8 tips to avoid eating trouble while traveling

One of the best parts of the journey is to taste and taste a variety of fresh and delicious food, whether you are driving across the state or traveling around the world. And, no doubt, relax a bit, then eat something you usually don't eat at home for a week, it's fun, it's part of the freedom and excitement of a vacation!

However, we all know that there are too many feelings in many days in a row: lack of energy, bloating, dehydration, headache or hangover, obvious time difference, and increased susceptibility to illness. All of these things can actually prevent you from maximizing your travel pleasure. Moreover, if you are a food-restricted person, you will know that trying to find food that is good for you will increase your frustration!

The good news is that it's easier than ever to make a variety of food choices to keep you healthy and energetic while you get rid of your daily eating habits. Have a good time on the go, here are some simple ways to eat:

  1. Take precautions. Usually, when we travel, we become irregular and eat irregularly. Sometimes we can walk for hours without eating.

    Contrary to popular belief, you should delay eating to save space and eat a big meal. If you don't eat for a long time, you will delay your metabolism, make your body tired, tired and keep calories. Our bodies call these periods "mini-hunger" and put our brains in panic. To maintain blood sugar stability and avoid energy loss [energy loss can lead to over-compensation of high sugar or fried foods], eat a little nutritious and lean foods every few hours while in transit and when going out. Pack snacks for easy access: nuts, seeds, boiled eggs, hard fruits [like apples], vegetables and hummus, or natural fruit and nut bars.

    If you know where you want to live, search for restaurants near your hotel. Check the menu with your hotel or resort and check the available menus. Once you arrive, you can use apps like AroundMe to find healthier restaurants in your area. Check out these smartphone apps, which help you find gluten-free and other allergen-free options when you travel.

  2. Don't forget the grocery store! Supermarkets, especially local cooperatives, may be the best ally when you travel. You can get fresh produce and lots of healthy snacks easily and cheaply. You'll find a wide range of quality foods at reasonable prices that are free of gluten, dairy products and other common allergens. In addition, many cooperatives also have a deli where you can enjoy delicious sandwiches, salads or crepes during the day.
  3. Your mother is right: eat more vegetables and take in vitamins. When you travel, your immune system is exposed to a large number of new pathogens, especially on airplanes and other mass transit vehicles. You want to make sure your body has the things you need to stay healthy, resistant to bacteria and toxins. Don't forget to pack multivitamins and other supplements! If you can't get fresh greens right away, consider buying some powdery greens, take them with you, and easily mix them with a glass of water or a morning smoothie.
  4. Speaking of morning smoothies… If you are really committed to eating fruits and vegetables every day, you might even consider carrying a travel mixer. For some people, this seems extreme, but think about it: most of them are under $20, can be easily placed in the back of the suitcase or car, and can be quickly made with fruits and nuts. A strong breakfast with vegetables will keep you going all day.
  5. Drink more water than usual. The plane and hotel room are very dry. Walking around the day consumes energy and dehydration. People usually drink or soda during meals, which can also dehydrate people. Drink more than 8 glasses of water a day, and keep energetic, hydrate the cells, make the skin glow, and help toxins.
  6. Drink less than the people around you. Especially in business travel, this is a challenge because drinking is a common pastime. However, in addition to exacerbating dehydration and jet lag, throwing more than two drinks back can lead to an unhealthy diet. [A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that when men drink more than two, they consume an average of 433 calories from alcohol and food!]
  7. Try to make your eight hour beauty break. It's easier said than done, I know! However, getting a decent rest helps stabilize metabolism, resets the adrenal system and boosts immunity. Taking a full rest will make the other options you face during the holidays easier.
  8. Try the rules of "once and for all." Let yourself enjoy and enjoy the food – stick to it once a day. Take a beautiful chocolate cake. There is also a steak fries to help. Order something that happily licks butter and loves every bite. Then, cook with unhealthy food that day. There will always be more.

Whether you decide to plan your meal on the go, we are happy to help you get there! As your travel agency, we can provide you with insider tips on transportation, accommodation and entertainment.