Women and travel: survey results reveal trends and preferences


The investigation is a great thing. It is only when you think you can control who, when, where and why, a survey will produce the results that challenge these ideas.

For example, in April 2006, Women Traveling together sent a recent travel interest survey to 7,000 women. My first surprise was how many replies we received. Experts say that if you get a 5% response rate, you are doing a good job. Well, our performance is much better, reaching nearly 9% [representing the opinions of more than 600 women].

Of course, we will use the results of the survey to develop our travel schedule, but it also reveals some of the anecdotes about who, when, where and why women's travel preferences. Survey results show…

Who is traveling with a woman…

  • It is difficult to find a travel partner. More than 65% of women said it was difficult to find someone to go with.
  • …but when they travel, they like to travel with girls! Most people travel with their girlfriends or travel alone, but in either case, they travel with women's groups.

When women travel…

  • Women can travel all year round! 45% of women said that it is a good time to travel anytime, anywhere.
  • The woman is "mad." In the past 18 months, more than 40% of women surveyed have traveled 4 times or more.

Where women travel…

  • Women like new destinations. 65% of the women surveyed said they would rather go to a new place than return to the previous place.
  • Alaska, we are here! Alaska is the most sloping destination in the United States.
  • Italy, Italy and Italy. In Europe, the overwhelming preference is Italy.

Why do women travel…

  • The beauty of the earth is the reason why women travel. No matter where the destination is, whether it is to see the natural beauty at the destination, or the primary reason for travel.
  • The cost is secondary. When choosing a trip, women first consider where to go, then consider money and travel with whom.

How do women like to travel…

  • It can be transported by land if needed. Most people prefer land cruises instead of cruises.