Road stands Hainan attracted 80,000 visits in China International Tourism Fair – Tours Sanya

Hainan Booths attracted 80,000 visits in China International Tourism Exhibition (Shanghai).
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China International Tourism Fair 4th day closed on November 24 in Shanghai. Cabs Hainan specific to rich tropical elements, collected a total of 80 000 people. Some of the Hainan tourism enterprises, participating in the fair, got rapid development.
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During those two fair days open to the public, the citizens of Shanghai and tourists collect tourism catalogs, brochures and information about the trip to tour around the country and abroad. According to incomplete statistics, before the closing of the fair dozens of Hainan corporate exhibitors given out of a total of 25 million copies of travel information to businessmen, buyers, as well as tourists.
Signed 280 contracts for the potential journey, covering 600 thousand tourists. One of the exhibitors Hainan International Pearl River International Travel Service and Chenda International Travel Service signed a travel contract with Russian companies, the number of potential contracting groups in the tens of thousands of people; International Travel Service Hainan Kang Tai has signed a contract for a lot of potential 5 million domestic tourists.
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Administration of tourism in Hainan Province was awarded the “Award for the best stand” and “Award for outstanding organization,” the summary session of the fair in the afternoon.
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According to the current trading situation, the resources of Hainan tourism & # 39; the development has two obvious trends: First, pay more attention to the deep development of tourism resources, improve the characteristics of the product brand, focused on tourism.
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For example, tourism resources are turned into “eco-tourism”. Second, it takes full advantage of valuable older tourist resources in the province of Hainan, such as Sanya, haiku, and so on; and attractions such as hot springs, Hainan fish treatment, the line sea view, rounds of golf and so on.
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Meskalski ethical tourism in Oaxaca, Mexico to understanding

The second decade of this century was the witness the birth of a new and targeted forms of Mexican travel; meskalski tourism. Supporters of spirit, entrepreneurs, photographers and creators of documentary films, as well as the diversity of the students of the rich Mexican culture converge mostly in the southern state of Oaxaca.
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They come to buy, learn and understand, expose the rest of the world, and in some cases, financially benefit from broken work agavodav (amave), artisanal distilling (palenkeros) and their respective seven & # 39; ads. Of the nine states of Mexico, which in 2018 legally could call the spirit of the agave “mezcal”, Oaxaca today with & # 39 is the poorest, by any reasonable criteria.
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And so here, in the state where he was born and raised Benita Yuares, Mexico, the son of Mexico, we must ensure that meskalski tourism is ethical, responsible, sustainable and respectful both to the environment and to the lives of people seeking modest cultivation and agave mezcal preform and distillation. But how can we achieve such lofty goals while ensuring those who support the economy Oaksana?
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Will we move toward understanding meskalskih pilgrimages to Oaxaca in terms of ethical, responsible, sustainable or environmentally friendly, or any combination of the above tourist classifications, we need a point. Most of the more capacious definition contained in the decision by the World Travel Market Declaration on Responsible Tourism in 2002 in Cape Town:
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(1) minimizes negative economic, environmental and social impacts;

(2) create greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well-being of host communities, improves working conditions and access to the industry;

(3) draws locals in decisions that affect their lives and life changes;

(4) makes a positive contribution to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage, to the maintenance of diversity in the world;

(5) provide a more enjoyable experience for tourists through more significant due to the local people and a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues;

(6) provides access for people with disabilities and accidents;

(7) culturally sensitive matter of respect between tourists and hosts, and builds local pride and confidence.

Meskalskaga key players in tourism & # 39 are manufacturers, vinakureli, community, government, industry, regulators, and representatives of brand owners, as well as visitors of Oaxaca. Guides are also included, drivers and others who want to effectively provide appropriate services to those who come to Oaxaca to achieve one or more objectives.
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Almost on a weekly basis in the conduct of meskalskih excursions almost everything that I hear associated with ethical meskalskim tourism for the current “agave shortage” as yourself, because in fact, enough misery. The problem is the sharp rise in the price per kilogram over the last few years, as well as palenkeros and producers who harvest espadin that small, for years before they need to collect in order to produce the best mezcal with optimum yield.
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While demand is growing, tourism, from the point of view of those who travel to Oaxaca to purchase for personal use or to promote export project, only to a limited extent able to resolve this issue in the context of the industry’s sustainability.
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Brand owners, including palenkeros should not pursue their producers, especially those who lead a natural way of life, wanting to get the benefits of the train. They must recognize the cyclical nature of the industry; decent income, received today from the sale of the agave can evaporate in a few short years.
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Likewise, visitors should not refuse wineries sell them at a fair price. Some customers mezcal supporters acknowledge that they are paying a fraction of what they will return home; there is no middle men, no transport costs and often do not have the tax.
Virtually no one in this group of pilgrims is not trying to stay with palenkerasam, and in fact, some insist to pay a little more. They see the standard of living of some seven & # 39; palenkeros ads to which I drive them away, and they have a conscience. Maybe it depends on the type of visitor that keeps me or that I tend to visit predominantly small mom and alcohol plants makeshift factories, which are being moved Oaksana depth, or a combination thereof. Even if your discount when buying mezcal directly with a small artisanal Palenque, will save you only 50% of what you would otherwise have paid back home, who would you prefer to see a profit? Exporter? Dystryb & # 39; Yutariya or sellers: American, British or Mexican? Or something & # 39; I Oaksana who tries every day?

Many tour operators believe that their customers are not willing to pay more for a holiday to the residents of the host region is best shaken. However, a survey of the Association of British Travel Agents has shown that two-thirds of visitors to foreign lands, who were on package tours, will be willing to pay an extra 10-25 pounds for environmental and social improvements. A survey conducted by Tearfund’s aid agency, revealed that 59% of respondents were willing to pay more for their holidays if it will provide a decent salary by local residents and help protect the environment. This supports what I found during meskalskih excursions. Many travelers visiting Oaxaca for peyote, “get.”

Most palenkeros can not even imagine how much it costs per liter of mescal. One company, Aventureros, works with a limited number palenkeros to help them in the calculation of the actual cost of production. This is the highest price paid for raw materials and the final yield, adds to the expense of utility bills, it brings value to the work of family members & # 39; and assisting in various stages of production, and considers more. The problem faced by vinakureli mainly those who want to sell a large number of export is that there will always be a competitor who is willing to pay less and, therefore, knowledge of the real costs of production balanced with finding a market for your peyote. It’s the nature of capitalism, but at least there are people with a decent swing ethical business practices that take Aventurarosa sense of morality. Many of palenkerosav determines prices based on how much they need to “get around” and no more. Consumers who can buy directly from the source, have the ability and possibly the obligation to be fair. Yes, our Western world is not necessarily correct, but, at least, think to do something more, to correct an injustice by your standards. It’s part of ethical tourism, regardless of whether there should be.

The above-mentioned nature of the export business, which deals with foreign brand owners and exporters, with a & # 39 are citizens of Mexico or otherwise. Some believe in fair trade, insist on an appropriate price to pay and / or return of the profits some & # 39; and or society. However, there are others who are trying to squeeze their manufacturers to ensure the best possible cheap price. Some of the former categories represent their business practices as a way to increase sales and / or simply illustrate that they are mostly motivated by altruism. Plotkavyya network to help us learn more about them on both ends of a continuum between them.

To some extent, it solves the problem of the extinction of wild species and sub-species of agave. Some communities dictate its residents that for every wild agave crop yields need to plant two small. It turns out that the lesson has been received in the near extinction of the wild Tabalov near Solo de Vega, previously famous for its beautiful wild mezcal. Regulatory advice CRM (Consejo Regulador del Mezcal) recently began performing promulgated rules that exclude palenkeros that not dealing with the issue, as noted above, and registered the land from which they were harvested, producing mezcal certified for export and for domestic consumption . Of course, there are problems with any regulatory authority, particularly in Mexico, but it’s a start. For me, the notion that mezcal, which is made from wild agave, with & # 39 is better than distilled from cultivation can, with the & # 39 is part of the problem and is clearly false as a general opinion; should be considered more as teroir, specie and sub-specie, production and trade of weapons means palenqero skills and reputation, etc .. Mezcal, peraganyany in copper cultivation espadina may be “better” than Tabola made from wildlife agave and distilled in clay. Buy what you like, and this operation will take place a long way towards sustainability.

Similarly, there are brands who understand the potential cutting trees that are cut and used as traditional wood for burning furnaces. Some begin to programs to restore forests in search of volunteers for planting seedlings in the rainy season. These environmentally conscious entrepreneurs are also encouraged volunteers to agave planting programs.

I do not belong to walk to where the government is. Indeed, you can skillfully argued that the government is doing more than its fair share to promote meskalskay industry for the benefit of producers and distilling, as well as to address environmental issues. But ethical meskalski tourism takes a different approach. Request, and no more than:

• complies with the rules of responsible tourism to direct visitors to Oaxaca only certified on the & # 39 facilities built for tourists;

• whether the principles of responsible tourism, to avoid Palenquero small size call them the spirit of the agave “mezcal”, given that the root of the word predates even the founding of a country, which we now call Mexico;

• conforms to the rules of responsible tourism, or can not be Palenquero collect and pay the tax when they almost scraped off, if there is a viable and reasonable ways to fill public offices.

Yes, of course, meskalnaya industry needs regulation to protect the public consumption, and those who have the ability to pay tax, must pay their fair share, whatever it was. But there are no funds to achieve these objectives, which are more consistent with the principles of responsible tourism or ethical? Since we can stretch the limits of the theme of this article, let’s just leave it at that.

In the short term Oaxaca Visitors wishing to explore, learn, buy, and all the rest, can not have an impact on the public or otherwise controls. meskalnaya industry, and do not think about trying to do it. But they can resolve imbalances by ensuring that they are doing everything reasonably and under its control, to benefit the citizens who grow and create the spirit, if not increase, at least to protect the environment from the adverse effects on humans.

The initial possibility to travel in Oaxaca should ensure that their visit according to their desire to become part of the ethical meskalskaga tourism in choosing their mezcal-facilitator, whether a guide, a driver and fixer in the context of the goal to remove or take a picture. This person must play a key role in ensuring that residents are engaged in the growth of agave or mezcal production, to have a reasonable profit. It is his responsibility – to help those who need help, and at the same time does nothing to reduce or prevent sustainability; that is, to benefit people and the environment.

I wrote about the supporters of the responsibility to make mezcal proper care in evaluating brands, representatives and others in this area, to ensure that their purchases match with respect to social responsibility. It is true that the issue is not directly related to tourism meskalskim. However, usually those who love the spirit of the agave eventually find their way to Oaxaca. And so it is best to begin to address these issues before you go to the state for any reason related to mezcal, to study, to buy or to promote a commercial project. Given the effects and consequences of the visit of the structure in the early stages, it increases the likelihood of a decision on the issue, the relevant ethical tourism meskalskamu.


Luxury eco-holiday in Africa

What is ecotourism? This type of tourism, as a rule, for areas that can be enhanced by environmental that save water, promote recycling, and others. Ecotourists travel frequently, interested in environmental and social consciousness. However, the ecological tourist does not have to be an ardent environmentalists. Designate dollars obtained only by tourists, can give a great contribution to the environmental improvement of the site. For example, there are companies that offer travel around Africa, which guide travelers on an African safari, consciously protecting and preserving the landscape of African resources.

Ecotourism trips usually undeveloped natural areas with minimal pollution damage. Countries such as Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, Zambia, South Africa and Victoria Falls can easily fall into this category. These areas are largely benefit from the awareness efforts in eco-tourism due to the fact that there are more restrictions on the placement of luxury hotels in the middle of the securities or endangered lands. So clever and responsible of these companies will be able to provide a luxury vacation in Africa that encourages the protection of ecosystems and the promotion of social and ecological communities, who were born in these areas.

Travel to Victoria Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world, located in Zambia, offers activities such as canoeing, hiking and bungee jumping. Accommodation in Tongabezi includes river cottages that include personal valet, who mainly provide luxurious trip to Africa. This trip can be provided by One With Africa and planned devoted environmentalists. Therefore all activities and lodging are planned in accordance with the philosophy of sustainable eco-tourism. Another trip to Laikipia, Kenya, is a journey into several community ranches and grazing lands in the wild Northern border country. tourist dollar can contribute to the fact that local communities directly share the profits from their native land. Among the many destinations of trips and events accompanying land, luxury vacation in Africa can be specialized according to the travelers, considering how much direct socio-ecological involvement is necessary to wish to participate during the rest of Africa.

We can pretty much exclude a trip to Dubai, because it has a positive environmental impact. Although tourism in such a place may provide jobs and economic improvements for the citizens of the region, he obviously does not consider financial incentives to preserve the beautiful landscape on which to build resorts and trendy hotel.

By contrast, luxury travel vacations in Africa provided by companies such as One With Africa, which offer ways to participate in protecting the environment and native animals. Even with the wine tours to Africa on safari or walking, tourism can have an incredibly encouraging effect on the environment by such efforts, as living in places with solar power or by recycling and disposal of waste in an environmentally responsible manner. Companies from non-tourism order, for example, One With Africa, constantly think of ways of tourists participate in the preservation of beautiful African landscapes efforts.


Adventure tourism in India

India – is an incredible land of Southeast Asia, studded with prominent topographical features, such as mountainous regions, arid desert areas, torrential valleys and long rivers, etc. On the & # 39; unity of all these geographical features have made India the land, which you want to save.

To put all these treasures of nature values ​​globutroteram, the Indian government has initiated various types of tourism. One of these forms of tourism with the & # 39 is adventure tourism. This is a new form of tourism that is slowly gaining popularity among adventurers.

Adventure tourism includes the study or travel to remote or exotic areas, while maintaining harmony with nature. This helps to adventure lovers to indulge themselves to different types of outdoor recreation to rejuvenate yourself.

Adventure activities in India:

In India, there is a wide range of adventure activities that captivate the attention of thousands of adventurers from around the world. Some of the famous Indian adventure sports – hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, cycling, skiing, helicopter skiing, paragliding, deltaplanavanne rafting.

Apart from these, in India there are also some other exciting adventure sports such as snorkeling, diving, surfing, you can do on the big blue Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Next to these adventure lovers can also to love yourself more adventure sports such as desert safaris, in the wild, elephant safari, jeep safari, nature walks at various wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of India.

tourism adventure tourism in India:

In every corner of India has studded beautiful tourist destinations, such as the snow-covered mountain region, the Great Himalayas, including places such as Jammu and Kashmir, Gimachal Pradesh, Utaranchal, Sikkim, West Bengal The upper limit.

In addition to the Himalayan mountain ranges, and other adventure activities of our country with the & # 39 are the beaches Guoan, desert area of ​​Rajasthan, Western geth and eastern geta South India, as well as various wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, such as the Jim Corbett National Park, Gir National Park , Ranthambore National park, Kaziranga National park, etc.

Some of the most famous places suitable sports in India, who throughout the year attend visitors – Lech odds, Zanskar valley, Kargil valley and Sura, the valley of Manali and Kull, Valley Lahual and Spitz, Dalinamshala and the valley of Kangra, Chamba Valley, valley Kinavra and Sangli, Rishikesh, Garhwal and Kumaon valley, Darjeeling, etc.

Thus, immediately plan a trip to India and learn all these mentioned exciting adventure sports.


Popular locations for medical tourism

Medical tourists from different countries travel for health in those countries, which have high-quality health care at reasonable prices. Therefore, they spend extra money on travel, medical care and accommodation at the place of treatment. Medical tourism – old concept because thousands of years ago people traveled for medical purposes or for spiritual treatments to different countries. When choosing a location for medical tourism is taken into account many factors, such as high medical bills and expenses, pending the determination of procedures, accessibility and affordability of international travel, the quality and the latest technology used in the treatment.

Some of the most popular destinations – Europe, Japan, Middle East, UK, USA, Canada and Costa Rica. These places are popular due to the quality of their health care services, technology and competence of physicians. Hospitals of Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba and Turkey are popular procedures in cosmetic surgery. Surgeons of South American countries such as Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina, the leaders in the field of plastic surgery thanks to his experience and knowledge. Plastic surgery is very common in Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia and the United States. Slovakia, Belgium and Poland are beginning to work in the health sector.

A large number of Americans traveling abroad for medical care, although the United States also have medical facilities. There are a lot of intermediary companies that provide assistance in medical tourism. These companies offer global health care at reasonable costs. There are different commissions and societies which care about the quality and standards of hospitals available for medical tourism. Countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, India and Costa Rica have many infectious diseases as compared to North America and Europe. Therefore, medical tourists need to stay for a while in the country that they choose for health care because travel soon after surgery can create many complexities. Tourists who have problems with breathing and heart, avoid long flights and combine their recessional tours with medical tours.

North American site

quality of health care in Canada is lower than in America, but medical tourists can save 30 to 60 percent of its cost in comparison with the United States. Medical tourists can save up to 80 on health services in Costa Rica compared with the United States. Costa Rica is popular for cosmetic procedure, dental, weight loss and orthopedic surgeries. Operation on a knee replacement is very cheap, so patients travel to Costa Rica for medical tourism. Patients from all over the world come to Cuba for the best quality of medical services and excellent reputation of physicians. Medical tourists in Europe and Latin America travel to this destination because of its location and save up to 60 to 80 percent over the fences in the United States. Cuban hospitals are best known for the treatment of cancer, cosmetic surgery, joint replacement, eye surgery and rehabilitation of addiction. Cuba's government has taken many steps to increase revenues from medical tourism, and US patients, Canada and the UK visit Cuba for treatment. Dominican Republic with & # 39 is a very popular destination for hip replacement, baryyatrychnyh operations, plastic surgery, knee replacement, eye surgeries and all other medical procedures. Medical tourists can save 50 to 75 percent compared to the cost in the United States. Plastic Surgery and Dental Health of Mexico appreciated the whole world. The costs of these procedures vary from one quarter to a fifth of American costs. The quality of medical services in Mexico is very high and medical tourists are satisfied.

Quality health services, location and dollar as an official currency with & # 39 are the reason that Panama is famous for its medical services. Medical professionals of Panama are trained in the United States and use the latest technology to provide high-quality medical services. Medical tourists can save more than 50 percent of health spending, compared with Europe and the United States. Dental implants, assisted reproduction, cosmetic dentistry, plastic surgery, cardiology, orthopedics and pulmanalogiya – popular procedure in the treatment. Surgeons Brazil gained worldwide fame in cosmetic surgery.

South American site

Orthopedic surgery, cosmetic surgery, transplantation, eye surgery and cardiovascular system – popular procedures in Colombia. Medical Services in Colombia cheap and foreigners can get human organs from Colombia. Colombian doctors have the experience and have worked in many European countries and the USA.

Asian spot

China has gained popularity in the treatment of stem cells. Medical experts in India are popular in hip resurfacing, cardiac surgery and in the field of modern medicine. Treatment costs in India are very low, almost a tenth of treatment costs in the US. Malaysia Health Service is also very popular, and Malaysian doctors are trained in US and UK hospitals. New Zealand & # 39 is a popular destination for medical tourism for fertility treatment and surgical procedures that do not belong to the architecture. Doctors are trained in the UK and US hospitals. health care costs are very low compared with the US. Thailand is popular in organ transplantation and cardiac surgery at lower prices.


Moreover, British and Canadian medical tourists do not wait for a long time and go to Germany for treatment. Cancer and spine surgery are well treated in Germany at lower prices. Dental services in Ukraine available at a lower cost. Materials and high-end equipment used in dental clinics and hospitals. There are many suitable places for medical tourism but a medical tourist chooses according to its own choice and affordability.


Rajasthan Package

Rajasthan is famous for its rich heritage, beautiful culture, exciting desert safaris, hereditary properties, wildlife, fairs and festivals, fit sports, tribal life, music and dance, architecture, cuisine, peoples, religion, crafts and luxury train "on wheels Palace" . In Rajasthan tour package covers all destinations. Rajasthan has a huge potential for tourism, and tourism of Rajasthan offers various tour packages with lots of variations. Palace of Jaipur, Udaipur lakes and the desert fortress of Jodhpur, Bikaner and Jaisalmer -. the main tourist destination of Rajasthan In Rajasthan a variety of old and abandoned palaces and fortifications were converted into heritage hotels, and play an important role to improve the state's economy.

Despite the fact that a large part of the total area is desert, and although there is little forest cover, Rajasthan has a rich and diverse flora and fauna. In Rajasthan, there are four wild reserves, these reserves attracted a group of species with all of its territory on a temporary area, which gives a peaceful survival. In the winter season, all the wild life in common with the wonderful sounds and mesmerizing visual background on sprawling grassland flora. Rajasthan – a safe place of tigers and many endangered species.

Rajasthan – a country of magical fantasy and a rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan – a mixture of beautiful traditional towns. Every city of Rajasthan has an exceptional culture and a different color. Great palaces of Rajasthan and rough fortifications, spectacular desert, forested hills and tranquil lakes, bustling towns and quiet villages, incredible flora and fauna and of course the colorful and vibrant people of Rajasthan make up a complex tapestry of mysticism, grandeur and vyaskovastsi. Today Rajasthan – known tourist destination thanks to the charisma of a large number of castles, palaces and havelisav in each city, who were once the princely states. In the days of British rule, the region commonly called Rajputana. Live folk dances, melodious music and spectacular festivals of Rajasthan turn into a paradise for tourists who are interested in a trip to Rajasthan. The local language of Rajasthan – "Rajasthan", and old sayings are given to understand that the language of men and turban are changed every 24 km. You can easily feel the mood shift and change this tourist destination rhythm from one region to another region and from season to season.

Famous cities of Rajasthan – Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Bikaner, Ajmer, Alvaro, Cotta, Pushkar, Mount Abu. Rajasthan-excursion package includes all the major tourist destinations and making them vacation memories of life.

Jaipur or "Pink City" – the capital of Rajasthan, with a wide open road and the gardens. The royal city of Jaipur is full of wonderful folklore romance and heroism. Glorious forts and palaces, bloodshot pink, where once lived "Maharaja", forcing the city to live. Shopping in Jaipur, which are famous for their ornaments, fabrics and shoes, acquire eternal quality and, of course, with the & # 39 are a treasure trove for shoppers. This fascinating city with its romantic charm takes you between the kingdom and traditions.

Udaipur – a beautiful city near the water of the lake, and he is known as the "City of Dawn". Udaipur is located in the green hills Aravalisa. Fairy-tale palaces of Udaipur, lakes, temples, gardens and narrow strips scattered stalls, carry the flavor of heroic past, embodying the courage and chivalry.

Ajmer – famous and important pilgrim center, similar to the Hindus with Muslims. Especially famous Aymeram with & # 39 is the tomb of a Sufi saint Darg Sharif Hvazha Moynyuddina clean.

Pushkar – another important place for Hindu pilgrimage. Pushkar – the residence of Lord Brahma, which lies to the west with a temple and an attractive lake. Pushkar Lake – a sacred symbol for Hindus. Within a month Karyk (October / know.


Texas tourism is booming: here's why

United States – a country that is going through some rough spots, and with any period of trials and tribulations come immersed in how many people want to travel. Even in the absence of enthusiasm in traveling in this great country, texas tourism, it seems, post storm better than even the wildest travel experts. The question is simple – why? How is it that a lone star state's ability to maintain a steady movement of travelers across their borders, when other states see a lull?

It is best to think of the Texas paper tourism as more than a regular clip. In fact, the company with the order to make Texas a prime location for visits of the towers, is in full swing since the 1960's. While Texas has been perceived as a relic of the Old West, and it certainly did not help in 1963 happened kill the president in Dallas. Times were hard for the state, and even its inhabitants are looking for greener pastures.

Finally, an organization called the Texas of the tourist development agency was created with the sole purpose to make Texas the place seemed. With just over 100 000 dollars in the mid-1960s, the agency has begun to work. By 1970 the number started to increase tourism and revenue broke the billion dollar.

Since then, the agency has been absorbed by other offices in state government, but the Texan paper tourism is still holding steady, and when to step back and look at things, you can understand why. To start with Texas is very convenient for business. Generous tax breaks and subsidies have attracted some of the biggest brands on the national and international scene. This migration companies in Texas, of course, has made its mark. For example, in the last decade in the Metroplex Dallas / Fort Uortse ranked second behind New York in the number of construction for commercial, warehouse, office and rental of premises. real estate, retail trade and the economic structure of the experts not only marked a historic boom length of the Dallas / Fort Uortse, but also agreed that in the short time it was impossible to reduce the speed.

Business leap that makes its home in Texas means better jobs for both residents and non-residents. Reducing the number of jobs is usually also a positive impact on the retail market.

Perhaps the closest the cause in which Texas was so high on the list of satisfactory places to visit or call home, is that no matter where you are, you can always find a hidden gem stone city with lots of hospitality and charm. . In addition, you do not really more than a day trip from major Texas cities (eg, Dallas, Austin, X & # 39; Euston, San Antonio), and of the hundreds of thousands of miles of roadway, Texas – the best road route destination.

In Texas Tourism is definitely observed a new era of the explosion, but in fact the Lone Star State has been on the rise for six decades. All of this means for you and your family & # 39; and then, if you decide to visit, you'll come immediately.


Excellent tour of the continent of South America

If you are interested in adding new and interesting and exciting destinations to your travel itinerary, do not miss the opportunity to spend a vacation in South America. After selecting a trip to this beautiful continent, you will get the opportunity to discover different cultures and civilizations with a great history, a controlled temperamental but also very welcoming Latin spirit. Some of the most famous and important countries in South America, representing true symbols for the South American continent, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Panama have a very developed tourism potential, attracts mostly large number of tourists.

These gorgeous country known great progress and development in the last few decades, in spite of its heavy historical past, which was dominated by political conflicts and interests. Currently, these beautiful countries on the South American continent with the & # 39 is one of the most sought after vacation spots that fascinate visitors with a wide variety of travel & # 39 sites and resorts, both old and modern outstanding arhitektonichnyh structures, large and navyazvayuchyh cities, which offer all the ingenious, innovative and hard-working character of their inhabitants.

Excellent economic achievements of these major countries in South America are directly proportional to their high potential for tourism. Thanks to their great history, culture, music and the amazing beauty of their urban and rural establishments, not to mention their accomplishments regarding the very treasured Latin passion – football, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and Panama have become extremely popular all over the world. Their constantly increasing popularity has led to a vivid development of tourism, which attracts millions of tourists to its borders.

If you decide to travel to Brazil, you will be surprised by the amazing beauty of this great South American country. Among the most popular places to travel to Brazil – the capital of Brazil, as well as major cities such as Sao Paulo, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro. Brazil, known for its majestic carnivals, magnificent natural resorts, tropical climate and abundance of its people, with the & # 39 is a very popular holiday destination. Brazil, known as an important center for tourism of the South American continent, mainly attracts a lot of visitors. In Brazil, there are well-developed and extended network of airports that facilitate air travel facilitating the visiting tourists access to major cities and various other locations between the borders of the country and abroad. Thanks to modern infrastructure and a variety of airports present here, flights to Brazil – a fast and convenient way to travel to this intriguing region of South America.

Looks like Brazil, Argentina and a & # 39; is a major tourist destination in South America. The most popular places travels in Argentina with & # 39 are its capital – Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata – a major tourist resort on the Atlantic coast, La Plata, Santa Fe, Santa Cruz, Cordoba, Mendoza and San -Huan. Combining the Latin mentality with European cultural influences, Argentina – a welcoming country for those who want to discover new places. Thanks to a well-developed network of airports present here, the best way to travel around the country – it is by air. In addition to being very comfortable, Argentina flights can be inexpensive. Travel to Argentina and you are guaranteed to be the time in my life!

Although they are much smaller than Brazil and Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and Panama are also & # 39 are the most important tourist centers of the South American continent. Holidays in Colombia, Venezuela and Panama exciting and intriguing experience for both regular travelers as well as for occasional visitors. The most popular places to travel to Colombia from & # 39 are Bogota, Cartagena, If, Villa de Leyva, San Augustine and San Andres. Among the most sought after travel destinations in Venezuela – Caracas, Puerto La Cruz, Isla Margarita, Isla El Gran Rock, Isla La Tortuga, Meryda and Puerto Ayacucho. Popular trips to Panama – Panama City, Bocas del Toro, Boquete, Isla Kontadara, Guadalupe, Bastsimentas Isla, Isla Taboga and Almirante.

If you decide to visit the country for the beauty of its tropical landscapes, beaches and beaches, to ancient cultural resorts and a variety of historical tourist sites, or just chat with gorgeous, welcoming locals, spending a vacation in Latin America it is certainly a wonderful and unforgettable experience!


Foundation for the Preservation of tourism corporation – the promotion of responsible tourism

Foundation for the Preservation Tourism Corporation (TTC) – it's about the & # 39; a joint initiative of a number of leading travel companies. TTC – enterprise, which belongs to the family & # 39; and Tolman. Founded Stanley Tolman more than fifty years ago, the company now led by his son Brett Tolman, who acts as the CEO and President. Operations Travel Corporation include leading travel brands such as Trafalgar Tours, a collection of boutiques Red Carnations Hotels, cruise ships to the boutiques of Uniworld River and much more.

Foundation TTC & # 39; s Conservation – a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of sustainable tourism and the protection of certain regions of the world exposed to the cultural and environmental dangers. Tallman vision is to "continue to fund this important work" through the Foundation for the Preservation of tourism corporation. Companies such as Trafalgar, Brendan Vacations, Insight Vacations, Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection, AAT Kings and others. Currently, the Nature Conservation Foundation is fully funded through the support of travel companies. Recently, he participated in several projects in South America, Europe, Africa and Australia. The Board of Directors of the Fund carefully examine each project to ensure proper use of funds. The Council, with the support of the Advisory Board of experts in the field of conservation and development.

In South America, the Foundation contributed 350,000 dollars to protect the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, which has been recognized as the World Biosphere Reserve and contains many endangered species. For many years, Wood widely chystsivsya for cultivation of sugar cane and urban settlements, and the rest of the forest is estimated at less than 10% of the original area. Foundation grant helped protect some three million hectares of forest in high priority areas.

In Europe, through the Fund, Trafalgar is working with the UK National Fund, in order to protect some of its regions, starting with the giant Kazueya in Ireland this year (and the White Cliffs Duvera next year). Insight Vacations is working to help protect and preserve some of the battlefields of Europe, the 1st and 2nd World Wars. Uniworld is working on cleaning the River Nile and Contiki is working on ocean initiative.

In Northern Botswana, Africa, the Foundation previously supported the Wilderness Wildlife Fund, working towards the support of the African environment and wildlife. In particular, funds were allocated for the construction and equipment of three research camps dedicated to research elephants, antelopes and zebras, to protect both species and their habitats.

In Australia, the beautiful Kimberly region in the past three years, the fund took advantage of the financing, which aims to help local communities to develop and maintain sustainable tourism there. This will contribute to both environmental protection and the promotion of the tourism industry of the indigenous population, which in turn will support the local community.

The The World Council of Travel and Tourism The awards were held "tomorrow Tourism" and the last three of them over the past six years save TTC Foundation He was one of the two main co-authors with Travelport. This award recognizes the leading organization in the field of promoting responsible tourism – an issue that is of great importance in a world of diminishing natural resources and increasing concern about the environment.

TTC also believes that one of the major impacts of its collective efforts can help reduce emissions of carbon dioxide from the water travel & # 39 is the best training customers of its brands, the creation of their awareness and participation in the reduction of the corresponding tracks during their travels. This can be done, if each of them always turns off the lights and air conditioning in hotel rooms, which is, being at a party and participate in programs for recycling and the use of linen, if offered. Respect for local cultures and no pollution when visiting also important. TTC works to engage and educate their customers before they go on such issues, to ensure maximum awareness and adoption during the trip.


Travel to Rajasthan, India and fall in love with Rajasthan tourism

Well, you think about the journey of the royal land of Rajasthan, India. No doubt you're going to get one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. The country is rich in culture, dating back from the traditions of Rajasthan with a & # 39 is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. This rich cultural state of India there are various options for tourism, for example, visiting monuments, enjoying the luxury heritage hotels, familiarity with the reserves and wildlife parks, camel safari pleasure in deserts, familiarity with the breathtaking natural beauty of Mount Abu – the only Rajasthan hill stations, observation for fairs and festivals, and view cultural activities, etc.

While you will travel in Rajasthan, you will see and notice that in the state of an impressive blend of traditional villages and modern cities. You will have a great opportunity to captivate the perfect blend of the royal past and present. The State reflects the splendor and royal necklace on every area of ​​life. Excellent state monuments are proud to talk about the saga of heroism and romance of former rulers. They also reflect the rich culture and traditions of the region. In the state there are several magnificent monuments that are worth visiting and never will enchant its visitors. Every year a large number of tourists visit Rajasthan, India.

Historical tour of Rajasthan will take you in different historical places of the state, where it was shown the royal past and rich history of the state. Visit the City Palace, Havana Mahal, Golden Fortress Kumbalgarh fort, fortress Merangarh, Amber fort, etc. make your historical tour of Rajasthan unforgettable. Luxury Rajasthan tour gives you a great opportunity to stay in hotels a great heritage of the State, who are known for their world-class amenities. There are several ancient palace of palaces, which are now turned into a palace hotel, such as the Lake Palace – Udaipur Palace Umaid Bhawan Palace – Jodhpur and others. These hereditary hotel equipped with all modern comforts, but kept its ancient charm. Stay at these hotels Palace heritage while traveling through Rajasthan and feel like kings and feel in hospitality.

During the tour to Rajasthan you can also get acquainted with its rich flora and fauna. In the state there are several well-known parks and reserves, which makes it possible to see the exciting activities of wild animals and enjoy the magnificent greenery of the jungle. If you want to travel in Rajasthan more convenient, you can seek help from a travel agent that offers customized tour packages. If you are new to Rajasthan, surely excursion package will be more beneficial for your tour and travel in the state.

If you really want to enjoy a real delight of tourism in India, travel to Rajasthan and zakahaytsesya in tourism. Be sure it never will charm you.


Why Rajasthan with & # 39; is the official heritage of India

Rajasthan, which is a & # 39 is one of the largest Indian state, is called the legacy of India for many reasons. Great place imperial grandeur, Rajasthan is famous, of course their social waste, rich history and plenty of tourist choice. In Rajasthan, India, has a large number of alternatives for tourism. Some of the most popular tourism options – social tourism, tourism neprymerny life, ancestral tourism, urban tourism, tourism recorded, and so on.

Rajasthan Tourism offers an additional large amount of exercise, you will really love to have fun. The study of parks and refuges of natural life, jeep safari, camel safari, riding boats along the dazzling lakes, with the winged animal observation, and so on – a few exercises that you certainly do not want to neglect to evaluate them against the background of his visit to Rajasthan.

Energetic and vibrant province of Rajasthan is famous for its further differences that trace its lifestyle, customs, geology, people, lifestyle, cooking and so on. This is his different qualities, which makes it one of the main purposes of travel in India. It is impossible to find such a large number of different qualities in some other Indian context. It is clear that the visits to Rajasthan are an excellent meeting in travel and tourism.

One of the most ideal approach to think about Rajasthan – are different wonderful landmarks. You will see and visit some nice places to visit in Rajasthan. Incredible castle, palace royal residences, stunning Haveli, huge reserves and so on taking an important role in the explosion of travel and tourism in Rajasthan, India. City Palace, Jaipur, Amber Fort and Palace, Jaipur Lake Palace Udaipur, mehrangarski Fort Jodhpur, City Palace Udaipur Palace Samad Jaipur, Fort Kumbalgarh fort Zhunagarh Palace Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur, Golden Fort of Jaisalmer Fort Havelisa Shekavaty, camp Pushkar Jain temple and so on – some of the real attractions of Rajasthan, and they never neglect to captivate tourists while visiting India in Rajasthan.

Some castles and royal residences of Rajasthan have now been turned into an old tavern. These castle tavern trim exciting atmosphere, mixed with world class amenities and the age-old appeal. You will have a great chance to stay the locking hotels among your trip to Rajasthan. Accordingly, the state is known as a place where there are guidelines.

Rajasthan is known for its extra large waste – Thar desert. During his visit to Rajasthan you will have a great chance to investigate the scene of betrayal of Rajasthan. One of the most ideal approach to investigate scenes of betrayal Rajasthan – Camel Safari. You can estimate the camel safari to investigate the cast and see the sparkling sand ridge of Rajasthan. A trip to the Sam Sand dunes at sunset – extremely well-known exercise in young and newly married couples. You should not miss a visit to the sparkling sand ridges among your tour package in Rajasthan.

Therefore, if you too have decided to travel to Rajasthan, India, welcome! Visit Rajasthan, India and explore the vibrant and colorful state. Follow the unlimited choice of tourism and offer memories of visits to Rajasthan with your family and companions.


Uttarakhand Tourism – an amazing travel experience

Uttarakhand is also known by the name of Uttaranchal. In 2000 November, the state was renamed the 27th Republican states of India. This place has been extracted from Uttar Pradesha and consists mainly of the rolling hills of Uttar Pradesh. Utarakhand tourism gives you a beautiful view of the glacier, adventure, pilgrimage tours, hiking and many more in the list.

Utaranhalski reference attracts people to this land from most countries of the world. This is an ideal land of the gods. Uttarakhand was called "Devabhumi", which means "Land of God". That's because this place is indicative of the true nature of large mountains, cold, snow, pure water and fresh air and soothing. This is probably a paradise on earth. A place filled with small villages where people are really simple, but have a hard and difficult life.

In Tutarahandskim tourism only 12%, while the remaining 88% – completely hilly. It consists of many pilgrimage sites and places where it is known as the land of the gods. The most visited places of worship Utaranchalya – Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrynath Harydvar.

Let's talk about soothing and stunning hill stations with this vtaranchalskaga directory. This trip will be unforgettable if you visit its hills, such as the Valley of Flowers, Kavsani, Munyary, Ranikhet, Auli, Dhanuli, Lansdowne, Nainital and debris. More than 70% of the population of this colorful state depends on agriculture for livelihoods, but the government is trying to increase the tourist office and the tourist industry.

The most exciting attraction tutarakhandskaga tourism – is Kumba Melo. People and devotees come to the million-population only to take one holiday immersion in religious and respectful of the Ganges River. Four religious Dham India is also located here, as named in the above lines: Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrynath that open in the summer season.

It's easy to see and to imagine that in the near future uttaranchalski guide will make this place the most important part of India's tourism industry.

Jim Corbett National Park with the & # 39 is the perfect place to explore the wild life or Utarakhanda Utaranchalya. Adventure lovers can please and entertain exciting activities such as skiing, climbing, sliding on his hands, paragliding, river rafting and how small and high campaigns. Uttarahandski tourism will surely give satisfaction and rejuvenation of your senses.