Great travel article

If you are looking for vacation inspiration or research on long-term travel abroad, then you may want to know some of the best travel articles. The development of the Internet has created more experts and amateur resources than ever before. While this is great and allows you to explore, carefully sifting through the site to find what you need can be a particularly daunting task. Fortunately, many journalists visiting countries around the world have also found favorite websites they trust and like. A national newspaper in the United Kingdom asked their roving writers to provide their favorite websites, which is one of their choices:

According to a British reporter, one of the most popular websites is, which specializes in boutique accommodation around the world. This site seems to have a high reputation among British graffiti, which must be an important consideration. It contains great photos, honest customer reviews, and lots of detailed information about destinations. They may not be the cheapest accommodation option in the world, but those who make a living trip think they are worth the money.

Budget accommodation
If you can't specialize in boutique accommodation, or just want to make money on your accommodation without spending all of your money, you might be interested in registering on From this site, you can find spares in the city you want to travel to, even just a spare room, so you can keep the locals comfortable without discounts. The site covers 181 countries and has a large number of reviews and travel articles for those who use the service to share their experiences.

Independent operator
The Aito-Independent Travel Operators Association is a great place to find more interesting alternative travel, usually operated by more niche operators. If you are looking for inspiration or great deals, then their website may be very useful. You can find travel, destinations and different types of holidays on their website.

City information
If you're looking for a well-written travel article about a quirker, or if I dare say it's a trendy place, then is a popular website. The site specializes in art activities, poetry and pop-ups.