Rajasthan Package


Rajasthan is famous for its rich heritage, beautiful culture, exciting desert safaris, hereditary properties, wildlife, fairs and festivals, fit sports, tribal life, music and dance, architecture, cuisine, peoples, religion, crafts and luxury train "on wheels Palace" . In Rajasthan tour package covers all destinations. Rajasthan has a huge potential for tourism, and tourism of Rajasthan offers various tour packages with lots of variations. Palace of Jaipur, Udaipur lakes and the desert fortress of Jodhpur, Bikaner and Jaisalmer -. the main tourist destination of Rajasthan In Rajasthan a variety of old and abandoned palaces and fortifications were converted into heritage hotels, and play an important role to improve the state's economy.

Despite the fact that a large part of the total area is desert, and although there is little forest cover, Rajasthan has a rich and diverse flora and fauna. In Rajasthan, there are four wild reserves, these reserves attracted a group of species with all of its territory on a temporary area, which gives a peaceful survival. In the winter season, all the wild life in common with the wonderful sounds and mesmerizing visual background on sprawling grassland flora. Rajasthan – a safe place of tigers and many endangered species.

Rajasthan – a country of magical fantasy and a rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan – a mixture of beautiful traditional towns. Every city of Rajasthan has an exceptional culture and a different color. Great palaces of Rajasthan and rough fortifications, spectacular desert, forested hills and tranquil lakes, bustling towns and quiet villages, incredible flora and fauna and of course the colorful and vibrant people of Rajasthan make up a complex tapestry of mysticism, grandeur and vyaskovastsi. Today Rajasthan – known tourist destination thanks to the charisma of a large number of castles, palaces and havelisav in each city, who were once the princely states. In the days of British rule, the region commonly called Rajputana. Live folk dances, melodious music and spectacular festivals of Rajasthan turn into a paradise for tourists who are interested in a trip to Rajasthan. The local language of Rajasthan – "Rajasthan", and old sayings are given to understand that the language of men and turban are changed every 24 km. You can easily feel the mood shift and change this tourist destination rhythm from one region to another region and from season to season.

Famous cities of Rajasthan – Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Bikaner, Ajmer, Alvaro, Cotta, Pushkar, Mount Abu. Rajasthan-excursion package includes all the major tourist destinations and making them vacation memories of life.

Jaipur or "Pink City" – the capital of Rajasthan, with a wide open road and the gardens. The royal city of Jaipur is full of wonderful folklore romance and heroism. Glorious forts and palaces, bloodshot pink, where once lived "Maharaja", forcing the city to live. Shopping in Jaipur, which are famous for their ornaments, fabrics and shoes, acquire eternal quality and, of course, with the & # 39 are a treasure trove for shoppers. This fascinating city with its romantic charm takes you between the kingdom and traditions.

Udaipur – a beautiful city near the water of the lake, and he is known as the "City of Dawn". Udaipur is located in the green hills Aravalisa. Fairy-tale palaces of Udaipur, lakes, temples, gardens and narrow strips scattered stalls, carry the flavor of heroic past, embodying the courage and chivalry.

Ajmer – famous and important pilgrim center, similar to the Hindus with Muslims. Especially famous Aymeram with & # 39 is the tomb of a Sufi saint Darg Sharif Hvazha Moynyuddina clean.

Pushkar – another important place for Hindu pilgrimage. Pushkar – the residence of Lord Brahma, which lies to the west with a temple and an attractive lake. Pushkar Lake – a sacred symbol for Hindus. Within a month Karyk (October / know.