Civil tourism – pick up trash, keep nature, plant trees, make a difference

Civil tourism is largely similar to ecotourism except that instead of helping the environment, people help the society in which they live. At the local level, at the state or federal level, there are opportunities to improve the lives of citizens, their city or state beautiful, and the people – a better place for our children and grandchildren. site is easy to use and allows you to look for opportunities in the United States by location or interests, so you can even specify the destination of the type of service you want to provide. Use the website to check out the area and see if there is volunteer work that you could provide to help local residents or improve your community.

At the international level, a non-profit company GlobeAware offers charter trips to places around the world at affordable costs.

Other sites to try to find ways to include: (beautiful site, especially for students who wish to leave the city during the breaks), and

Habitat for Humanity – one of the best companies, that changed over 30 years.

If the vacation is vacation this year, then, looking at the allocation of part of it, contributing to the local level, this could be an interesting and exciting part. Contact your local environmental or forestry department to find out what is close, exciting and worth preserving, or contact your local mayors office or fire area to learn about the local jobs that you can do to help in your hometown.

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