European Travel Plan – a great way to organize travel in Europe

If you are planning to travel to Europe, you may feel a bit confused. Cultural differences and differences between countries are so great that unless you have spent more than a year on the continent, you will not be able to gain an understanding of the entire continent. Instead, knowing that your boss is not the kind of person who will give you a year-round job, I will give you some advice on your European travel plan.

The first is the basic problem. Where do you start? Well, many people will tell you something very different, but as a professional travel organizer, I will not hesitate to tell you where to go. It sounds obvious, but many people are looking for flights to Europe, but they still don't know what they want from Europe. If you understand Europe as a country, it is very wrong. Then, the European travel plan must start with the country or city that you choose to visit.

I strongly encourage all my clients to look at a certain area instead of trying to get everything from it. If you choose Eastern Europe, don't try and see Paris and Rome, it will be meaningless. Remember this and visit Paris, Rome, Berlin and London in another year, with a focus on the big capital. If you choose Southern Europe, please go to Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal. There is absolutely no point in watching Sweden on this trip.

After selecting the area you want to select, the next step in the European travel plan is to look at the traffic between the cities. If you visit less than 6 cities, the aircraft will always be the best choice. If you want to travel long distances, it is usually best to choose a train pass. This is time consuming, but traveling by train in Europe is an experience in itself, especially if you choose Central Europe as the discovery area.

Then it's time to find a flight. To understand the flights that connect your city to the European continent, you should be able to see which city you fly to is cheap. Usually, round trips are the best option, so even if you plan to take a train or plane to an already visited city for an extra trip, try starting and ending the trip at the same location. I can guarantee that it will eventually be cheaper.

Finally, accommodation and activities are the last thing left. I won't disclose the overall strategy for choosing accommodation, because this will be another article, the purpose of which is to prioritize your mind when arranging a European travel plan. If you know what happened first and what happened last, you will know soon! However, if you need help, some travel organizers can set it up for you at a lower price.