Eco travel

Eco Travel – a sustainable travel, which is based on the idea to test the balance of nature, and not to disturb her. Our land is an incredibly beautiful place, full of rich ecosystems. But with the green disappears, and the plants and animals gradually die out over time. That's why our tourism industry practice responsible tourism and raises awareness among travelers. Eco tour is aimed at travel that violate or harm the local culture or climate, or are detrimental to the ecology of the region. Preservation of the natural luxury, forest life and preservation of the environment around us – it is eco-tourism.

Eco Travel – is a new travel concept, which is usually defined as traveling to places where flora, fauna, natural heritage – the main attractions. It also includes raising the cultural integrity of people, and also supports a program that minimizes the negative impact of traditional tourism on the natural environment. Preservation of cultural, historical and biological resources as well as sustainable development – some of the related fields of environmental travel. Many well-known personalities from different areas involved in the development and the development of ecotourism policy.

The modern tourism industry eco-tourism – is a fast growing industry. Not only in India, but it also acquires significance in the global market. If you are going on adventure travel, such as camping, hiking, birds, etc., we must remember not to create any failures and abuses in the life cycle of nature.

Every part of India – a set of ecological regions, full of natural places for sightseeing. Even the majestic Himalaya alone offers a variety of world-renowned eco-sites that offer activities such as hiking, wildlife viewing, camping, fishing, viewing orchids, glacier viewing, bird, mountain biking, nature walks, etc.