A sector that moves the growth and ambitions


Over the past year, this growth was reflected in all tourism segments. Slow economy and bad moods did not have any negative impact on tourism source market in India. India – one of the fastest growing travel markets. Despite the sharp fluctuations in the value of rupee in recent times, the number of tourist departures from India was disheartening. The country is in the lead at the end of the market, and just ahead of China.

India offers an exponential growth opportunities in visiting trips with a population of over a billion and more than 7% GDP growth every year. free time. Among the leading participants increase departures on trips – official and personal travel for business recreation, leisure / recreation / tourism and MICE.

Tourist board of other countries are prepared to tackle the problem of increasing Indian travelers. Several countries have set up their offices in India, while some others are optimally use their embassies to first conduct several pilot tests before you make the final call.

While a trip to VfR, business travel and travel on vacation to travel above, people also choose a niche product, for example, luxury travel, sports tourism, packages for honeymoon, the MICE, cruises, etc.

Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the United States – the most popular tourist destinations for Indian travelers. Indian tourists have also started to explore new directions. Among developing countries, Sri Lanka, China and Nepal – Favorite Indian tourists. Japan tends to focus on the triple tourists & # 39; The number from 2013 to 2020. Such places as Indonesia, Mauritius, the Philippines and Egypt, are also experiencing a great hike of Indian tourists. Travel agents using advanced promotions for further help increase visits.

Growth in the country's outbound tourism can be attributed to the following reasons:
• Reducing international flights
• Accessible Travel Packages
• Increased available income
• Increased low-cost carriers (LCC)

The Internet and its spread in the travel industry have changed the way Indians are now traveling. A huge bank of information on the Internet has caused a lot of confidence to go ahead and travelers travel. Traditional travel agents still exist, but their role is more indicative of the deal now than actually plan it.

Indian Bollywood film industry has caused a loud wave of interest in the world's tourists. This led India on the world map when it comes to travel and tourism. According to one estimate, more than 13 million Indian population each day watching movies Bollywood. Thus, it can be called one of the strongest influences on Indian travelers.

Indian tourism sector is ready to become the third largest market by 2019, and the largest market until 2029. The industry expected a lot of rich professional opportunities. This is the most exciting phase through which the industry is experiencing.

Travel offers several excellent professional highs! If you want to travel the world, get ready for it. The best part – you can earn while you travel. Which other profession offers you the luxury travel and pay for it. travel industry showed a huge appetite for growth. For growth requires a lot of skilled labor, what worries now. Galina never goes out of demand for young professionals. It is important for students to provide themselves with the tourism business on the & # 39; yadnavshy management skills with tourism. However, before you decide, it is best to arm a professional diploma in tourism management and tourism courses.

Many academies offer a variety of courses, including one of the famous courses – tourism tourism management. In Delhi, there are many professional institutions that teach you the best trade practices. In addition to the course content, they are also taught to young, aspiring to her.

There are many distance learning courses that offer a deep knowledge of theories, business models and practices that consist of tourism management. These courses prepare individuals for a bright career in the field of leisure and tourism. travel management institutions will prepare you for a profession in the field.

You can work in a government department of tourism, either in the district or state tourism industries. After obtaining the degree, you can also join the private sector or the public sector entity to choose. Whatever you choose, the travel and tourism industry will never get rid of your opportunities for travel and car & # 39; EASURES.