent of emissions. One way the airline industry is working on this problem – it is the deployment of new aircraft with engines, fuel, and therefore less carbon emissions. However, not all airlines, especially in poor countries, can afford to buy new aircraft.

2. Mass tourism. Due to the fact that the cost of travel is getting cheaper, and more people are sent away from their countries to places that were previously inaccessible, but now you can get because of air transport, areas with ecological and historical significance, becoming crowded. This puts pressure on ecosystems in these areas and poses a threat to the flora and fauna. And climate change means that some places will not give preference to the visitors, because the outside conditions & # 39; I have become extreme, leading to overcrowding in other places with more favorable conditions out & # 39; I. Again, this is a danger to ecosystems in crowded areas and for tourism in the area.

3. Deforestation. Despite the universal call for the protection of the environment, there are still areas where mass felling is conducted. It also contributes to the destruction of flora and fauna and is a threat to tourism in those areas.

4. The call to become the green, affecting all sectors of the world, the tourism industry has not gone unnoticed. There is pressure on those who are in the field, to find ways of doing business that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. For example, if the hotel hotel can build hotels that are more environmentally friendly? What methods they can use to save energy and reduce the chemicals used in dry cleaning tons of linen used in the industry?

5. The attack on the person. With a population that continues to grow around the world, and now there is competition between humans and animals for space. Now people encroach on areas such as national parks, which are protected and marked for wildlife. This led to reports that the people and their livestock slaughtered wild animals that, in turn, leads a manhunt and murder, which are considered threatened. This poses a threat to the tourism area. person also makes an attempt to move the animals from their living environment in other areas where they can not survive, which leads to the extinction of some species.


Travel Destinations Bhutan and tourist guide

Locally known as the Seal Iulia Lyashkevich Tsendhen or print, that is, the land of dragons Gromov, Bhutan – a storehouse of Buddhist art and the last Himalayan kingdom, which is still shrouded in Buddhism, magic and mystery.

It shares borders with India and China to the south and north, respectively, with Bhutan & # 39 is not leaving the country and the smallest kingdom, which is fully enshrined in the Himalayas.

It is interesting that Bhutan for centuries successfully experienced independence and & # 39 is one of the few countries that were not colonized in its history.

Apart from its magnificent natural beauty, Bhutan also has a strong sense of culture, which connects the country with the & # 39 is the main factor that sets it apart from its neighbors.

Requirements for travel

1. Visa: with the exception of citizens of India, Bangladesh and the Maldives, each person entering the country must obtain a visa prior to arrival, which is processed through the online system licensed Bhutanese tour operators (local and international partners). No need to visit the embassy in your country of Bhutan.

2. The advance payment: the trip to Bhutan require payment in full trip & # 39; volume and held in the Council of Tourism of Bhutan. Only after payment Visa will be issued / executed.

3. Hiking to the high cost with little impact: for tourists, a minimum daily package in accordance with the policy developed by the Council of Tourism of Bhutan. It includes the following services:

  • 3-star accommodation

  • 3 meals

  • licensed guide

  • Camping equipment

  • inland transport

For travelers entering the country by a group of 3 or more, the following rates apply:

  • 200 USD / person / night in January, February, June, July, August and December

  • 250 USD / person / night for the rest of the year

Perched on the Himalayas, Bhutan may be geographically divided into three regions, namely Western Bhutan, Bhutan and East Central Bhutan.

western Bhutan

Western Bhutan chain, which consists of 6 areas, allowing Hao attend the Summer Festival and plunge into the depths of the ancient culture of the people Hao, as well as visit numerous churches, museums and Dzong in Tymppu, as well as the recently introduced Tacchini Festival.

Places to visit

  • vapor

  • Thimpfu

  • haa

  • Punahou

  • village barking

eastern Bhutan

Easily one of the least understood parts of the Kingdom of Bhutan; it is an ideal space for adventurous and washed by the untouched beauty consisting of high peaks and green forest trails.

Places to visit

  • Mangara

  • Luntz

  • Trasiyangtse

  • Trashygang

Central Bhutan

Giving ample understanding of the political history of the country, this place is especially known among history buffs for its famous religious and historical sites, as well as monasteries and temples. Moreover, thanks to the wide alpine and subtropical zone, the region is blessed unspoiled beauty.

Places to visit

  • Jakarta

  • Bumthang

  • Gelefu

  • Trongsa

  • scorching lake


Videoconferencing in tourism

Whether it's a family tour to a weekend or a business trip, people like to travel outside of their homes, they like to be in different geographical locations as a tourist. Spending holidays with family & # 39; s help in balancing work and home. When the busy schedule of family members & # 39; and busy, with no time to spend pleasure trip journey allows family members & # 39; and spending time with each other. On the other hand, the trip helps in building teams. In both cases, the importance of planning is necessary to ensure a happy trip. The introduction of technology helps travel agencies to create new travel packages to exotic places, helping tourists in the decision to travel and conquer the reliance on services provided.

decides to travel – Every tourist destination is of great interest, it is worth spending time and money. exciting video about the place learn to know about the site. Next tourists think to book travel, including hotel accommodation, to convince tourists that the travel agency provides well facilitated accommodation. Travel agencies have information about different places and housing, which they are going to provide. Using videoconferencing to view and interact virtually with people will help create a trust to a tourist agency charges.

virtual tour – Real tour can be scheduled for a month or a week, and a visual understanding of the excursions to the actual tour, working with a local guide to using video conferencing technology, which is connected to the places of tours, will be a good preface for a long trip. Virtual tour package visit for tourists after travel booking is enthusiasm and confidence in the wards of travel agencies. implementing multipoint video conferencing connects several tourist destinations with a travel agency, at the same time helping tourists to visit places that live within an hour.

budget packages – Less money with lots of privileges – something that looks every tourist. A hiking tour with a number of & # 39; sites in the framework of the budget can be incredible for the tourist. It makes them think about the convenience of the tourist spots. Presentation of the recorded video of a house can not create confidence in the tourists. Interactive discussion with staff and watching the dwelling can cause their faith. Interaction with the help of video conferencing gives you a feeling of talking face to face. Internet tools for conferences, such as software for video conferencing, you can connect travelers to the staff.

guides – Guides will make the place interesting. They get great enthusiasm, bring life to the place by using an amalgam of knowledge and voice their culture. If tourists are not satisfied with the guide, the whole scenario becomes boring. Parazmavlyayuchy with management before going on the internet through videoconferencing software for security, guaranteed that their time and money should be spent on pilot and enjoys a man who can energize your living attitude.

Technologies facilitate the people, tourism is no exception. Effective implementation of videoconferencing connects people and places that bring amazing results in the field of tourism.


Travel and Tourism in India

India – an exotic tourist destination offering a lot of tourism options such as cultural tourism, historical tourism, adventure and sports tourism, tourism in the wild, a tourist hill tourist interest, medical tourism, ancestral tourism, rural tourism, green tourism, beach tourism, eco-tourism, etc. Indian tourism is very popular among tourists from all over the world. In fact, travel and tourism in India has various tastes to meet the needs of every tourist. India – a country of diversity, which can be seen its culture, traditions and geography. Unity in diversity is perfectly consistent India. And it is its diversity makes it one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

In India, there are several options for how to do and see. During the tour of India, you can be surprised to see, and what is not. To no surprise, it is possible to travel to India with the help of tour operators or travel agents that offer more individual and customizable India tour packages. You can choose a travel package to India depending on your choice and preference. By doing this, you can enjoy your travel and tourism in India, more and more convenient. Travel packages wildlife, packages for excursions to tours, packages, suitable tours, package tours for history and culture, sightseeing monuments on monuments, etc.

First of all, we discuss the Indian culture. It is said that the country is best known for its culture. And in no other country in the world can find a rich culture as India. Every year many cultural enthusiastic tourists visit India and know and learn about the rich Indian culture. The rich culture of India plays a vital role to deserve the attention of travelers. One of the best ways to learn about Indian culture – a visit to its several cultural heritage. Taj Mahal, Rajasthan monuments Elora caves, Elephant Caves, Ajanta caves, Mysore Palace, Fatehpur Sikri, Varanasi temples, churches Kazhuraha, Konark temples, etc. – some of the world-famous cultural heritage of India. If you are also interested in Indian culture, you must visit the tours of South India.

Hilly stations, beaches, backwaters, snow-capped Himalayan peaks, wildlife parks and nature reserves, etc. It is also very popular among tourists, as well as for the young and young. India hill station known for its cool climate and beautiful natural beauty. They create the perfect atmosphere to celebrate your holidays surrounded by nature. Goa beaches and Kerala beaches have top priority in every itinerary tours in India.

Pilgrimage Centers in India are also very popular among local and foreign tourists. The country has several world-famous pilgrimage centers, which will appeal to people of all faiths note of the worldwide pilgrimage tours in India. Temples Pushkar, Ajmer, Darg, Varanasi temples, churches Kazhuraha, Konark temples, etc – some of the major pilgrimage centers of the country, which admired by people of all faiths.

If you too have decided to visit India, welcome, first of all, choose a tour operator or travel agent and pre-book your tour package to India, to enable you to more interesting ways to explore the beautiful landscapes of India.