Space tourism: go away or begin to spin?

In the US, there are only six spaceports and others. Space Port America, located in Apheme, New Mexico, with the & # 39 is the world's first commercial space port, the world's first self-proclaimed "Space Line" Sir Richard Branson, Virgin World Galactical and tenant anchors.

Recently the company Bigelow Aerospace, based in Nevada, called on the Government of Canada regarding the construction of the object & # 39 in the country. Orbital facilities are sold by the government as an alternative to the International Space Station and one of the reasons Bigelow called on the Government of Canada on the ground of the & # 39 object.

As for space tourism, it turns out, there are several companies in different degrees of planning and development of spacecraft and space ports. Other companies sell and sell tickets to space.

"I think that the future of space tourism will depend on many different factors, and how successful these companies will start", – said Douglas Messier, owner blog.

Messier site dedicated to the commercialization of space, and tourism. He received a master's degree in science, technology and public policy at George Washington University. He studied at the University Space Policy Institute and graduated from the International Space University. (He also has a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Rider.) Institute – a place where scientists, policy analysts, practitioners and students gather to study and evaluate the future of the cosmos.

In the industry of space tourism pouring hundreds of millions of dollars, but the question that seems to exist, or & # 39 is a real space tourism. Meser suggests that it may be as long as certain components fall into place. The biggest money – namely companies such as Virgin Galactic, XCOR Aerospace and Armadillo Aerospace – the current leaders in the effort to send a "civilian astronauts" into space.

Both companies, especially in the Virgin Galactic of Branson, live vision throughout life, and the belief that there is money, and the interest in fuel. Then there is what can be called the factor "X" type manifestavanaga pulse based on the destiny that carries our natural compulsion, as someone who is committed to what we already know. This gravity has become a race.

Companies such as Virgin Galactic, XCOR Aerospace, Blue Origin Aerospace, Armadillo Aerospace, Excalibur Almaz, Bigelow Aerospace and most recently, Boeing, the widening waist mini space race. with private tourists on suborbital and eventually orbital flights.

Virgin galaxy seems the most appropriate in terms of suborbital flights, having made several successful test flights of its spacecraft Two.

"The Virgin lot of money and prestige," – said Meser for NewSpace Magazine. ".. They are, for example, the Goliath of the industry they have just completed another test flight will be interesting to see how fast they can move with an aggressive schedule that they have one of the issues – their engine:. They still need to do a lot of testing," .

That affects a whole new subject – safety.

But, when Virgin Galactic with the & # 39 is Goliath, XCOR and Armadillo – "David" stories.

"XCOR – is a small, plastic company", – said Messier. "XCOR a & # 39 is an expert in the engines, and I think that they have a workable design, and their financing now it seems hard. They are looking for initial test flights before the end of 2011. It seems a lot of people interested in this (site visit ) The question is to what extent a good flight, reliability and many other factors. But I think there is a market. Companies are also looking for the market of suborbital experiments in the framework of its receipt. "

There is also a significant market for orbital flights. Russians for many years sent the very rich to the ISS (International Space Station).

"This is a very interesting market," – said Meser, Communications Expert, who for the last 10 years conducting entrepreneurial startups. "During the 10-day-two-week assignment price rose to about $ 45 million. The Russians had a monopoly, so prices have not gone down."

This will change when private companies are catching up, stay viable, safe and cost-effective ways to exit payment customers into orbit. One of these areas – buying technology in the Russians themselves. At least one company, Excalibur Almaz, has already done this. The company, based in the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea between the islands of Britain and Ireland acquired the equipment of military space station Soviet times, which it recovers.

A former employee of Excalibur and the current State University professor Clay Boys Morgan hinted that the company may have the intention to send tourists around the moon and back.

Other companies that are currently working include crew module Bigelow-Boeing CST-100 – they have a marketing deal with Space Adventures – and the spacecraft SpaceX Dragon. Orbital Sciences Corporation may convert truck Cygnus for human missions.

"These vehicles are designed to serve a number of & # 39 objects (ISS space station Bigelow) and fly a few rockets" – Meser said.

These companies and others are involved in the financing of the NASA program for commercial development (CCDev).

"Missing link with & # 39 is a commercial transport to orbit Low Earth" – said Messier. "It's only about 250 miles up, but now the government has a monopoly on it. Overcome stuffiness, and you can see an explosion of commercial development on a low earth orbit. Space industry in ten years can be completely unrecognizable.

In a sense, space tourism has no choice but to achieve success and prosperity, especially given the fact that the current administration of President spoiled NASA's plans to return to the moon. Now NASA is counting on the private sector to continue development efforts from the Earth to the Moon, as he tries to adjust to the new mission's mandate.

Commercial Crew program and the freight NASA, as defined below, Aims to stimulate the private sector's efforts to develop and demonstrate the capabilities of the human space flight. These efforts are aimed at the development of entrepreneurial activity, which leads to an increase in jobs in engineering, analysis, design and research, as well as to economic growth, as are opportunities for new markets. The program intends to solicit input from all interested industry participants in the United States for the development and the development of space concepts of space flight and associated enabling technologies and capabilities. In 2009, NASA used its powers on space law, to invest up to $ 50 million and funded numerous competitive agreement. This activity is called Commercial Crew Development, or CCDev, and since then several companies have taken advantage.

"This is a complex problem Former NASA's vision has focused on the moon, and it was not very realistic in its implementation and financing.", – said Meser, referring to the canceled program "Suzorye & # 39; e" of NASA. "Machines that they built were too expensive, we were not going to get to the moon very quickly, and in a lunar base would be so much money that we will not have enough money to do anything with it." , The private space industry. "

According to Messier, the economic effect of space tourism literally can become significant when thousands of new jobs and the car & # 39; EASURES will be available to the public.

"The impact of the construction of space stations and rocket may have suras & # 39; a serious impact on the market", – he said. "Bigalav talking about more than 20 flights a year to maintain their space stations."

But whether there will be the price of the trip earlier or it will fall? Mesier says that prices should fall. Ticket prices vary between companies, even now, for about 16 months before the Virgin Galactic launched its first flight. Virgin will sell tickets for 200 thousand dollars, and XCOR about 95 000 dollars, while another flight model. Armadillo sell their seats for about 102 thousand dollars.

"Virgin Galactic says drastic cost reduction of up to 50 000 dollars, when commercial operations begin and the market will be checked", – added Meser.

But from outer space causes people to drop as cold, hard cash for a few minutes above the earth? Changes stay in space look the average person that means to be a human being on this planet? Some say that, and so it is, but by Messier, who had never been in space, not sure.

"I really do not know It will be interesting.", – he said. "Virgin has made the argument that forcing people to get it to change our view of how fragile the earth, and things like that. And this is probably, yes. This will cause people to invest their money or saving the rainforest, or return. Virgin really wanted I would have to repeat customers, so the people in the company of interesting people to come back again and again. "

waiting decades

Messier – it's part of a growing number of people who are closely monitoring the industry, which was 40 years ago, most people, but out of reach, except for a relatively small group, which had enough vision to see the past and the commercial future. space flight.

Many of them were Moladah, which hit the zacharovvayuchuyu surprise and excitement caused by the space race of the 1960s. They are quietly waiting in the wings, waiting for his chance to get on board the spacecraft, designed for external movements of the earth's atmosphere.

The wait is over several hopes, which began in 2001, when Dennis Tito began to ride with the Russians to the International Space Station cost $ 20 million. Yet few tourists walked in the footsteps of Tito's for about 10-year period.

But things have changed: the fact that to build spaceports around the world spend millions of dollars to the & # 39 is a very sensitive indication that this thing is real space tourism.

Sent into space is not cheap, and if the money flow into the space tourism, with & # 39 are a kind of indicator of the industry's future, the idea of ​​people traveling into space, will one day be as common as the international flights to Paris.

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