Six Secrets to Success in Online Travel


Imagine if you had all the necessary features of travel and sales, that you need, sold out seasons, increased arrival, and you have made little or no advertising … This is reality for wise tourism professionals who use marketing tools on the internet and below. With over 80% of all conducted research studies and more than 50% booked online to achieve success in the travel industry, you have to use multiple tools to the Internet. As you learn to use the Internet skillfully, it will be one of the most profitable marketing strategies ever! Do you need to be a wizard technology to do it? Not at all. But it is important that you understand what these technologies in order to recognize how to apply them. This is a quick overview of netehnalagichny six simple techniques that will save you time, increase the maximum exposure, increase sales conversions and lower marketing costs. This is an introductory article, for which will follow the 6-episode series about Internet marketing tourism with much more information about each item below and recommended resources that can make use of current and future professionals of the travel and hospitality.

Number 1: Travel Websites That Sell
A good web site for travel reports and makes prospects and move them to the selection of the destination or service points. On the Internet, this is one person, and buying decisions take place in a matter of seconds. Although most web masters are technically competent, they are not from the & # 39 is a marketing and copyright, focused on the sale. Traffic on the site without an increase in inquiries and sales – it's a waste of time and money.

Number 2: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Wages and maintenance of high-ranking SEO – is an active process of improving the relevance of your site, so you are on the front pages of the pair for your main keywords. 95% of all traffic on the Internet comes from Google, Yahoo and MSN. SEO – is a long-term project that usually requires specialized help because the Internet & # 39 is more competitive and constantly changing. Before you spend money on SEO specialist, make them achieve high rankings in Google for competitive phrases. But done correctly, SEO will give a huge return on your investment. Someone has to be on the page number 1, why would not you?

# 3: Pay per click (PPC)
PPC advertising advertising – is "sponsored links or sites" on the right side of a Google search, Yahoo or MSN. Displaying your small text on the & # 39; waking matching the search keywords, and you pay only when someone clicks on your ads & # 39. PPC advertising fast, easy, targeted, and can be very economical. Your cost per click (CPC) is dependent on the competitiveness of the keywords in which you have to show your a & # 39; waking. Warning. You can spend a lot of money fast with little results if not done correctly PPC. On my site is a free Google AdWords course that will help you get higher rankings and more traffic on the Internet for a low CPC.

Number 4: Internet audio / video and podcasts
Audio and video on your website and in the world with podcasts complements your marketing results. Podcast – a media file that is distributed free over the Internet for playback on mobile devices and computers. Podcast will provide you with a thematic radio station, which is distributed globally with a rapidly growing base of listeners for free. The best use of audio, video, and podcasts include: customer reviews, information and advertising destination, answer questions and building relationships online.

Number 5: Email Marketing
Most people who first come to your site, now is not willing to give you money. If you ask the subscriber to subscribe to the email newsletter (so called subscription), you can develop a relationship over time via new trips, suggestions and proposals at the last minute. It helps convert strangers into friends and friends into customers, if they are willing to travel. There are many services for email marketers who have e-mailing templates that will be broadcast e-mail newsletter, manage your database to track open rate and even stop unsubscribe or bounced emails for you.

Number 6: Internet-system backup and distribution
These systems will increase sales and save you time, because the prospective people can see inventory reserves do real-time payments. Your inventory is adjusted instantly so all vendors and suppliers know exactly what you can always sell. Marketing organizations and tour operators can get more, because they can showcase all regional tours, lodging and attractions from one place to what is called the "portal". This helps visitors, which leads to longer stays and increased costs for all sizes of groups. Do not despair; you can learn how to do it. There is available a large number of training and technical assistance. Start now and you will also prosper. Travel Business Success Radio show online show rich audio coaching and training with a focus on online marketing of travel and hospitality.