Power tool care և service

Power tools are not cheap,: there is nothing worse than spending a fortune on a new drill to break it down in a year. Unless you’re a carpenter, the average person will use their power tools sparingly, probably just a few times a year or even less. To ensure that you do not waste your investments or endanger your safety, you need to take regular maintenance precautions to keep your tools in top condition.

Keeping yourself safe is a good reason to follow regular maintenance procedures. A rusty blade or broken gear can cause serious injury to you or your loved one. Never switch on the power tool if you think it is damaged.

To prevent problems, keep your tools in a clean, dry place, away from dust and moisture. Dirt can be trapped in mechanisms either by slowing them down or stopping them altogether. Excessive moisture can cause rust, which can easily damage power tools. This is especially true if they are battery operated. Batteries should be checked frequently for leaks and replaced according to factory specifications. Electrical cords ոց plugs should also be inspected for damage before use.

Keeping power tools oily is also an important part of regular maintenance. This helps keep the movement clean և can և prevent rust. Lubrication keeps your equipment smooth և should be done frequently. It’s cheap to buy: it can add years to your power tools.

Larger tools will require more thorough maintenance. Filters should be frequently inspected, changed, such as lubricated, sprayed, and tested for use. Bolts, hoses and other small parts must be securely fastened. Tools such as table saws sometimes need to be balanced to ensure that they work properly. The blades also need to be replaced regularly. If you are not sure how to perform the necessary maintenance, consult a specialist. Never try to clean or repair a car without experience: knowledge. Not only can you damage the tool, but you can also seriously damage it in the process.

If any object gets stuck in the power tool or the mechanisms break down, make sure the machine is completely switched off before disassembling. Always follow all instructions for disassembling and then reassembling the equipment. Do not add or modify any details without consulting the manufacturer.

The most important part of storing power tools is safety. Keep all instruction manuals that came with your power tool. They will be invaluable when problems arise or you use the tool infrequently. If you’re not sure how to fix the problem, either call the manufacturer or have it checked by a specialist. Make sure your tools are in good condition before handing them over to a friend. You do not want to be held responsible for the consequences of using a malfunctioning tool. Doing a little maintenance will keep your power tools running smoothly for years.