Five good reasons to escort Peru


When planning a trip to Peru, should you travel independently or accompany you? The answer depends on what kind of traveler you pretend to be and what you expect from your trip. However, even independent travellers are signing up for escort trips, hoping to transfer troubles in travel planning and organizational details to others. Now, travel companies have realized that travellers prefer free time, smaller groups and unique hands-on experiences, so accompanying travel is more popular than ever.

I know what you are thinking: accompanying excursions are for the elderly in Bermuda shorts and pockets. You imagine a group of tourists taking the camera off the bus and disturbing the natural rhythm of things near the beautiful ruins you just arrived.

Fortunately, this is an outdated concept of accompanying travel. They have grown up and accompanying travel companies are offering many of the same experiences as independent travellers. Many companies are limiting the number of passengers per trip, seeking a unique experience through contact with destinations, and providing comfortable and caring services to many travelers.

Here are five good reasons to escort to Peru:

1. The full-time travel manager is accompanying the team. Her only job is to make sure your travel is comfortable and happy. Is your room not up to standard? Is it uncomfortable to find a small shop recommended for you? Tired of carrying your own suitcase, or queuing up to buy tickets for attractions or attractions? Your travel agent is responsible for answering your questions, looking for resources to help you travel, taking care of your luggage and anything else that makes your trip more enjoyable. US-based travel agencies often accompany American travel managers who will work with Peruvian tour guides. The tour guide is responsible for explaining the location and bringing local colour to your trip; the tour manager will carefully consider the details of the itinerary and the comfort and well-being of the passengers. Be sure to ask your travel company if they have hired a guide and manager at the same time. Remember: a good travel manager can take you on a journey. You want to find a company that hires an experienced travel manager. And, like a good waiter, he or she will be here to provide you with travel assistance, rather than taking up your time or controlling your itinerary.

2. Leave the details to us: From start to finish, the fine details of your travel experience are in the hands of others. Charge tickets, hotels, guides, transportation, meals, luggage and admission fees. Your job is to sit down and enjoy your time. But that doesn't mean you will become a passive traveler. An excellent travel company will provide plenty of free time for your trip. They will hire experienced guides who can answer your questions and direct you to other sites or events that may be of interest to you. Of course, in order for travel to go smoothly, there must be a “group mentality”: experiences such as being on time or becoming a happy travel companion are important to the experience, but smaller groups and less crazy travel mean the trip. Less mechanized than ever, it’s more time to enjoy the experience. Other details – for example, don't worry about luggage storage, no check-in or check-out, as well as dining plans and field trips. That's why travel is so popular.

3] Peru is fascinating, entertaining and infinite, but it is a foreign country – in many ways it is out of touch with common sense. There are stomach worms and nasty bacteria. There are highly resistant places, occasionally misdemeanor and foreign language to deal with. An excellent travel company uses a proven, authentic restaurant – selected from experience. Their travel agency managers understand the altitude and its impact on travelers, and they know the trading techniques that make you more comfortable at altitude. A good company doesn't want to explain your experience to you, but wants to make your experience more enjoyable by eliminating any obstacles in the process. I have called doctors, changed restaurants, ran to collect prescription drugs, and helped translate the language of Peruvian travelers. For some people, knowing that they are supported in the process will make the journey a better place.

4] Lone travellers – even couples – often enjoy the experience of walking with others. The journey will form a great bond, and I met new friends on the trip, they have established a lifelong friendship with them. You have a lot in common with other adventurers: love travel and experience, love new food, love history or archaeology. You may find yourself traveling with a group of people like you. Group dinners are often a highlight of travel, and after a long day, everyone gathers to enjoy cocktails and share meals. Most people like to travel with others.

5] Team spirit continues to evolve during the tour, making people repeat customers. Every trip has its own life – with its own highlights, private jokes, new friendships and themes. After all, if you travel together, you have to sit down and enjoy the journey, or interact with other travel companions, the real choice. However, this trip has become a filter in which you can experience a culture that usually increases your insights, experiences and memories.

Be sure to read my article about choosing the right travel company before booking a trip. Find something that suits your specific interests, paces and expectations. It’s great to see a trip full of sights and sightseeing, but remember, you will be one of them! Make sure you have free time to pursue your own pursuits, have a sense of rhythm to encourage rest and rejuvenation, and the company must adhere to the best, most qualified travel managers and guides.

Have a good trip…