Top 10 passive income ideas for 2018

Passive income ideas were a hot topic in 2018, as the waves are fading a bit this year, but the fact has never changed that people are constantly looking for ways to increase their earnings and enjoy financial independence. In this article:

I’m going to share the 10 best passive income ideas that have made a splash in 2018 և How did you find it? passive income opportunities In 2019, in those ideas. But first, if you are new to the topic, your first question will be what a passive income is.

Passive income simply means residual income, that is, money that comes over time from work you did in the past or from what you do now that does not require much time or effort. In other words, passive income is the amount of money you earn from a part-time job. It is different from active income, which is the amount you earn from work, from salary.

The big question people often ask is whether they can make a living from their passive income. By working on your passive income sources և creating residual income streams, you can get to the point where your passive income can be equated to what you earn in your day-to-day work. And that’s the goal – to create a lot of passive income streams so that it eventually equals or exceeds what you earn in your day-to-day work, at which point you can say that you have achieved financial independence, because then you are in control of your time. , your money comes to pay the bills, even if you leave your main job և the system works automatically, you just manage it.

I guess the question on your mind right now is whether there is anything you can do part-time that will bring you almost full-time income. Yes, there is, in fact there are. Here are the top 10 passive income ideas for 2018

  1. Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing provides a fantastic opportunity for people who do not have their own product to get someone else’s good product և to promote it by making a profit from each sale. This is one of the easiest ways to earn a passive income.
  2. Publishing e-books. If you have an idea that can solve a specific problem, Kindle Publishing provides an easy way to put it in a book և and publish it. Publishing a book has never been so easy. Many people ask if there is a business you can start without money. This is one. Everything is free, if you can write your book, edit it, create an attractive cover գրել write a good description for your book, you can start earning money right away.
  3. Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has attracted a lot of attention in 2018 as a source of residual income. There are basically two ways to make money with cryptocurrency. That’s trade: mining. The good thing about this system is that you can trade from your mobile.
  4. Network marketing. Network marketing or multilevel marketing is one of the oldest businesses in the world, a system where you start from the bottom up. While multilevel marketing may not sound like a buzzword, big companies use it to bring in marketable products and individuals use it to reach great heights, making passive, massive revenue for themselves.
  5. Freelancing. You’ve probably heard of sites like up work, fiver, elance, etc. where people go to do different kinds of digital work for themselves. You can also start earning money right away if you have any of the skills required by these sites on a daily basis, such as writing articles, editing articles, creating book covers, developing a website, and more.
  6. Blogging. Yes, people still earn money by blogging, as if the market seems to be full. There are more tools that make it easier for someone to create a blog and make it popular. A blog is a good way to make money, but it’s not the fastest way to make money. That being said, it’s worth noting that this is one of the safest ways to generate a reputation for “longer residual income” if you do it right.
  7. Electronic trading. In the past, this was for big companies, but today anyone can start an e-commerce store, start selling digital products online through WordPress և woocommerce applications.
  8. Skip shipping. This is related to the sale of physical goods through well-established e-commerce platforms such as Aliexpress և Amazon. You do not have to work hard, just research the best-selling products, promote them in your custom-built e-commerce store, which is connected to the main platform, the product is supplied by the company, while you choose the profit.
  9. Mobile applications. There are more smartphones on earth today than humans. And what power do these devices have? Mobile applications. If you have an idea that can solve the problem, then there is an opportunity for you to earn a residual income. You do not have to be a programmer to create a mobile application. All you have to do is come up with an idea փոխանց pass the case to the developer on one of the previously mentioned freelance sites for it to be created.
  10. Video bloggers. YouTube is now the second most popular website in the world. If you’re a fan of videos, here’s a chance to make a passive income. YouTube, with its AdSense և Affiliate Program, allows video creators to make money on the platform.

These are the ten best passive income ideas that were trending in 2018. If you want to earn passive income in 2019, you can consider one of them as a starting point for building your residual income streams. But if you are already making a passive income online, I would like to know how many of these passive income ideas you have tried or earned.