Foundation for the Preservation of tourism corporation – the promotion of responsible tourism


Foundation for the Preservation Tourism Corporation (TTC) – it's about the & # 39; a joint initiative of a number of leading travel companies. TTC – enterprise, which belongs to the family & # 39; and Tolman. Founded Stanley Tolman more than fifty years ago, the company now led by his son Brett Tolman, who acts as the CEO and President. Operations Travel Corporation include leading travel brands such as Trafalgar Tours, a collection of boutiques Red Carnations Hotels, cruise ships to the boutiques of Uniworld River and much more.

Foundation TTC & # 39; s Conservation – a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of sustainable tourism and the protection of certain regions of the world exposed to the cultural and environmental dangers. Tallman vision is to "continue to fund this important work" through the Foundation for the Preservation of tourism corporation. Companies such as Trafalgar, Brendan Vacations, Insight Vacations, Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection, AAT Kings and others. Currently, the Nature Conservation Foundation is fully funded through the support of travel companies. Recently, he participated in several projects in South America, Europe, Africa and Australia. The Board of Directors of the Fund carefully examine each project to ensure proper use of funds. The Council, with the support of the Advisory Board of experts in the field of conservation and development.

In South America, the Foundation contributed 350,000 dollars to protect the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, which has been recognized as the World Biosphere Reserve and contains many endangered species. For many years, Wood widely chystsivsya for cultivation of sugar cane and urban settlements, and the rest of the forest is estimated at less than 10% of the original area. Foundation grant helped protect some three million hectares of forest in high priority areas.

In Europe, through the Fund, Trafalgar is working with the UK National Fund, in order to protect some of its regions, starting with the giant Kazueya in Ireland this year (and the White Cliffs Duvera next year). Insight Vacations is working to help protect and preserve some of the battlefields of Europe, the 1st and 2nd World Wars. Uniworld is working on cleaning the River Nile and Contiki is working on ocean initiative.

In Northern Botswana, Africa, the Foundation previously supported the Wilderness Wildlife Fund, working towards the support of the African environment and wildlife. In particular, funds were allocated for the construction and equipment of three research camps dedicated to research elephants, antelopes and zebras, to protect both species and their habitats.

In Australia, the beautiful Kimberly region in the past three years, the fund took advantage of the financing, which aims to help local communities to develop and maintain sustainable tourism there. This will contribute to both environmental protection and the promotion of the tourism industry of the indigenous population, which in turn will support the local community.

The The World Council of Travel and Tourism The awards were held "tomorrow Tourism" and the last three of them over the past six years save TTC Foundation He was one of the two main co-authors with Travelport. This award recognizes the leading organization in the field of promoting responsible tourism – an issue that is of great importance in a world of diminishing natural resources and increasing concern about the environment.

TTC also believes that one of the major impacts of its collective efforts can help reduce emissions of carbon dioxide from the water travel & # 39 is the best training customers of its brands, the creation of their awareness and participation in the reduction of the corresponding tracks during their travels. This can be done, if each of them always turns off the lights and air conditioning in hotel rooms, which is, being at a party and participate in programs for recycling and the use of linen, if offered. Respect for local cultures and no pollution when visiting also important. TTC works to engage and educate their customers before they go on such issues, to ensure maximum awareness and adoption during the trip.