Sunset Club Apartments Miami Florida

Sunset Club Apartments Miami Florida


6259 Sunset Dr # 5h, Southern Miami, FL 33143

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Very Well Maintained

From: PJ-Landy 
Date posted: 10/15/2009 
Years at this apartment: 2009 – 2009 

I have resided here for only a couple of weeks but i could state that I’ve met plenty of nice individuals in a course of fourteen days. The next-door neighbors are friendly while the share is extremely clean. 

It’s a vintage complex, nevertheless the reasons are well-maintained. 

The apartment is small but really cozy, i enjoy the area. 

Good Price

Date posted: 8/20/2009 
Years only at that apartment: 2009 – 2009 

I recently wished to say that i am living right here since March of 2009 & thus far it has been a fairly good place to reside, not forgetting the cost of the apartment.

I really do concur that it is a mature neighborhood, but the location & the ammeneties it offers, i must say i can state that it can not be outdone.
If you’re realistic & aren’t hunting for granite counters & crown molding, etc. this location will in all probability suit you good.
I have got a cozy apartment & We loooove the truth that i could go to eat, & check-out Winn Dixie for groceries, anyhow I do not need seem like i am advertising when it comes to put it’s just that folks are quick to write about negative things, but never take some time out to give great opinions.
The staff here are nice, the supervisor & maintenance are particularly courteous & help you residents i have spoken to some old timers & they appear to be pretty pleased with their particular sorroundings.
Today, your day I re-locate I’ll tell you about my deposit…lol


Sweet Apartments


From: -Anonymous- 
Date posted: 1/20/2009 
Many years at this apartment: 2008 – 2009  excellent apartments, i could get to in which i want rapidly. Just had per year living right here & the anagement is good, reasons are clean & administration just take scare of what’s needed.
Our company is UM Students & simply the undeniable fact that the metro rail section is immediately is a major plus for us & other students that reside right here. To find out more on flats check the page

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