Why India with & # 39 is the leading country for medical tourism?


With regard to health, nothing should not be among them. It is very important to take care of health. All the things that we do and the goals we need to achieve is only possible when our health is in good hands. Perhaps we need some compromises, but we should not shy away from them. In the end, if we have good health, the chances come again, and with the & # 39 there will be opportunities to do what we could not do. But sometimes we do not have solutions. As for the treatment of major diseases, perhaps in our country do not have adequate resources or if they are present, the price will be quite high. This has made medical tourism is very famous. Now more and more people opt for medical tourism.

Medical tourism – a term in which people travel to foreign countries for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment. With the help of medical progress, people around the world can get quality treatment for any part of the body. When the term medical tourism was first used, it is mentioned only patients seeking treatment, which were not available in their country. But now the price is also an important factor. This is mainly done for operations such as heart bypass surgery, cosmetics, dentistry, etc. This treatment also includes health and wellness services.

With regard to medical tourism, India has become a preferred destination for many. And this is true for every disease that can be life-threatening or treatment which requires expertise. If you need additional guarantees, you can check the statistics for yourself. As of 2015, the industry was valued at $ 3 billion. According to forecasts, it will grow at 7-8 bln. Dollars, which is more than twice. This proves that the medical tourism in India is growing by leaps and bounds.

India is called "one of the lowest cost and highest quality of all medical tourism destinations." The main reason to & # 39 is the efficiency and the highest quality of care. The US and UK are considered to be the largest source countries. According to the report, Bangladesh, Afghans accounts for 34 percent of foreign patients, who make up the largest share of the close proximity to India and his own poor health infrastructure. If we look at some Indian states take maximum patients, then cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore received the greatest number of patients. Of all the states of Chen called the capital of India's health.

But what makes India the first choice? Are all reasons India is dominated by the popularity of the healthcare market? These reasons are explained in detail below

• Quality of care received by patients, has no equal. Education received in primary schools should be attributed to it. If the foundation is strong, the end result will be excellent. This can be confirmed by seeing the main doctors in developed countries such as the US and UK. The list is headed by the Indians only. This is the main reason why patients are confident enough on a trip to India.

• Cost – another important factor. In fact, nowadays it has become the most important factor for some people. Most of the treatments that you can get in India, starting with about one-tenth the cost of a comparative treatment in the United States and the United Kingdom. For example, open-heart surgery costs about 125 thousand dollars in the US, while in India, you get it all for 5200 dollars. Savings, which makes the patient even more than the annual salary of most people.

• The Government of India has also adopted the program with wide open arms. They removed the restrictions on travel for medical purposes. Earlier there were visa restrictions, which required a two-month gap between successive visits to people from countries in the Persian Gulf. But these rules have already been terminated. For patients in some countries provide for the granting of visa at admission. There are certain rules regarding medical visa, when it is getting to be performed.

• There is no language bar & # 39; EPA for patients who travel to India. English language & # 39; is the official language here, and you can communicate with doctors in English. A number of hospitals also have interpreters for people who are comfortable only speak their native language.