Qualities that you need to work in the travel and tourism


travel industry – is a multi-billion dollar, global and growing industry that offers many opportunities for work and advancement of professionalism and benefit those who work in this field and their seven & # 39; pits. The advantage of working in the industry is that there are certain basic qualities which, if you study in one area of ​​the industry, will be useful if you decide to work in another area. For example, if you work as an air hostess, some skills and qualities that you acquire will be useful, regardless of whether you decide to work on in the hospitality industry as a tourism consultant, or even as a guide. Below are some of the qualities that are necessary for you to succeed in this field.

• Sincere interest in the people you are serving, and the willingness to help them. This is very important, because the people you will be different. For example, there are those who may know exactly what they want, but there are those who are not sure what they want, and with whom you will have to really take the time and go into the details. If you are not interested to serve and help others, you will soon Stamitz and want to exit. On the other hand, if you enjoy helping people, you can find his work very satisfactory.

• Paying attention to the details. It is also very important if you avoid costly mistakes in their work. Most of the time your work will carry out customers' requests. For example, if a customer wants to go to one part of the country or the world, and you are not a person who is well pays attention to details, you may find that you have moved it to a different part of the world (very expensive mistake). The good news is that it is a skill that can be learned. It is organized, a good listener and a question where you do not understand, can help you avoid costly mistakes.

• Good humor and a positive attitude to any situation in your daily work. Dealing with people can sometimes be daunting, especially unpleasant people. There are prosecutors and those who are hard to please (fortunately, there are some customers that are very pleasant to deal with). Good nature will help you to deal with complaints and in the days when everything goes wrong.

• presentable. Remember that you represent your company's image. Thus, in the way you dress and get married, you need to look professional. And always nice to smile when serving customers. People notice when you smile and hospitality meet, and that is the way you present yourself can mean repeated buyer and respect on the part of superiors and colleagues.