But why Zambian safaris and tourism?

Because Zambian safaris – better preservation of Africa! They have made Zambia the most attractive place in the African safari today.

Livingstone in Zambia is now known, and rightly so, the center of the adventure of South Africa!

The World Tourism Organization (WTO) came to Zambia as a tourist destination number one in Africa.

Examination of trends in the UK and expenses in 2004 also assigned a rating number 10 in Zambia, "the best directions for further transport." Zambia – the only other African country, which ranks the top ten rankings

Zambia Land

Zambia – a great country, which occupies a total area of ​​752,614 square kilometers. He was a little more than the state of Texas in the United States, or slightly larger than France and Belgium together. Zambia is generally high average plateau

from 1060 meters (3500 feet) and 1363 meters (4,500 feet) above sea level. This makes the weather & # 39; e in the country mild and pleasant.

Water Zambia is 11,890 square kilometers, which is equivalent to 2% of the land surface. Reservoirs are mainly of three natural lakes in northern Zambia. The fourth is in the south, a spectacular man-made Lake Kariba. After commissioning in 1957 Lake Kariba was the largest man-made lake in the world. Length of 280 km and a width of 40 km.

Zambia, people

In Zambia, speaking more than 73 dialects, but the official language from the & # 39 is English. All media and business in English, and most zambiytsav says on it pretty good. From under

73 ethnic groups (tribes) 20 celebrate special annual cultural ceremonies. They manifest customs, social life, rituals, oral history, material and spiritual

culture. Visitors can watch these ceremonies.

During these traditional rites music and dance characterize quiet beauty, bustle, bounding life or filled with joy. Emphasis will Var & # 39; iravatstsa from akrobatychnaga spectacle which held her breath for a background prapulsivnaga barabanstva to fine subtleties of sound and movement.

In Zambia, there is freedom of worship with more than 15 different churches. However, 60% of Zambia to be Christians.

Zambia, natural resources

Zambia has 19 national parks and game control zone 34. Some parks occupy only 47,662 square kilometers. It accounts for 6% of the land in Zambia. Some game reserves are privately owned and are largely under state control. Zambia has

a wide variety and large number of wildlife, both large and small, including more than 741 species of birds.

In addition to abundant wildlife in parks and nature reserves, rivers and lakes, Zambia holds 6% of the world's copper reserves. He also has a world-class emeralds,

aquamarine, amethyst and tourmaline.

Vegetation type savannah with a plurality of different density trees. Zambia climate makes suitable for a wide range of agricultural crops. Vegetables and fruits, such as

citrus fruits, bananas, pineapples, mangoes, avocados, all grows everywhere.

Zambia, climate

Although Zambia lies in the tropics, the total height of the plateau ensures that the climate is seldom unpleasantly hot, except in the valleys. There are three seasons: the cool, dry winter season from May to September; hot, dry season in October and November; and the rainy season, which is a bit hot, from December to April.

Discover why tourism in Zambia Africa – the secret is stored.