Green travel – another way to get green


Many people have heard the terms "green travel" and "eco-tourism". These terms cause an idea of ​​how someone dozing in tree house in the jungle, located in the far expanses of the Earth and sailing along the Amazon River in a canoe. And while it is certainly green alternatives, this is only one type of environmentally friendly travel. The good news from the & # 39 is that you do not have to sacrifice the comforts you are used to, and you do not have to decide on a place in the middle of nowhere. You can even "go green" while traveling to the big cities or well-populated beach. All you really need to save the planet – it's the desire to protect and preserve the planet around you, no matter where you are traveling.

"Green travel" – is perceptible phrase that has become common in later times; This phrase has a lot of companies with other terms, such as eco-tourism, responsible travel and sustainable tourism. We hear these terms more and more as a concern about the state of our planet continues to grow. Among each of these terms, there are many colors, but the importance of protecting the natural environment and civilization of each place you visit, remains the foundation of the case. This means that we must strive to preserve the flora and wildlife, as well as other resources, while retaining all of the local culture and traditions.

Nearly one billion tourists crossing the globe every year. For this reason, travelers become more important than before to reduce its specific impact on the natural and cultural resources. The probability of harmful impacts of tourism affect the local and global environment. A well-known fact that the ocean hotels largely contribute to beach erosion and the erosion of the beaches in Hawaii, and the increasing number of tourists sur & # 39; ozna threatens the fragile ecosystem in the Galapagaskih islands, and among other things, we catalyzes global warming. with our aircraft and mass travel by car!

Your first step should be to attempt to find a green hotel. You will find many online sources that will help you along the way. When using Web sites, keep in mind that each site has its own evaluation criteria. Thus, you will need to do your homework to make sure that your choice of hotel meet the standards that you are looking for.

Try to ask the following questions before the reservation:

Or & # 39 is on & # 39; housing facility in the local property? If this is not a local property, employees or local? A good idea to stay at a hotel run by the local people.

Hotel offers recycling program? Or they provide bins for the potential treatment?

Or recommended by the hotel guests to reuse towels and linens?

Whether used at the methods to reduce consumption? For example, they use low-flow toilets, shower rooms with low consumption, solar energy and light bulbs?

Be sure to ask a lot of questions, and remember that finding a green hotel – only one step in the process. Do your homework and turned green today!