Thailand – a country of tourism


Thailand – a wonderful kingdom, which presents a set of Buddhist temples, magnificent palaces, beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife, luxury resorts and more. Thailand is very famous for its unique culture, which includes a delicious "seafood delicacies of Thai". Thailand – a place that appeals to all travelers, whether it be a hippie chic or a thirst for luxury. You can find constantly attractive fiscal package, which will provide you with the best tours, colorful shopping and delicious gourmet.

Another reason that makes Thailand attractive to tourists, this is what the people are friendly and helpful in every way. Perhaps this is due to the traditional greeting "wai", when a person bows, raised his hands, or because of the motto of Thailand "Mai Pen Rai", which means "Do not worry."

In Thailand, there are three main seasons – the dry, hot and monsoon. The country bought up with tourists during the dry season because the temperature does not exceed 90 degrees. It is in the hot season, tourists fill the super sunny beaches. During the monsoon, people generally prefer the northern part of Thailand, because there is a chance that the island may flood.

In Thailand, there are more than 40,000 Buddhist temples. Travelers are sure to find at least one temple on the way to the different places across the country. These beautiful buildings date back to the dynasties that ruled in Thailand in the past. Each of them reflects the architectural splendor that prevailed in Thailand. Although many cities in Thailand are a continuation of modernization, there are some cities that still keep their ancestral roots, among which the city of tuberculosis, ancient ruins, preserved during the kingdom of Siam in 1238.

Festivals such as exciting as their rich culture and history. These holidays are generally prepared from the religions and the lunar calendar, and so on. Many travelers plan their holidays at these festivals to visit and experience to find the true essence of the celebration. One of the famous festivals – Songkran, also known as the water festival.

Another significant feature of Thailand & # 39 are its markets. You will never find such an incredible market in the world, as the markets of Thailand. Each of its markets is different from the things that they sell to the crowd, which attracts them.

Thailand is also home to exotic wildlife. National Park Khao Yai is located in Central Thailand. Along the south of Thailand, there are so many beaches filled with naughty monkeys. Beach monkeys in "Koh Phi Phi" – a well-known hot spot monkeys. Do not forget that feeding these animals are not allowed! Also cleaning of the tourist spots that will abuse the protection of animals is punishable.

Thailand – a manners and etiquette; country recreation and wildness, friendliness and piety, the country of happiness and not zabyvaemastsi country – a country of "smiles".