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Bosphorus – the border between east and west, and the country, which is on its side, with the & # 39 is on & # 39; union of both. Turkey – a temptation almost every tourist on the planet. Here you can find the latest western spa facilities next to the attractive Asian market sidewalks. Christian bells, coinciding with its pleasant rattle holy muezzinami and ethnic tints on modern colonies – the land can not be compared to the Bosphorus. It outlines the saga of some of the most transcendental imperataryyav on the planet, including the Romans and the Ottomans. In addition to the historical and cultural wealth, the country is famous among tourists for its natural wealth. His extensive coastline, high peaks and tranquil lakes are unmatched.

Turkey's tourism, which has a million tourist arrivals each year, set a benchmark in the Mediterranean countries. Turkey's tourism zones are divided into different regions, which are known as some of the most dazzling bouquet offers Turkey. His magnificent terrain and stunning archaeological sites are most in demand. For maximum travel Turkey – a place where you can observe a unique blend of Asia and Europe, where one side of the road crowded with European colonies and the other side – a reflection of true Asian architecture. Istanbul – the capital of the country – a fascination for researchers who have decided to travel in Turkey. The city is divided into two parts, the famous "Golden Horn". One part of the city is in Asia, and the second – in Europe; These sections are called the "old section" and "modern section". It is often noted as the "Imperial Istanbul".

City – a range of natural splendor, historical landmarks and beautiful architecture. Serpantynski pillar walls of Constantinople, Galata Tower and Hagia Sophia – some of the magnificent buildings that illuminate the past splendor of the city.

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Both sides of Istanbul has two international airports, which are connected via Bosporus Link.

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The Mediterranean country sees the arrival of millions of travelers each year from around the world. In Turkey, many of the hotels are located. These hotels in Turkey available at almost any range, depending on your choice.