6 good books on the trip

Nothing is more arbitrary than the book that is best read when you decide to travel. Reading is a subjective activity based on personal preferences, telling anyone that they should take them with Janna Gray's Kilingiri or Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code to bring them nervous on the plane's borders. On the other hand, it is recommended that reading well is as common as suggesting where to get the best sandwiches.

Good reading usually improves the physical strength of travel. It makes the journey fun with extra sensory driving, making the journey more enjoyable and memorable. So it doesn't only take a few hours to avoid going crazy when waiting to get to your destination. This may be related to entertaining yourself, learning and challenging your perception of the world. Whether you're doing it through fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction or police procedures, if you have enough reasons to read it, it's on the go.

So while we risk being neurotic, there are a few books that not only pass the time during the transportation process. They will remind you why you should like writing text very much first.

Harry Potter Collection [J.K. Rowling]

Are there other books that offer so much entertainment and inspiration? There are seven volumes in its catalog that will keep you busy on your longest journey. The whole world is amazed at the transformation of a young innocent boy into clever adulthood and witchcraft.

Separated waters: 1944-1963 King of the United States, "Fire Column: America in the Kings Period, 1963-1965", Canaan Edge: United States [Taylor Branch] of the Kings Period, 1965-1968

This award-winning trilogy is the author's life goal, faithfully documenting the history of the civil rights movement, especially the story of Martin Luther King. Non-fiction and history buffs will find these books exciting because the clips can be read like a page flipper. These books will keep you awake even on the longest journey.

Yihe Memoir [Arthur King]

This debut novel has been considered a classic literary work, a meticulously detailed and detailed story of the pre-war Kyoto Kyoto area. It focuses on the journey of a young girl from a poor fishing village to becoming a famous entertainer. The memoir is a vivid story full of hope, courage and love, and has always reminded readers that life experiences are fragile and beautiful.

Hollywood Babylon [Kenneth Ajie]

Some of us like to read dirty scandals. Peeking behind the curtains found that not all the bright lights and champagne. There are many such books, but this is the first book. It was issued in 1965, but it was not banned until 1975. Until here, there is nothing to learn to make your life better. But for our gossip dealers, this is the cat's cry!

Painted House [John Grisham]

In fact, anything Grissham does can make you read well when a speeding train, ship or plane jumps into the clouds or jumps out of the clouds. They are deliberately fast-paced and fascinating. This is about a boy who was involved in a brutal murder. He is not slack in the Grisham department.

Chantalan [Gregory David Roberts]

What is fascinating is that it is based entirely on real events. A man escaped from an Australian prison and flew to India to pretend to be a doctor. From there, we experienced a series of adventures that brought our heroes from the turbulent slums of Mumbai to New Zealand, Afghanistan and Germany. Don't let its size stop you. The reading speed is the fastest.