Notable areas of eco-tourism



As regards the various aspects of travel and tourism, eco-tourism is now attracting conscious individuals both socially and environmentally. Currently, every corner of the world celebrates World Environment Day on June 5, every year suggest to put even a small tree in their premises.

Destination: eco-tourism:

Ecotourism is characterized by the liveliness of the flora and fauna with the & # 39 are the proud treasures on earth. Due to their security number of wild centers and parks have been established in different countries.

Couples wildlife, South Africa

In the gallery of the wild life 292 mammals are represented in South Africa, 13 endangered, 15 vulnerable and 13 species, endangered species, which are very closely watching visitors. However, eco-tourism in the country is still in its infancy, responsible parties and environmentalist are directly involved in nature tourism.

Mazhul Island in Assam, India

This is the largest river island in India is located in the Brahmaputra valley in Assam and covers an area of ​​1080 km². The island contains the snow-capped mountains or winding mountain springs, and eco-friendly visitors often find their place as a paradise on earth.

Kerala, India

The Indian state of Kerala in India shimmers terry green leaves of banana and coconut groves. Huge landscape, the laid a tea plantation, designed not only for Ayurveda but also to assess the greenery overlooking the backwaters. In addition, the wildlife sanctuaries of Kerala like Peryyar, Viynad, Quiet Valley and Eravikulam National Park – popular destinations ecotourism.

Tips for eco-friendly holiday

Ecological trip indifferent to any other types of tourist activities. But the place of untouched natural beauty is threatened ecological imbalance or rather careless task of man.

Thus, before you engage in any ecological tourism program, check out some tips below:

Avoid accumulation and play with marine animals.

Do not order the sea food caught by destructive methods, such as the bombing of fish fishing net fishing and cyanide poisoning.

Try environmentally friendly water sports such as sailing, surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving in the area, which has no pollution.

Know how to avoid violations of the marine life and collect dead specimens on the beach, not in the water.

Follow the rules of the Law on the Protection of Wild Life and disseminate information on eco-tourism in different parts of the world.