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Sri Lanka – amazing island, which is saturated with attractive charm. Any other tourist destination has some interesting features, such as the history, heritage and cultural attractions, etc., but Sri Lanka, includes many attractions. Words and pictures can not justify the greatness that this island has on its territory and beyond. I have been to the islands before, but have not seen anything enticing than Sri Lanka. Location is incredibly rich in nature. The natural beauty of doubles with a pleasant atmosphere and charming intimacy. It is properly called "The Nation of smiling people", because if you visit this place, you do not take time for you to realize that you are smiling all the way. He spreads a smile through his inimitable charm.

Travelers, like us, is rather difficult to explore all the fascinating places Sri Lanka at once as the island of & # 39 brings together a lot of interesting places. Landing on the island, you will want to visit them all, as we do. But it is advisable to choose the excursion package for Sri Lanka, which includes the most well-known destinations. To make it easy, we offer a summary of the wonderful destination that you can include in your itinerary.

Colombo – paradise city on the island, not only because it contains incredible travel options, but also because it costs the national capital. The town is decorated with fascinating attractive sights. Apart from the glorious natural beauty, the city is decorated with historic monuments such as Fortavaya Tower, Independence Hall, the Museum of the Dutch period, etc. He's also known as Colombo. Other attractions of this beautiful city include the Dehiwala Zoo, Mountain Lavigne Beach and some spectacular natural wonders.

Hikaduva – another fascinating city of the island, which stands in the exotic setting along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. This fascination for aquatic birds. On the glorious beaches Hikaduvy can explore marine life. Water sports and activities – is another attraction of the city.

Kandy – the capital of the heritage in which is stored the imperial glory of a bygone era. Candy decorates his outstretched landscape of the tea gardens of Sri Lanka. It is because of the emerald tea estates of Sri Lanka known as the world's largest tea exporter.

National Forest Singarazha known worldwide for living exotic and enchanting wildlife of the island. Galle – a city in which is exciting tourist destinations, such as the Peace Pagoda, Galle Fort, Temple Zeenigama, Kalutara temple, etc. your vacation in Sri Lanka.