Break the line between business and leisure


If you can, please call me naive, but I want to know why when I insisted on going to a scenic industrial area in a dirty industrial town instead of driving for half an hour, the woman who booked my hotel to travel to the company looked strangely. I.

I think I am naive; why do I choose to stay in a dilapidated hotel and need to completely renovate the dirty place on the road? God knows the fact that I chose a hotel near the meeting the next morning.

But what does the alternative choice mean for my travel expenses? The answer is obvious. The bill would have been bigger. Although this may seem like no big deal, in the grand plan, a small increase and a small increase in everyone else will make a lot of money – all of which are the bottom line.

Today, travel has become easier and bigger. It’s easy to write down a few days in New York after a business trip to Philadelphia. Therefore, the possibility of overspending increases proportionally.

Companies should use travel and expense management software, but need to use it in all forms. The ability of smartphone apps to record cost data in a variety of ways is well known, but the real benefit is that it comes to mind before a business trip.

Here are just a few:

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Fee policy: from

 Good travel and expense management software will allow for an easy-to-understand fee policy, so everyone knows what is acceptable and what is not

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Card integration: from

 An approved credit or debit card [perhaps a company card] can be integrated into the correct package. Use it to book flights and accommodation, and private and corporate money cannot be mixed

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easy to use: from

 People are discouraged by complex technology. With the excellent travel and expense management software, all the hard work is done by the application developer, so calculations and archiving are done in the background, allowing individuals to record expenses freely and easily

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In approval: from

 Claims, approvals, and payments can all be done remotely, allowing more time to be spent on major business tasks—doing business.

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Streamline the process: from

 By eliminating the unnecessary and costly steps in an outdated process, bringing claimants, approvals and payments closer together can make the travel and expense claim process more efficient, which also provides additional costs for the overstaffed finance department. Opportunities, in the finance department, there are more opportunities for cost errors.

The theme that runs through all of this is control. Expenditure control in the area of ​​travel and expense management. For "Control," read "Lessing Money." – Because this is the way the company succeeds by maximizing revenue. It’s hard to make money. Once you've put in a lot of effort, this is a really good company, and they will make sure that everything doesn't go away without providing the greatest possible value.

Although business expenses seem to be related to overall business costs, please stop and think about it: In the US alone, annual business travel expenses amount to hundreds of billions of dollars, accounting for 10% of the company's costs. Is there a technology that can help you control a little bit now?