History of Tourism in Barcelona


And because of its people attract tourists often write about it in books, his country has often been described and romanticized.

Foundation of the city began with the Roman occupation in the first century BC, who introduced the wall and as a result over a long period of time separated the village from the fenced area, which is actually a & # 39 is part of the city. Since the late hour of the different Catalan country & # 39; together and pushed the rise of Barcelona as a tourist capital.

Olympic sports have a great impact on the city, and it is thanks extravaganza sporting events the city has built its heritage around the sport. Due to the success of the Olympic Games as the city of destination and host government could promote Barcelona and made her one of the top destinations for travel, business or personal. Along with the growth of tourist visits in Barcelona Hotel was a plan that had been built many hotels to accommodate tourists from around the world.

So far, in Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčthere are 534 hotels with different ratings of hotels. Hotels are categorized as bread and breakfast, the best for the price, family, luxury, fashion and rental points ( This is a great increase in the availability of hotels and health – it is a direct indication of the fact that over the years the needs in constantly increasing numbers.

Since the book and began to travel more easily through internet marketing, more and more tourists believe that to confirm your reservation on the Internet enough worries. It played a major role in achieving the Year 2011 record year. Since 2005, the number of visitors to Barcelona continued to grow (, and in 2010 increased by double-digits, resulting in excellent performance in 2011.

Together with modern architecture and a unique exciting experience that offers the city, these factors create a total package for tourists to remember Barcelona. And as a result of profit depends on the good experience of the tourist, then marketing is also distributed through the sharing of experience and word of mouth. On the & # 39; the combined efforts of tourism authorities, the clever propaganda of local people and their hospitality to attract more tourists to Barcelona largely strengthened this sector, since that time, there was the largest sporting event.

Because there is strength in numbers, so the unforgettable experience of the city and its activities, when it comes to common efforts to the excellent location of the tourists. Barcelona demonstrated their abilities as the City of Marvel. And in the coming years it may simply attract more curious visitors.