Oklahoma City Thunder beat Miami Heat behind Russell Westbrook’s 15th triple-double of season

MIAMI — For the Oklahoma City Thunder, outlet passes are as outdated as typewriters and pay phones. Who needs outlet passes when you have point guard Russell Westbrook grabbing a season high-tying 17 rebounds — all of them on the defensive end — and …
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Miami turned into Foam City

Miami turned into Foam City

In its new “Foam City” ad, Sony turned Miami into a huge foam bath free for all. In an attempt to do this, Sony leashed 120 million gallons of bubbles in the streets. The leading manufacturer of technology products consulted a bubble expert and built the world’s largest foam-making machine. This bubble machine pumped out more than 500,000 gallons of foam per minute and 2,000,000 liters of foam every 60 seconds. This new commercial, in conjunction with the evolution of its popular like.no.the advertising campaign, which exceeds out expectations by transforming a whole neighborhood of Miami into a bubble bath is for Sony’s cameras.


Sony had fully prepared for the massive shoot by building the foam machine and getting clearance from Miami and FDA certification. The downtown Miami was filled with foam during seven days. The massive 7-day shoot required involvement of many people including one documentary filmmaker, one pro photographer, 150 person crew, 200 Miami citizens with Sony cameras, and 20 journalists.


The world’s largest foam machine was built for a massive shoot.


Sony set out to fill downtown Miami with foam over the course of a 7-day shoot.


Several people were set to walk by who stopped flat in their tracks when they saw the bubbles.


A gust of wind would blow down the street.


A total of 460 million litres of foam was used in the advertising.


The principal city and the center of the South Florida metropolitan area became a soapy free-for-all.


Sony\’s new “Foam City” ad is for Sony\’s cameras.


The “Foam City” shoot was part of an ad campaign for Sony’s new range of digital cameras.


Sony UK\’s Mikah Martin-Cruz said that with “Foam City’, they had created somewhere people just could not put their camera down, even for a moment, as something totally unexpected and wonderful happened every second.


Bubbles and foam may make you smile.


The images and footage lasted 16 hours in total.


Those who were not present in Miami could eventually be able to see it in an online gallery.


Many participants were really anxious to see the final results.



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Miami – The “Magic City”

Miami – The “Magic City”

It is vacation time again and there are numerous places that you can choose and decide to spend your hard earned money in a beautiful place. You and your family would want to visit a place where they can get lots of fun and new experiences. Miami, the “Magic City”, may be the place for you and your family to spend those exciting vacation days. It is a complete family destination which has something for each and every member of the family. There are places to visit for the kids as well as for the adults. Just follow the Miami travel tips and everybody will have a happy and good time. Once you get all settled in the hotel it is time to explore the sights and scenes of Miami. Start off by taking your kids to the Miami Metro Zoo. It is the largest and oldest zoo in Florida. The zoo is a free range and houses over 1,200 wild animals. If the zoo is not enough excitement for your little ones then according to the Miami travel tips, the Jungle Island is the ideal place to be in. It is a lush tropical garden that has animal shows as well as exhibits for a new learning experience.

There is also the Miami Sea Aquarium, a thirty five acre ocean aquarium that features a large array of sea animals and exhibits. Make sure you put your walking shoes on as it takes two to three hours to tour and enjoy the entire aquarium. There are some activities for the adults and the kids that may have a fun time too. The Miami travel tips would also suggest going to Coconut Grove. This is the place where you can get the taste of the exquisite Miami dinning and shopping. Coconut Grove, offers a cosmopolitan village feel where you and your family can visit the art galleries and if you get a chance to spend a little time alone then there are also cutting edge bars and Miami night clubs. You and your significant other deserve a night out on the town. There is also the Jurlique Spa, if you are in the need of some pampering. It is located at the Mayfair Hotel and Spa, which is a tranquil environment for your body and mind. After you spend a little time at the spa, there are lots of places where you can do a little shopping or can virtually just window shop. The Miami travel tips also recommends Lincoln Road Mall. It is a seven block pedestrian mall with four hundred businesses that are located outside. This is the prefect place to shop for yourself, your kids and your friends back home some gifts.

For a little history lesson, there is the historic Coconut Grove Play House, a south Florida landmark for close to seventy five years. It was an acclaimed home for live theater since 1956. Coconut Grove is also the location of the Barnacle Historic State Park. It gives a glimpse into the Era of the Bay, situated on the shore of Biscayne Bay. This was once the home of Ralph Middleton Munroe, who was one of Coconut Grove’s most influential pioneers. Miami offers something for everyone and the trip will ensure that you all will go home happy and with good memories to cherish for life.

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