Tourism in Maldives


Maldives, a place where there are islands where angels float in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, where the atmosphere is a & # 39 is a dream, and significant emissions of light can not fill you in their arms. Formally, the Republic of Maldives – a South Asian island country located in the Indian Ocean, which is mastered in the Arabian Sea. It is located in the south-west of Sri Lanka and India. Maldives – one of the most geographically dispersed countries, as well as the smallest Asian country both by land area and the weight of about 427,756 tenants. Male – the capital and most populous city, which is called "The Island of the head" for its central zone.

Maldives is well known for their impossible leaps. Perfectly clear water and shallow-water lagoon ideal for swimming, while the reef dividers offer a kaleidoscope of marine life for the more experienced zhamperav. The Maldives have an amazing variety of marine life are grouped with corals and over 2,000 species of fish, which extend from the reef reefs and reef sharks to eel grass, trees and whale sharks. Various equipped lagoon islands likewise offer an ideal of & # 39; an object to evaluate his plan a family event or a sentimental getaway for two.

Since the Maldives – an island and 99% loaded with water, so cooking principle – a corner, but the coconut and rice – is also important food items. Garudhiya, fish soup gave rice, lime, baked beans and onions. Weight Huni broke smoked fish with ground coconut and onion. It is regarded as the most precise concepts breakfast in the country. Fihunu mas: fish with a barbecue that has been processed chili stew.

Tourism in the Maldives is rapidly increasing the number of arrivals of researchers and islands to resorts for the last ten years. In the European market the Maldives today are among the most attractive travel purposes in the tropics. Maldives offer a significant conventional resources for tourism and want to ecotourism guaranteed tender condition and submerged life.

It's not just the jumpers and swimmers, who welcome the rich resources are shipped. Moreover, that rest on the shoreline attracted by the possibility of coastline and climatic conditions. This condition does ensure loosening and pulling.

Every resort in the Maldives is located on another island with no other people's contribution and offers an amazing blend of modern extravagance and serene silence. Without exception, all the resorts of the Maldives are gentle sandy coastlines, translucent-friendly tidal pools, enclosures brownies reefs occupied by a variety of widely diverse marine vegetation, and everything else you would expect from a tropical occasion – all this is just a recreational section for a couple of minutes. In any case, every resort island has its own individual appeal, character and mood that you can get to know through personal experience.