The benefits of being bilingual – the main job opportunities

If you are bilingual, you have an advantage over people who can own only one language in the world of employment. Many companies are currently engaged in commerce and trade around the world, and therefore a high demand for people who work in two languages, bilingual filling work.
There are many industries where a bilingual person can be busy, and an average of one bilingual person will get from five to twenty percent more salary than monolingual. Employment bilingual person will save the company money in the long term, eradicating needs interpreters and translators of documents for discussion. Below are some examples of bilingual ct & # 39; EASURES;
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Bilingual job opportunities

You’d be surprised the variety of industries that are currently available bilingual positions. The airline – one of the main industries where bilingual work as cabin crew, ground crew and assistants to customer service or in the airports or in call centers.
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Another related industry airline industry – travel; The tourist industry of tourism and hospitality there are many bilingual car & # 39; erav.

Immigration authorities around the world are working bilingual, to deal with a lot of international people who apply to immigrate to the country.

Bilingual Spanish Job
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If you speak Spanish, you will see that in the business world a strong demand for your skills. As technology and communication make the world smaller, the demand for bilingual Spanish linguists increases. Many of the positions are in the customer service arena, but with a large number of vacancies in the areas of financial management, health and management.
With the well-known 500 million Spanish speakers and a & # 39 is the second study of the language after English. Then it is easy to understand why in today’s business world, there are so many openings for bilingual, who speaks Spanish.

Bilingual jobs
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If you work for bilingual sales, there are many openings for jobs. If you can offer your language skills and the company is sold, the company will usually pay for their skills. You can offer and increase sales of the company for an entirely different market. Multilingual offer include conversations with customers on a daily basis, as well as a written communication via e-mail or leaves.
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General benefits of being bilingual, are huge, and if you argue about a new car & # 39; EASURES, and you – a bilingual, the world literally – is your oyster, from which you can select hundreds of job opportunities.
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Popular tourist circuits for package tours to India

Trip to India – it’s not just travel. It’s an experience. The need for, diversity, beauty, culture, tradition, heritage, flora and fauna, etc. We left you without a voice on your travels in India. In this beautiful country of India there are many places to travel.
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If you will love the different areas of the country, you will have a hectic experience – life. For ease and convenience, travel various tour operators or the Ministry of Tourism (Indian government) have divided the various tourist destinations in the many exciting tourist destinations. Today, many tour operators or travel agencies sell fascinating tourist routes in India.
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Some of the popular tourist destinations in India –

Delhi – Agra – Jaipur

This is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in northern India. It is also called the golden triangle tourist circuit of northern India. The tourists have a great opportunity to learn about the three historic and historical cities of northern India.
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In this fascinating journey through Delhi, Agra and Jaipur tourists see many heritage monuments and many modern monuments. Red Fort, India Gate, Humayun’s tomb, Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple, Akshardama temple etc. in Delhi; Taj Mahal, agro-fortress Fatehpur Sikri, Itmad-Ud-Daula to Agro et al; and the City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Gava Mahal, Amber fort, etc. – the famous trip to the trio of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.
Jodhpur – Jaisalmer – Bikaner
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It is popular under the name of Desert Triangle. As the name suggests, it covers the city of Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner, which are located in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan. This scheme gives you a golden opportunity to enjoy the charm of the desert, carrying camel safari. Sand dunes should be pleasant sights. Tourists also have the opportunity to see a variety of delicious strengthen and palaces during this trip to the desert triangle – for example – and Meraggarh Bhaunav Palace in Jodhpur, temples and Golden Fort in Jaisalmer Jain and Zhanagarh Fort and Palace in Bikaner Lohagarh.

Bhubaneshwar – Konark – Puri
Bhubaneswar, Konark and Puri – three dominant city in Orissa, eastern India. This travel circuit is also known as the golden triangle of eastern India. The main attractions of this tour – Lingrazh temple in Bhubaneswar, Konark Sun Temple in and Jagannath Temple.
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Chennai – Kanchypuram – Mahabalipuram

This is a very fascinating travel circuit located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, South India. Many tour operators promote this fascinating tourist circuit with the title – “Golden Triangle” of Tamil Nadu. Key attractions of this tour – Fort St. George, the legislative halls of the State, the Church of Mary, Anna Park, Marina Beach, MGR Memorial, etc. in Chennai; Ekambaresvara temple, temple Kaylashnatt, Varadrazha Temple, Kamakshi Temple of Oman and others in Kanchypuram Stone and cave temples, Ganesha Ratha, Valayankuttay, Rath, Durga, bolt Gopi, Churna, Mandapa Vary, Kotikal-Mandapa, Beach, Krishna Madpapa, Shysh- Madpapa Krishna Mandapa in Mahabalipuram.
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Bangalore – Hassan – Mysore: Located in the south Indian state of Karnataka, this captivating itinerary also known as the golden journey Karnatatsy, South India. Tourists have wonderful opportunity to see and explore the Karnataka attractions such as Gardens Rubin Bagh, Vidhan court Kuban Park, ISKON temple, Industrial and Technological Museum Vishverair & # 39; I and others in Bangalore; Belur and Halebid in Hassan; and Bryndavanski Garden, Mysore Palace, etc. in Mysore.

Kochi – Alleppey – Kumarakom

This journey is a fascinating journey to the serene and scenic backwaters of Kerala. This is also called West Triangle or the Golden Triangle Kerala, God’s Own Country. The tourists have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the exceptional splendor of natural beauty, captivating cruise boat home on the backwaters.
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Bangalore – Mysore – Uta

This fascinating travel circuit, which is called “Golden Triangle” of southern India, gives you the perfect opportunity to meet with the three major cities (Bangalore, Mysore and Uta). Bangalore and Mysore – Karnataka, two beautiful city with many attractions and Uotsi – colorful hill station in Tamil Nadu known spice plantations and picturesque beauty.

In addition to these fascinating tourist circuits in India there are many other tourist routes that you will like to explore them during a visit to India. Some other important tourist routes – Delhi – Shymla – Kull – Manali, Mumbai – Aurangabad – Udaipur, Kolkata – Darjeeling – Gangtok, Chennai – Madurai – Kadaykanal – Tekady – Peryyar – Kochi, Mumbai – Hyderabad – Golconda Fort – Nagarzhunakonda, Mumbai Belgaum – Bijapur – Badami – Aivalli – Hampi, Chennai – Tiruchirapalli – Tanjore, Kolkata – Guwahati – Shillong – Kaziranga, Kolkata – Gaya – Bodhgaya – Kathmandu, Buddhist circles of the temple trail, wildlife trails, etc. These tourist attractions are very popular following package tours to India. If you also want to enjoy the beauty of Indian travel, choose the scheme of your choice and make the necessary wanderer package India, covering the chosen circuit, and get ready to put the incredible charm.


Eco travel

Eco Travel – a sustainable travel, which is based on the idea to test the balance of nature, and not to disturb her. Our land is an incredibly beautiful place, full of rich ecosystems. But with the green disappears, and the plants and animals gradually die out over time. That's why our tourism industry practice responsible tourism and raises awareness among travelers. Eco tour is aimed at travel that violate or harm the local culture or climate, or are detrimental to the ecology of the region. Preservation of the natural luxury, forest life and preservation of the environment around us – it is eco-tourism.

Eco Travel – is a new travel concept, which is usually defined as traveling to places where flora, fauna, natural heritage – the main attractions. It also includes raising the cultural integrity of people, and also supports a program that minimizes the negative impact of traditional tourism on the natural environment. Preservation of cultural, historical and biological resources as well as sustainable development – some of the related fields of environmental travel. Many well-known personalities from different areas involved in the development and the development of ecotourism policy.

The modern tourism industry eco-tourism – is a fast growing industry. Not only in India, but it also acquires significance in the global market. If you are going on adventure travel, such as camping, hiking, birds, etc., we must remember not to create any failures and abuses in the life cycle of nature.

Every part of India – a set of ecological regions, full of natural places for sightseeing. Even the majestic Himalaya alone offers a variety of world-renowned eco-sites that offer activities such as hiking, wildlife viewing, camping, fishing, viewing orchids, glacier viewing, bird, mountain biking, nature walks, etc.


How big data analytics reforming the tourism industry

Big data and analytics mainly reforming all aspects of the travel industry, and companies that do not adapt will be left behind in the industry, data-driven. Big Data Analytics improves the performance of customers, improves business performance and revenue management in the field of travel.

Travel industry generates and runs on a huge amount of data about the booking request, routes, hotel reservations, car rentals, trains, airlines, fares, customer feedback and so on, thus leaving long information. Traveling filled with data, and companies are increasing their dollar costs to get the awareness that it is given to them, according to Eye for Travel in the new shared data and analytics will be in the Travel Report 2017.

According to the report, 74.5 percent of participants predict an increase in the budget for data and analytics in 2017. More than 50 percent of the sample involves the increase in the budget in the amount of 6 percent or more, while 30 percent expect it to increase by 11 percent or more. The participants were the most optimistic about the increase in the budget in the Asia-Pacific region, followed by Europe and then North America. This geographical division is regulated by both Parties, the following year for the travel and tourism industry as a whole. Both in the Asia-Pacific region and in Europe, 16.3 per cent of the sample size of the & # 39 is a neutral or negative in relation to this year's growth prospects compared with 23.3 percent of the respondents from North America.

Travel and tourism industry understand the importance of data analysis and sent to a comfortable position for later use them for the benefit. travel industry is rapidly catching up with other industries in terms of intelligence and data deployment. These planned budget increase will help get the maximum value from the vast amounts of data that already exists in silos, and more, which will be received in the future, using analytical methods that will help to get useful information out of it.

Below are some improvements, research information using Big Data Analytics can bring the two spheres – the customer experience and improving business efficiency.

  • Personalized customer experience – Availability of personal data on social media platforms and Big Data Analytics helps make travel more responsive and focused on the needs of travelers, as well as the advantages. More targeted services to bring a better relationship with customers or more loyal customers and ultimately improve profits
  • Personalized customer experience – Availability of personal data on social media platforms and Big Data Analytics helps make travel more responsive and focused on the needs of travelers, as well as the advantages. More targeted services to bring a better relationship with customers or more loyal customers and ultimately improve profits
  • Higher pricing strategy – Big Data Analytics effectively replaces the traditional manual analysis of tariffs for reasonable by automating the collection, indexing, filtering and analysis of current and real-time data from multiple sources mode. Dynamic analysis of competitors' pricing will help tourism companies in the creation of better pricing strategies on the trip. Big Data Analytics allows tourist site to predict price changes over time to better serve its customers' needs.
  • Analysis of customers and improve services – The study of buying patterns, objections and feedback by using the analysis of data collected on the forums, social media platforms, registration centers conversations, etc., will help to identify the client's intention to help in the development of business strategy.
  • Marketing and sales optimization – Big Data Analytics is increasingly being used to optimize marketing efforts to target travelers tuning suggestions based on their requirements. Analyzing large amounts of unstructured data, service providers will receive valuable information that will allow them to provide targeted offers at the right time, place, and through the right channel. Service providers can also keep track of their customers and to make appropriate proposals in real time, including GPS technology with analytics data.

It is obvious that Big Data has the potential for a revolution in the travel industry. A reasonable strategy analysis of large data becomes indispensable to determine consumer trends, travel patterns, threats and opportunities.

However, Big Data Analytics in the travel industry is still in the stage of the embryonic stage, the industry is trying to overcome challenges such as lack of scientific data, the available infrastructure and deployment costs. However, given the current pace of the digital revolution, it is clear that early adopters will surely have an upper limit!


Chinese tourists visiting

Go west, young man

Outbound tourism is superior to even the most positive expectations of a decade ago, when Chinese travelers are sent to the far reaching with a wandering heart and stuffed wallets in their pockets.

"To be wise, one must read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles." Li Bai (Tang Dynasty poet)

"After hearing so much about European beauty with TV and magazines, we have saved over three years to pay for our holiday in June this year. When we arrived in Paris, we were expecting something really big, but the rooms in the hotel were small, the food was low quality, the people we met, seemed a bit cold, and in some areas of the city, we did not feel safe. " Liu Feng from Shanghai, who first went to Europe in 2005.

Such a reaction is not uncommon in Europe by Chinese tourists are accustomed to in their home country to a high standard of living in hotels at low prices, clean and modern transport systems and a very low crime rate.

A few years ago, the number of Chinese tourists traveling abroad, was so small that their views and experiences were not too considered the industry in Europe.

Now, however, these numbers are beginning to look impressive and early ruhalniki travel industry in Europe lead the efforts to clarify what can be done to improve the experience of Mr. Liu and others like him.

China is now the fastest growing market of the European travel industry, and with the right approach, hotels, guest houses, shops and attractions across Europe are able to get great profit from this newly opened market.


Last year, about 31 million Chinese traveled abroad. Basically, they visited other Asian destinations such as Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and South Korea, but two million Chinese people also traveled to Europe, and this figure should increase from year to year. By 2020, Europe could expect 13 million Chinese visitors annually.

Traveling especially fashionable in the so-called "Golden Week" in China – February, May and October. Now in China, the working week is officially limited to five days and the minimum annual leave – 14 days, which gives a longer holiday.

In 2005, the publishing permits Lonely Planet announced that it is to start giving some of his books in the Chinese language in response to the increase in the number of Chinese travelers. Three areas, which must be issued by the Chinese version of Journey – is the UK, Germany and Australia.

However, it is not all conventional swimming. European car Piarists struggling with some annoying stereotypes when it comes to the Chinese view of Europe and its people. "Foggy London, Paris expensive, messy Rome and Madrid is dangerous" – and this opinion is not only those who have not yet visited, but also those who, like announced in a number of consumer focus groups we conducted recently.

travel agents

The overall picture of the Chinese travel industry – is a robust growth due to an increase in income levels, easing restrictions on travel and the long period of rest. Only a certain number of licensed travel agencies shall be entitled to the services of international vyeznyh tourist services, and in 1997, China had only 67-site travel agencies; by 2004 the number had risen to 528. Recent years have seen the privatization and restructuring of the former state-owned agencies.

However, the market remains fragmented agencies, and national players is not enough. It still dominates government bodies, many with outdated attitude toward service. The Chinese government encourages the private and foreign capital flows into the sector, but many tours that offer the existing agencies, non-intellectual in content and style, and the reality is that the industry has a long way to go before it actually services the needs of its customers.

At the moment, 90 percent of Chinese who travel abroad do so on group tours and travel agencies usually receive a commission in the amount of about 5-20 percent of the retail price of the tour.

Independent travel is usually not popular, and one of the key explanations for this with a & # 39 is the language. In the Chinese education system, emphasis on reading and writing of foreign languages ​​leaves even those who have a good estimation of the English language with poor communication skills. For the majority of the Chinese population of speech in another language is simply not possible. Given that travel literature and travel and airport signs in Europe has not yet been produced in the Chinese language, the country is even more closed for the ordinary tourist.

Passports and paperwork

Traditionally, Chinese citizens prohibited to travel and do not have passports, which could make it. Over the past three years, this situation has changed dramatically.

After long negotiations, China signed the "Assigned destination" (ADS) with more than a hundred partners, including some European countries. ADS simplifies the departure procedure for Chinese tourists, allowing them to travel on ordinary passports and apply for a tourist visa.

Without advertising the Chinese residents can only travel on visas for business, study or visit relatives. With the ADS, in some Chinese passports that have financial resources, there are no restrictions on foreign travel, provided that they can get a separate visa required for entry into the country in which they are traveling. The only restriction is that the journey within the official tour group and support should be present all the time, when the group is abroad.

For European countries, ADS means that countries may legitimately promote group travel on holiday across the distribution channels and sales to wholesalers and travel agents, as well as to promote the destination and its products to Chinese consumers. *


In 1983 the Chinese mainland for the first time allowed to visit HK and Macao in the private sector

2003 Chinese citizens are allowed to apply for private passports, using the residence, offering the possibility of international travel to the masses

2004 Germany became the first EU country to adopt Chinese tourists


· After obtaining a passport, Chinese citizens can apply for a visa to travel anywhere

· For countries with ADS, they can apply for a tourist visa, and for countries not included in the ADS, they have to get a business visa or specifically for visiting friends and relatives. (In the case of the Schengen countries visa allows one to access all the countries belonging to the Schengen Agreement)

· Although after the visa free travel in the country of destination if the journey to the tourist groups, it is common practice guide to carry passports of all members of the group.

· Travel agents in China who "lose" the members of their respective groups, while in Europe, quickly fall into the black list of operations for the issuance of visas at embassies and consulates in China. The number of permanently or temporarily blacklisted ODC tour operators has been steadily increasing.


Shopping – another way to get the European business from increasing wealth in China and recently granted freedom to travel. Although the number of tourists can be low, the level of spending by Chinese tourists, who really get into Europe, have.

Travel to Europe often for Chinese traveling abroad, and their scheme costs can be irrational. Some simply buy what they can not buy in China. Chinese tourists costs often do not reflect the level of income, therefore, looking at household income and even the disposable income of the Chinese population can be misleading. Many spend much more than we expected.

According to French tourism authorities, the average French Visitors from China spend US $ 3,000 per visit. On the contrary, the average expenditure of visitors from North America and Europe account for only US $ 1,000.


China clearly has great potential, but for many operators in Europe is a complicated market.

One of the ghosts of the European tourism industry with a & # 39 is that it is tightly regulated, as consumers with & # 39 are Europeans; but if customers buy their products outside the EU, there are several rules.

One factor that helps to reduce the price, with the & # 39 is a creative competition of Chinese operators based in Europe. These agents are willing to use informal networks of business contacts that bypass many normal group tourism requirements. Approved by the tour operator is difficult to compete on price with China Town agency that supplies the mini-bus, operated by a local waiter and while Chinese tourists do not demand more, this situation can not change. The good news from the & # 39 is that we think that in the near future, Chinese tourists will require a lot more.

Other problems:

-Sharty booking period

-Pastayannaya change programs

– Unfair competition from smaller agents who pay money

– From a lack of understanding of Chinese agents monitor the long route in respect of hours of driving (it is hoped that the new EU legislation on the management of the car will give all operators equal conditions for the implementation of intelligent routing.)

– Insufficient knowledge of Europe among Chinese sellers

-Raznyya habits and tastes of Chinese tourists (behavior in hotels and restaurants is different from what is expected in Europe)

– Lack of knowledge of European law by the Chinese tour operators.


Florida Tourist Attractions

The historic Art Deco district, South Beach, Miami

The heart of South Beach with a & # 39 it is a historic district in the Art Deco style, from the 18th St. and south along Ocean Dr and Collins Avenue – one of the largest areas of the US in the National Register of Historic Places. In fact, the rejuvenation and revitalization of the area as a major tourist destination directly related to its protection as a historic site in 1979.

The name of the National Registry does not allow developers to break all my heart much of what in the 1980s was a criminal collection ruined eyes, populated mainly Var & # 39; crazy drug, Cuban refugees and elderly residents. This is not the way it is now, when neighbors live together, including gays, only winter and sprinkling of the old timers. Today facades of hotels and apartments clearly colorful with pastel architectural details.

Your first stop should there be a Welcome Center in the Art Deco style (305-531-3484; 1001 Ocean Dr., 10 am-7: 30 am Thursday to 6 hours the sun). which will give you a good sense of this much loved, but often obscure the area. In the gallery you will find a permanent educational exhibit, buy hiking tours, which you can subscribe (including the excellent audio guide), as well as a very well stocked souvenir souvenir souvenir of the old-fashioned postcards to deko- jewelry style.

Venetian Pool, Miami

As soon as the tons of earth and rock were taken for Merrick construction boom, soon formed a very large car & # 39; er limestone. Then the creative thought of the thinker; why not turn it into a bracelet, giving it filled with water to become extraordinarily beautiful swimming hole? Currently, the National Register of Historic Places, this pool with the spring of 1924 (305-460-5306; 2701 DeSoto Boulevard; adult / child November-March $ 6.25 / 3.25, April-October $ 9.50 / 5 25, it varies depending on the season, but it is usually 11:00, 5 pm) with a capacity of 820,000 gallons, boasts coral stone caves, cascading waterfalls, an island with a palm-fringed, vine-covered loggias and Venetian style. It was designed Merryka uncle, the ubiquitous muralist Denmanam Fink, and it is big enough to accommodate a large waterfall, a children's area and a zone of adult flying lap. In fact, in its heyday of the 1920s he spent synchronous plyvchytsu Esther Williams and Johnny "Tarzan" Veysmallera, both seen on historical photos in the pool. Whether you want to swim in it or not, this pool is worth a look.

Malory Square, Key West

Malory Square – the belly of the beast. While daily as just another waterfront park, shops are exhibited, until early evening, this area turns into a stupid sunset – a docking compare display, fire, singers, cyclists, mimes and other characters competing. for the tourist dollar. Because people mlynayuts and collect the most incredible performers, the event quickly turns into a scene of mobs. But love or hate, is neodymium & # 39; emnaya part of the culture of Key West, so be sure to check it at least once. You can always reassure yourself actually watching the glorious west.

Author: Kenneth Ng, Lonely Planet


Travel – it's fun

People around the world love to travel. People travel for various purposes, such as business, entertainment, educational or recreational purposes. Traveling became a part of people's lives, and there is no life without traveling. To work every day and travels. Travel helps us a lot to learn. Traveling to other countries, we can learn about the culture, language and people of this country.

A lot of people, we travel for work-related purposes. Some people travel to other countries to look for work, and there are many businessmen who are linked globally, traveling to different countries of the world, to attend meetings, to expand its business, build relationships, etc. This helps them to make more money.

A large percentage of people traveling for leisure. Everybody is trying to rest. No one can work like a robot. To get rid of the stress and strain of their work, they usually take a few days off to visit the tourist places with their seven & # 39; families to see the place and enjoy a fantastic holiday. There are people who travel within their own country, and there are people who go to other countries, depending on the budget.

Currently, many students traveling for educational purposes, mainly for higher education or for educational tours.

The global tourism industry is flourishing the tremendous growth and the industry to make changes every year to meet the needs of tourists, increase. Tourism brings a lot of money and increases employment opportunities in the country. The Ministry of Tourism in each country looking for ways to develop and promote tourism in their countries. Today the most visited country in the world & # 39 is France and Paris – world's most popular tourist destination. Switzerland is also a & # 39 is a great attraction for tourists from mountain resorts.

Internet now plays a very important role in providing information about the various tourist attractions of the world, the hotels and excursions on the & # 39; sites. With a simple click of the mouse you can book rooms, fit your budget, in any part of the world.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the most important that you stay safe and enjoy the ride. First of all, you have to pre-plan your trip. Once you have chosen your destination, plan your first route. Bronyuytse flights and book hotels in advance significantly, especially in seasonal periods, to avoid disappointment. If you choose a low budget hotel, make sure you spend the proper research, because you may find yourself without the amenities mentioned on their websites. Always better to book hotels with Internet resources, because you can use a Skype, to keep in touch with your family and loved ones. This will help you to save money on their long distance bills. The most important thing that you need to travel in time – is the currency. You can use your ATM and credit cards. Traveler's checks can also be useful when traveling. The best advice for traveling – always travel easily. Also, be very attentive to what you eat. Unhealthy diet can cause stomach problems and may be in the hospital, which can lead to unexpected expenses.

Traveling can be a very enjoyable experience, if you make a proper planning in advance.


Tourist Aris – a journey to the Indian roots

Orissa comfortably situated in the south-eastern part of India and has a historical significance against the background of more than a few centuries. It is also known as "departed" and is located in its environment, several tourist attractions, including the world-famous Zhagannat Temple, Sun Temple, the temple Lingarazha and, most importantly, the famous rock changes Ashoka. Due to the religious significance of Orissa every year plays host to millions of tourists and devotees who come here to pay tribute to the ancient temples and shrines located here. Tours of the Aris – one of the most important travel options throughout the country, which is selected visitors, especially those who are interested in Indian cultural heritage.

Guests can tour by Aris pabaluvatstsa at many fairs and festivals that are celebrated throughout the year. As a rule, the state shows the involvement of tourists and natives in great numbers. One of the most famous festivals, which is called here, with & # 39 is the "Rath Yatra", which is organized in Puri. First Hindu festival, Rath Yatra – an annual festival, which is held in memory of the visit of the sovereign Zhagannata place of his aunt. Lord Zhagannat is believed to have visited an aunt once a year, accompanied by his elder brother Balarama and his sister Subhadra. Observed mainly in June – July, Rath Yatra also marks the annual return to immigrants abroad. While on tour in Aris viewer on an incredible Rath create annoying for you eternal memories. Rath means chariot, and rage is a journey.

Tense on the wheel, the chariots are tastefully decorated and create as a copy of the original temple in Puri, dedicated to them. Divine in each chariot is beautifully decorated in traditional styles and their devotees gather here to look look at the deity. Even as it is considered to help them attain salvation. Roy devotees who had gathered in the main temple complex, pulls the chariot to a nearby Gundicha where deities remain for the next 8 days, after which they will return to the main temple complex. Another annual expectation begins from there.

Guests who travel to the state, except during Rath irritated, do not worry about the disappearance on the fun! Orissa travel packages offer guests a number of other travel options that are equally impressive and pleasant. Some of the most memorable tours and excursions that are available here include a trip to the ancient caves Lalitgiry, Udaigiri and Handagiry, exploring the beauty and charm of the village PEOPLE, known for his unique work on the application and not in the least. carried away by the study of the pristine beauty of the beaches of Orissa.

Feast on a medieval inheritance Aris place during the holidays. Adventure, pilgrimage, leisure and culinary tours, Orissa offers it all …