Travel and Tourism in Kerala


Kerala, located in the southern part of India with the & # 39 is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. Mystical land of Kerala is always full of surprises. It is clean – green land in the southern part of India. Beautiful land was awarded one of the three most beautiful destinations in the world.

Kerala – a land where you can experience something new – green coconut trees, a plant spray, mist covered mountains, wildlife, rolling grasslands, beaches and adventure. The beauty and splendor of Kerala is also imbued with iconic monuments, places, castles, memorial and worship places that reflect the social culture and historical evolution.

Neither winter nor too cold nor summer. A pleasant time to visit here – the month of November to February.

What Kerala offers tourist For those who want to visit Kerala, there are many options for tourism, some of them – adventure tourism, Ayurveda tourism, tourism in the wild, beach tour, cultural tourism, tourist tourism, eco-tourism and many hill stations there for tourism and excursions.

Tour of Ayurveda – Kerala, the land of Ayurveda, with & # 39 is the absolute perfection in the field of medicine and science. The main body care in Ayurveda with an abundance of herbs, medicinal plants and medicinal oils offers complete rejuvenation and immunization.

Adventure Tour – Trekking in Kerala – it's a completely different experience that will not leave you in the glory. The beauty of the tropical jungle and bamboo alloy fully breathe you in circles.

Tours of the wild nature – Journey wild life will take you through the forest reserve tiger Peryyar, Chinar Wildlife, Wildlife Parambikulam and shelter for wildlife Veanad. There you can watch the beautiful wildlife, birds, butterflies and more.

Beach Tour – Excursion on the beach Kerala adds magic, made by boats, sun baths and bathing in these waters. This will allow you to get a unique experience and enthusiasm to give up a trip to Kerala.