Life lessons in the movie "Gulliver's Travels"


Actor Jack Black's latest movie is a modern version of the classic Gulliver's Travels. In addition to fun entertainment, it also contains some wonderful life lessons.

In the movie, Jack Black plays a guy in the mail room, this guy has been trapped in this position for many years, and his work has not progressed. He had a low self-esteem and was obsessed with female colleagues in another department, but he thought he was not outstanding and did not have enough value, so he was afraid to invite her out.

Lesson-Our self-esteem and beliefs limit our achievements in life. Our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves will limit the limits we think we can achieve and achieve in our lives. If we have low self-esteem and always think that we are not good enough and worthless, then we cannot achieve much in life. If we don't believe in ourselves and our abilities, others are unlikely. A sense of inferiority and limited belief in one's ability can cause fear. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely that we will take risks or try anything beyond our comfort or unfamiliarity, which will make us small and distressed, with little room for improvement and breakthrough in life.

be yourself
When Jack Black finally rescued the king in Lilliput, he suddenly became a man, something that had never happened in his life. Overnight, he became a hero, savior, all important and respected. As a result, he began to lie and make up stories, living in a fantasy world to maintain his image in the minds of the Lilliput people. He was an important figure-he came from the President of the United States, so he would be respected. But of course one day, his weakness and incompetence were revealed, and he lost all respect.

Lesson-Be yourself, don't try to be someone you are not. In life, we need to first recognize and accept who we are and feel comfortable with ourselves. We can lie to others and dishonestly try to be others, but we can never lie to ourselves and God, and it is a matter of time before our disguise and lies will be exposed. What's more, if we always try to be like everyone else, and even worse, still put on a false image, identity or image, we will never really feel happy because we will always live a pretend life, this It will be very tiring, unnatural and artificial.