Ecotourism – responsible and sustainable tourism


Responsible tourism means all tourism directly dependent on the use of natural life, for example. wildlife and landscape. Natural history tourism includes ecotourism and mass tourism. Uncontrolled mass tourism continues to contribute to the degradation of the natural and cultural significance (commercialization of culture), which results in or causes the loss of biological and cultural biodiversity and important sources of income. Nature tourism offers a way to finance the conservation of unique ecosystems. It enables communities that live side by side with the protective areas, to obtain economic benefit, for example. employment opportunities. But natural history travel and tourism while preserving ecosystems and their degraded. In many ways the natural tourism does not meet the social responsibility to the local community.

Sustainable tourism is developed and managed in such a way that all tourist activities will be focused on resource heritage, natural and cultural, which can continue immediately, and all efforts are made to sustain life for eternity.

According hectare Sebalosa-Laskuryyana (1983), eco-tourism is "tourism that involves traveling to relatively undisturbed natural area with a & # 39; the object of admiration, learning and enjoying the scenery and its wild plants and animals, as well as cultural features found there" .

Ecotourism covers four main elements:

• The natural environment as a major tourist attraction and cultural environment play a secondary role

• Sustainable use of environmental and cultural environment.

• Focus on education and life interpretation

• Assist the host community

Tourism – people and places where one group leaves, attends and passes through the place, the people who make it possible to travel, and people who meet on the road, it involves travelers, host communities and governments.

The purpose of the tourism industry is perhaps one of the most important elements. destination region is a tourist style for tourism and tourist attraction in the destination creates a visit. Travel product is consumed where it is produced (the destination). Thus, the destination is under considerable pressure from the high level of demand, based both on time and in certain places, such as the kind of East Africa, the Indian Ocean coastal beaches during the winter of the northern hemispheres & # 39; I.

Tourist pressure can lead to a change in the resource for tourism and as a tourist resource, and as a tourist demand continues to grow, so many destinations around the world susceptible to environmental degradation. The impact that has some form of the development of tourism on the environment, has caused concern in the environmental and other components. Thus, professional management and planning of destination are crucial if tourism will contribute to the conservation and perceived as acceptable industry in the world, which threatens the survival.

Tourism requires a pristine environment in which to work. It is necessary to sightseeing operations should be developed and managed in such a way as to protect the natural values. We subscribe because degree of development of tourism, planning and control in the correct and consistent manner the long-term impact on the quality of the tourism product and, consequently, the success of the hospitality industry. While tourism can be a catalyst for development, it is important for governments to plan carefully and to develop tourism in order to optimize the benefits without creating social and environmental problems

forms of tourism with low exposure to counteract the effects of mass tourism, which cause a number of problems in the resource base, ie, the environment, society and economy. Forms of tourism with low exposure to create a balance between the quality of the environment and use of resources. This is mainly aimed at expanding the capacity of local communities in natural resource management, which creates an incentive for the conservation of biological resources in the environment, allowing the beneficial effect from the tourist a filter to separate the seven & # 39; ads, and households.

Alternative tourism is considered as a form of tourism which correspond to the natural social and community values ​​and allow both host and guest to enjoy a positive and worthy of cooperation and sharing of experience. It is also variously known as eco-tourism, nature-based tourism, sustainable tourism, eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly eco-friendly or green and eco-tour, such as walking tours, bird safari, camel safari. Excursions in nature, horseback riding safaris, bike tours, accommodation houses and farms, youth tourism.

Many places that are sold as a responsible tourism, do not account for local community development, economic, social welfare and human rights. Indeed, most of them are less concerned about the resource while it brings "green account". We should be concerned about employees and tourist education, that is the expected behavior of visitors. Thus, the natural history tourism is formulated as sustainable development. The concept of established principles, Ties 1991 defined it as responsible travel to natural areas that protect the environment and maintain the well-being of local residents.

It is fashionable to look at the development of tourism in the context of "sustainability", "alternative tourism", "green tourism", which have a special meaning for different people, but most of them are only eco-labels or marketing and piyaryng. Sustainable tourism – is one that meets the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


Excursions in Borneo Sabah

Sabah, Malaysia consistently ranks high in the places to visit, as it did in 2018 on travel on elections TripAdvisor & # 39; s Choice Awards, published in The Daily Express (12 April 2018 G.).

Many first visit to Sabah is probably aware of the many cultural and natural attractions that can be found. Large parts of Sabah is still a & # 39 are a natural untouched forest, it is difficult to get, and if you really want to see amazing sights, you will have to leave the beaten path.

Many of the natural attractions of Saba is well known – Mount Kinabalu – the highest mountain in Malaysia and Rafleziya – one of the rarest and largest flowers in the world, and for diving there is nowhere better.

The tourism industry in Sabah

The tourism industry in Sabah and Malaysia is well regulated. They understand the importance of the economic benefits that it brings to the local community, and how it helps in saving.

One of Hiking in Sabah with & # 39 is that it is filled with rich history and cultural significance. It is not too developed, and that adds to the adventure and its rustic charm. Sometimes to get to your destination – in itself an adventure, a journey along the mountain road, is in relative comfort of air-conditioned buses.

One of the travel agencies "Sabah", which I have seen, understands his role in the care of the tourists coming to Sabah. Partly because of the innate sense of hospitality and friendliness, as well as pride in the fact that they come from Sabah.

Sabah or North Bornea in the historical context is known for its wildlife and natural beauty. Ignorant of the island retains its charm, and the national park, which is a & # 39 is home to Mount Kinabalu, it is still completely surrounded by unspoiled nature.

It is necessary to go further into the wild? Pool Malyavo – a conservation area, which tourists can visit and see wildlife in a natural habitat. Or cancer Kinabatangan, Malaysia's second longest river, which flows through vast tracks of virgin jungle.

In order to see the true beauty Szabo, you have to leave the city and go to the village. Here come the travel agency. Most of the subwoofer is still being developed, but the crawl may not be as simple as the more developed tourist destinations.

Bypass in Sabah

The best way to get around and get to Sabah Borneo full – travel with a licensed travel agents. They have the support and opportunities that allow you to enjoy a stress-free visit. Many of the best places are outside the city, while driving three hours or more, through the closed and unsealed roads.

Depending on the excursion package and the destination, board and lodging may be included. All you have to do is enjoy yourself and experience the local culture.

The most famous place for diving – in Sipidane, and the only way you can reach it by plane to Tawau, and then a bus ride to a small town called Semporna. To make sure that you have the right connection with travel and with sufficient time snorkeling, the best way is to talk to travel agents.

You can do yourself, but you will spend a lot of time for the organization of travel and accommodation. If you have a specific destination in Sabah, where you want to go, but I think that an agreement on their own, talk to travel agents. It may change the situation and take the stress out of your holiday.


Tips for older travelers in New York

With its numerous historic sites, buildings, museums and a vibrant culture of New York attracts millions of tourists from around the world. But not necessarily youth and seven & # 39; and can enjoy a relaxing stay in a lush city. There are plenty of options to make the trip enjoyable and affordable for older visitors. Senior citizens are visiting the city, either alone or with family members & # 39; and can enjoy excursions, when they plan carefully. Nice public transport and affordable accommodation and will give them a pleasant surprise.

Transportation in New York for the elderly

Fortunately, older people who visit different areas of New York, do not have much to deal with transport problems. If you are over 65 years, the city can take advantage of reduced fares for buses and the metro. Most city buses have a & # 39; lift wheelchair users with the ability to dive the front entrance for easy access. Seniors can also sit behind the driver.

Planning a day of sightseeing in New York is important for older visitors

Tourist Attractions in New York and around him enough, but older visitors should plan carefully. Attractions, which need a lot of walking or climbing stairs can quickly make them feel tired. Keep in mind that places such as Central Park and Times Square, you can better explore on foot.

Older visitors who still do not like to walk, they want to cover the most iconic landmarks and places in the city, there are two options. The bus ride will cover a variety of spots, or for them to be quite an excursion by boat on the Manhattan region. Cruise around the island of Manhattan takes 2 hours and includes the Statue of Liberty, Roosevelt Island and Ellis Island. Using the bus network cost, as there. Better to check the bus routes on the Internet. Bus Tours Gray Line are popular enough, and routes cover the Statue of Liberty and other major attractions of the city.

Tourist attractions available to the elderly in New York City

A number of tourist attractions in New York City is available for older visitors. It would be a good idea to visit museums during the day, since older people receive free admission. Some attractions have special hours, such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The Bronx Zoo has the opportunity to pay what you can afford for admission.

Older people who are planning to explore the city during the week, should choose New Pass City Pass. This saves both money and time. This includes great discounts on attractions such as the Empire State Building, American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The pass also allows customers to choose the show at the Planetarium Hayden and cruise sightseeing cruise. Seniors with grandchildren Visitors can get the best discount for a companion.

Approaching nature

For some elderly visitors grandiose buildings and structures in New York may seem less desirable than the natural attractions, such as parks and a zoo. They have to go to different parks of the city. The historic town of Richmond, Central Park Zoo and Queens Museum of Rural farm is ideal for those visitors.


Green travel – another way to get green

Many people have heard the terms "green travel" and "eco-tourism". These terms cause an idea of ​​how someone dozing in tree house in the jungle, located in the far expanses of the Earth and sailing along the Amazon River in a canoe. And while it is certainly green alternatives, this is only one type of environmentally friendly travel. The good news from the & # 39 is that you do not have to sacrifice the comforts you are used to, and you do not have to decide on a place in the middle of nowhere. You can even "go green" while traveling to the big cities or well-populated beach. All you really need to save the planet – it's the desire to protect and preserve the planet around you, no matter where you are traveling.

"Green travel" – is perceptible phrase that has become common in later times; This phrase has a lot of companies with other terms, such as eco-tourism, responsible travel and sustainable tourism. We hear these terms more and more as a concern about the state of our planet continues to grow. Among each of these terms, there are many colors, but the importance of protecting the natural environment and civilization of each place you visit, remains the foundation of the case. This means that we must strive to preserve the flora and wildlife, as well as other resources, while retaining all of the local culture and traditions.

Nearly one billion tourists crossing the globe every year. For this reason, travelers become more important than before to reduce its specific impact on the natural and cultural resources. The probability of harmful impacts of tourism affect the local and global environment. A well-known fact that the ocean hotels largely contribute to beach erosion and the erosion of the beaches in Hawaii, and the increasing number of tourists sur & # 39; ozna threatens the fragile ecosystem in the Galapagaskih islands, and among other things, we catalyzes global warming. with our aircraft and mass travel by car!

Your first step should be to attempt to find a green hotel. You will find many online sources that will help you along the way. When using Web sites, keep in mind that each site has its own evaluation criteria. Thus, you will need to do your homework to make sure that your choice of hotel meet the standards that you are looking for.

Try to ask the following questions before the reservation:

Or & # 39 is on & # 39; housing facility in the local property? If this is not a local property, employees or local? A good idea to stay at a hotel run by the local people.

Hotel offers recycling program? Or they provide bins for the potential treatment?

Or recommended by the hotel guests to reuse towels and linens?

Whether used at the methods to reduce consumption? For example, they use low-flow toilets, shower rooms with low consumption, solar energy and light bulbs?

Be sure to ask a lot of questions, and remember that finding a green hotel – only one step in the process. Do your homework and turned green today!


History of Tourism in Barcelona

And because of its people attract tourists often write about it in books, his country has often been described and romanticized.

Foundation of the city began with the Roman occupation in the first century BC, who introduced the wall and as a result over a long period of time separated the village from the fenced area, which is actually a & # 39 is part of the city. Since the late hour of the different Catalan country & # 39; together and pushed the rise of Barcelona as a tourist capital.

Olympic sports have a great impact on the city, and it is thanks extravaganza sporting events the city has built its heritage around the sport. Due to the success of the Olympic Games as the city of destination and host government could promote Barcelona and made her one of the top destinations for travel, business or personal. Along with the growth of tourist visits in Barcelona Hotel was a plan that had been built many hotels to accommodate tourists from around the world.

So far, in Barcelona, ​​there are 534 hotels with different ratings of hotels. Hotels are categorized as bread and breakfast, the best for the price, family, luxury, fashion and rental points ( This is a great increase in the availability of hotels and health – it is a direct indication of the fact that over the years the needs in constantly increasing numbers.

Since the book and began to travel more easily through internet marketing, more and more tourists believe that to confirm your reservation on the Internet enough worries. It played a major role in achieving the Year 2011 record year. Since 2005, the number of visitors to Barcelona continued to grow (, and in 2010 increased by double-digits, resulting in excellent performance in 2011.

Together with modern architecture and a unique exciting experience that offers the city, these factors create a total package for tourists to remember Barcelona. And as a result of profit depends on the good experience of the tourist, then marketing is also distributed through the sharing of experience and word of mouth. On the & # 39; the combined efforts of tourism authorities, the clever propaganda of local people and their hospitality to attract more tourists to Barcelona largely strengthened this sector, since that time, there was the largest sporting event.

Because there is strength in numbers, so the unforgettable experience of the city and its activities, when it comes to common efforts to the excellent location of the tourists. Barcelona demonstrated their abilities as the City of Marvel. And in the coming years it may simply attract more curious visitors.


The growth of the tourism sector and how can you fit

Booming tourism industry is clearly visible both in India and abroad. Since the economic state of the world continues to improve, coupled with fierce competition in the hospitality industry, more and more people are spending money in the tourism sector and have the opportunity to do so. Tourism – it is the global industry, which is worth a massive $ 16 trillion, which is expected in the next 5 years will grow by 5% annually. This thriving field means only more demanding, better jobs, a lucrative salary and much more. And it is true that there is currently no other intriguing industry as the tourism industry.

With the right degree in the hands of the best private Polytechnic College South DelhiYou will be able to make full use of modern tourism growth. You can put yourself in an upward trajectory, to get a respectable section and receive a salary equal to or even greater than conventional sector. The great popularity of the tourism industry, fueled by government policies, makes the situation ideal for new graduates. Action areas many, and each day of opening new ones.

From luxury travel to the output of output, demand is everywhere

In tourism, there is a real sub. You can choose to work in a travel agency, to become part of a luxury tour planner or organize a short family gateway on behalf of the middle class customers. And if your degree of integration with the objects of hospitality, offers even more scope. You can apply for jobs in a global network, to be on a cruise ship or a five-star resorts, or simply become a guide in this area. The choice of profiles is increasing every day, and the prospects are everywhere.

growth from other sectors encourages tourism

Take, for example, the medical industry. Costs in India are now comparable with the majority of European countries and are available at cheaper prices as compared to their economies. This growth has created a new sector known as medical tourism. Here people come to India to take advantage of health care services and require each accessory that makes an ordinary tourist. Starting with the airline before boarding places, the organizer has to take care of everything. At present, medical tourism industry is in great demand, where people come from all over the world. Thus, employment here will reveal an enticing profile.

Tourism is not only limited to tourists

There are corporate tourism, foreign business meetings and conferences, diplomatic visits and so on. As companies every day are becoming multinational boundaries literally dropped. People travel at will, working in a travel agency to take care of their agreement, and more of such tourism houses designed to facilitate the same. Even events such as weddings and celebrations, are moving abroad because of the ease of travel, and you can participate in any of these different sectors. Your degree in Tourism from the best institute private polytechnic college in Delhi NCR list It will give you the necessary skills. From there, your options are many.

Also available adjacent jobs

Marketing, for example. Growth in the demand grows, more companies and competition creates the need for information communication. Marketing in the field of tourism as an industry has arisen in a geometric progression, where there is still a lack of necessary specialists. Of course, the prospects for a more than exciting when the salary is easy to achieve good numbers. Another direct expansion of the tourism industry – travel writing. Whether it's digital or printed, both domains have the same number of readers in which the number is increasing. You can also look at the profiles of data analytics, event management, sales professionals, and so on.

decline nowhere

And time is really ripe. This is the best stretch for the tourist operation, since your profile will continue to improve with the very sector. By that time, the industry will reach its peak, you will be there with his experience qualify for high-paying job and become part of an ever evolving field. Thus, transform their aspirations to a better polytechnic College Delhi after 10th like the Polytechnic for women's colleges of the South extension -1. Here the degree is integrated with the airlines and hospitality as well as tourism, which creates a greater knowledge base for you. Of course, more fields will be available to you upon graduation, and you can take full advantage of the industry. Therefore, choose the right and choose now to start the car & # 39; a career in the fast-growing tourism industry.


The impact of mobile applications on the transformation of the travel industry

this mobile world companies are making a great effort to use a wide range to improve profitability, with a mobile application. Ranging from fashion, entertainment, textiles to travel and tourism, almost every industry is making its mobile business, focusing on the rapidly growing mobile audience. For many years the travel and tourism industry experienced steady growth through the use of mobile applications and reached a wide range of people.

Determination of mobile applications in the travel and tourism industry

These days the world came in handy mobile phone users, and to obtain any information in real time has become almost a cup of tea for everyone. Applications have become the preferred mode for people when it comes to job booking flights, booking rooms in hotels or any other activities associated with their trip.


With the instant availability of various kinds of relevant information, users can receive any details that they want without resorting to any representative and constantly moving. Given the business perspective, the automation of all critical operations, including billing, information, booking and billing, ultimately leads to saving money and time.

individual services

Additions act as the best source for businesses to connect with their customers. Travel companies have developed a personalized service to its customers to meet their exact needs in the placement, parking vehicles, booking airlines and more. To offer personalized services, it is important to know what your customers are really looking for. Important for you to know what the traveler plans to travel requirements, and then provide the exact set of features depending on the selection.

Exciting offers and suggestions

With the help of applications it has become easier for travelers quench their thirst deeply. With this in mind, travel agencies have come up with exciting package deals and exclusive offers for a number of attractive customers to activate their travel experience.

Promote lasting connection

Mobile applications play an important role in bridging the gap between tour operators and travelers. They are located a number of features that facilitate seamless communication between them and provide best-in-class impression. The various activities such as search, planning, package selection and booking, everything is done under one platform. Thus, this leads to the elimination of troubles involved in the process.

closing speech

Every business is trying to make your business mobile traffic to get to this ever-growing audience base. Thus, investment in powerful mobile application development practices have become critical for companies to ensure proper penetration and generate profitability.


Medical travel – and you can not do

Medical visits were developing dynamically in the field of health. With the ever increasing cost of treatment and long waiting times in developed countries, more and more people are willing to go abroad to get treatment.

Some of the major factors affecting the growth of medical tourism:

1. Low cost of treatment

2. Highly qualified doctors

3. Do not wait for the time

4. Modern technology

5. Modern tools

Although medical tourism has many advantages, there are some problems. In this article I will discuss some of the main points to be aware of medical tourists, before completing the trip, so as not to get on the fraudsters.

The most important thing to start with a review of medical travel is "DOSLEDAVANNE". Here are some things you can check on the Internet or with their well-known, passed the process.

1. Your company's reputation for medical tourism – Many medical tourists take help of medical tourism companies. Although it gets a little more expensive than doing it alone, it saves you from a lot of trouble.

Hiring the right medical travel agency with & # 39 is the key, and for that you need to pass the test of the company. Internet – a good place to find out what people are saying about a particular company. Read the reviews, if possible, write to the people who hired them earlier, and get feedback. Understand what you should pay attention and learn from the experience.

Do not choose a medical tourism company only on the basis of cost. Reputation – this is what is important.

2. Doctor and Hospital Reputation – Do not leave the decision for the company for medical tourism. Medical tourism companies associated with some, but not all doctors and hospitals in the country that interests you. Do the research on doctors and choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you leave this solution for medical tourism companies, they can simply choose a doctor that best fits their needs, not yours.

3. Before you leave the country, understand that you will be offered, and write it, and do not promise. Understand all of your stay in the hotel and travel. Make a note and ensure that there are no additional costs and taxes, for which you have to pay. Understand what agreements will be signed during emergencies or in case if there will be anything undesirable.

If you are going to travel within the country, make sure that the price you pay for the whole package, also includes travel and accommodation.

4. The price of treatment – check out a few local doctors sites, you can get a really good idea of ​​how much the locals are paying for a particular treatment. Many times medical tourists, there are premium, as their willingness to pay higher. You can negotiate the price, if it is high, and know that the quality will not interfere.

In short, a clear understanding of all aspects of travel for treatment. Do through research and learn from others mistakes. Think about what you need, and prevent exposure.

With millions of people who go on operation procedures such as dental treatment, plastic surgery, orthopedics, IVF treatment, etc., medical steel travel safe and acceptable. But still be careful to engage in research, before making a final decision.


Tourism courses and colleges of India

Tourism courses and colleges of India have gained a lot of popularity due to the great passion of people to travel and explore. The tourism industry is huge, and its activity is very diverse. It includes government tourism departments, Immigration services, travel agencies and tour operators, airlines and reservation services, railways, etc.

in the field of tourism and tourism course can go on all levels of education, be it undergraduate programs, postgraduate, diploma or certificate. Fun for graduate school – the 12th pass. To graduate is a graduate in any field, and the reception usually takes place on the basis of an entrance exam, group discussion and interview. Most of the tourist institutions tend to speak the language of one foreign language at least at the high school seniors.

Himachal Pradesh University:

It offers a 2-year course at the level of PG – Master of Tourism Administration.

Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

Offers a master's program – Master in the field of tourism. Admission to the 2-year-old aspiranturny course is based on an entrance examination. Bachelor is essential for the application.

Institute of Management Apeejay, Zhalandhar:

The Institute was established in 1997, is approved Useindyyskim Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the Government of Punjab. It is associated with the Technical University of Punjab in Zhalandhary. B offers Sat. Airlines, tourism and hotel management, eligibility criteria for its passage in the class XII. This 3-year course and the reception is made in the entrance examination conducted by the Punjab Technical University.

Academy travel Cooney:

Institute has branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. It works in close collaboration with the tourism industry. UG at the level it offers a 1-year diploma course is integrated in the field of tourism and tourism management. At the level of the PG, for graduates, it offers a post-graduate diploma in tourism and tourism management.

University Obadiah protopit Singh, Rewa:

Offers a 2-year Master's program in the field of Tourism Administration (MTA). The requirement for the right to education – is the end of study or postgraduate education with a minimum of 50% .h 50% in the aggregate. Admission is based on a written test.

University HNB Garhwal, Tourism Department, Shrynagar:

It offers – Master of Tourism Administration (MTA), 2nd course, that requires a bachelor, at least 50%, based on the receipt of a written test. A Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management program is for 1 year, graduates can only submit an application for admission on the basis of the entrance test.

Indian Institute of Tourism and travel management (IITTM), Gwalior

It offers 7 Travel and Tourism courses at PG. Criteria for a graduate in any discipline. program –

– Basic course on management of air and sea freight services

– Basic course for airline travel, travel and ticketing management

– Basic course in computer & # 39; yuteryzavanay reservation system

– Basic course for airlines, travel agencies and tour management

– the management of tourism Diploma (DTM) – entrance exam is also performed for Incoming

– Diploma in the field of tourism and tourism management

– Language training course

Delhi University, New Delhi:

College professional and technical sciences, University of Delhi, offers a 3-year Master's course on integrated tourism.

Indian Institute of Tourism and Tourism Management, New Delhi:

It offers 5 courses, eligibility criteria for the course who have completed training, namely –

– Basic course for airline travel, travel and ticketing management

– Basic course in computer & # 39; computer applications and software research

– Basic course in computer & # 39; yuteryzavanay reservation system

– Diploma in the field of tourism and tourism management

-Muzychny curriculum

Authorized training centers IATA / UFTAA and LATA / FIATA in India:

Patrik Ćavar Tourism Studies School, Kochi; Globe College of Travel and Tourism, Mangalore; Hindustan Marine Electronics Institute, Ludhiana; IATA India, Mumbai; IHCTM, Mumbai; Institute for Research of air travel in the open air; Institute of airlines and travel agencies, Chennai; School airlines and travel management, Kochi; SITA Academy, New Delhi; Skyline Education Institute, New Delhi; Swastikas, travel and tourism school, Tyruvanantapuram; Vista Cocord School airlines and Tourism Studies, Kolkata.

Tourism courses and colleges in India are concentrated not only on tourist services, but also to the hospitality and other related programs. This upcoming elections car & # 39; EASURES that grows.


Medical Tourism – What to know before you go to Weight Loss Surgery

According to estimates, this year a quarter of a million people will baryyatrychnyya surgical procedures in the United States for the treatment of obesity and morbid obesity. Roux-nY gastric bypass surgery, which is considered the gold standard surgical procedure, will be carried out mostly at the expense of $ 40,000 or more operation. Less invasive gastric bandage "on his knees" and gastric sleeve procedures will be carried out during the operation about 20 000 dollars. More and more people are choosing to travel outside the United States to carry out these procedures in accredited facilities where quality and safety are ensured by international governing bodies, and costs less than half.

Medical tourism: The process of "leaving home" for treatment and assistance abroad or to another place – with a new & # 39; reality in health care. A 2008 study allows to assume that most Americans are leaving their homes to receive medical treatment outside the citizens, trying to look for less expensive high-quality medical care. Pay attention to these points, reported by the health consumer survey 2008 Deloitte:

  • health care costs are increasing by eight per cent a year – well above the consumer price index (true-Orthodox), thus applying the corporate income and disposable income of households.
  • The safety and quality of care that exist in many offshore areas, not with the & # 39 are the problem: the organization, including the International Committee of the Joint Commission (JCI) and others accredit those of & # 39; sites.


Getting a safe and quality care to the & # 39 is a major problem for consumers who are considering visiting medical tourism as an option of treatment. Consumers who seek treatment outside the borders of the United States should look for centers that were considered y the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs (JCI), which was launched in 1999 with the growth in demand for resources for the effective assessment of quality and safety. There are over 120 hospitals that are accredited by the IRS. Patients should also look for programs that advertise these signs:

  • Trained in the United States, doctors and health care teams
  • English Services
  • The use of clinical information technology
  • The use of evidence-based clinical guidelines
  • Cooperation with reputable organizations US providers
  • Coordination treatment before and after discharge
  • Provision for adverse events, which require services that are not available on the & # 39 site


On security issues are responsible for frequent inspections JCI and other governing bodies to protect the safety and rights of medical tourists. Security issues in the accreditation process include:

  • Regularly updated accreditation certificates?
  • Corresponds to the standard hospital safety standards? Properly cared for disposable products?
  • Proper nutrition and stationary facilities hygienic?
  • Does the English language officer or translator is competent to prevent any communication?
  • How safe and secure with the & # 39 is the environment at the site provider?
  • What precautions must be followed for post-procedural care?

Packages and funding:

Packages often include, but are not limited to, hospital stay, hotel stay, ground transportation, blood tests and X-rays, surgery, the anesthesiologist, surgeon fees, surgeon and assistant surgeon inspection. 39; s fees, nurses, discharge medications, medical devices and more. Transportation to the destination and the travel cost of the satellite is not included in most packages. Many centers facilitate the financing of medical procedures that they offer through the financial company that is not related to a medical institution.