This is why Cryptocurrency Dash embarrasses Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are rampant right now.

Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. But what gives them value? When have you ever used bitcoin?

The truth is that it is not practical at the moment, primarily because of the time required to complete the transaction. But there are other coins that emerge as viable candidates for the success of bitcoin as the number one cryptocurrency.

There is a lot to understand about the intricacies of cryptocurrencies, but this article is more about finding investment opportunities than explaining the science behind them.

Bitcoin bubble.

One thing you need to know is the concept of “mining”. This is the basis of cryptocurrencies. This is how new bitcoins turn out.
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Simply put, the “miner” solves a complex mathematical problem with the help of special software, as a result of which he is rewarded with new bitcoins. Then the deal is kept in the blockchain, these new bitcoins are officially in circulation.

As more bitcoins are in circulation, mining them becomes more complicated, time consuming, and less profitable. Thus, although about 80% of potential bitcoins are in circulation right now, the latter will not be mined until 2140.

As many people know, bitcoin has seen a huge rally this year. In fact, it has grown by about 1,200% over the past year, which is why many people think it’s a bubble.

The total value of bitcoins in circulation now exceeds $ 150 billion. If Bitcoin were a company, it would be in the top 50 in the United States.

Personally, I believe that the only reason bitcoin is so much more valuable than any other cryptocurrency is that it was the first to break into the mainstream. However, it is still possible. At the very least, it gives other coin makers something to improve on.

The good news is that even if you think you missed the bitcoin boat, there are plenty of other cryptocurrencies out there. Of course, some are deceptions, but others have real potential.

One of them, which I think has a real, practical application, is called Dash.

Dash – digital cash

First, Dash is ahead of the game in terms of convenience. At the moment, bitcoin transactions take an average of 10 minutes to an hour. Dash is going to be the main cryptocurrency that can be instantly (in less than a second) transferred between parties, making it much more practical when it comes to buying items online or in-store.

One of the most attractive features of Dash is that 10% of the newly issued coins are given to Dash DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Simply put, DAO is the treasure trove of Dash. At the current price of more than $ 600 per coin, it is $ 4 million a month that he can use.

You may know that no other coin has such ongoing funding. With this money Dash DAO can develop և sell currency.

In addition, anyone can come up with an idea for a project to increase the value of Dash. The project is then voted on by thousands of Dash developers. An example would be working with stores to make Dash a viable way to bargain for their products.

Of course, these developers make money from Dash, so what benefits և contributes to the currency will be tempting.

This creates a circular effect where the currency rises in price as it is better financed, marketed, and then the DAO earns more money, it can market more Dash.

Breakthrough for Dash

To date, Dash can be used to purchase goods or services in over 300 physical stores և over 100 sites. But for that, progress can come from the marijuana industry.

At the moment, banks are not allowed to have anything to do with marijuana transactions. everything must be done in cash. The sellers can not even put the money from their sale in the bank.

Not only does this pose a risk of robbery, but these companies must pay for cash storage and transportation. It is growing rapidly.

The ability to use Dash will be huge for these vendors. That’s going to mean a lot for Dash’s price.

The good news is that it has already begun to make progress. In April, Dash partnered with a digital payment system called Alt Thirty Six, which works with the country’s leading dispensary business management software companies.

These software companies track the delivery services of hundreds of dispensaries. This means that Dash users already have hundreds of ways to use their currency.

Since Dash officially became a payment method on Alt Thirty Six on October 11, its price has increased by 118%. It is only in a month and a half.

Right from the beginning

With only $ 4.8 billion in market capitalization compared to $ 156 billion in bitcoin, I think Dash still has a long way to go.
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The marijuana industry is just the beginning for Dash, but it’s great. In 2016, legal sales amounted to about 7 billion dollars. Another $ 46 billion was sold in the market.

And as more stores open and more marijuana becomes legal in more states, that legal figure is expected to reach $ 23 billion by 2021 and $ 50 billion by 2026.

Again, this is just the beginning for Dash. Its unique direct transaction feature makes it a viable alternative to cash, giving it an edge over other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.


How Bitcoin processing units are used for digital currency mining

It is a well-known fact that bitcoin mining equipment has changed dramatically in recent years due to the evolution of new central processing units in the market. Newer machines can process bitcoin faster than computers of the past. Moreover, they consume less energy and last longer. Field programming gate array processors are connected to processors to increase their computing power. When choosing a bitcoin development tool, make sure it has a high interest rate, which will give impressive results to users. According to experts, data processing speed is measured in mega hashes per second or GIGA hashes per second.
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Another parameter in choosing the best bitcoin mining equipment is analyzing the power consumption of the various machines on the market. If the processor requires a lot of power, it can have a detrimental effect on the product և business. Therefore, the equipment must be of high quality and cost-effective in order to attract people’s attention. Electricity payment costs must be synchronized with the bitcoins earned through the app. It should be noted that the processor consumes its own power for its work, as it requires more to connect the bitcoin mining hardware. The combined costs should be weighed against the benefits accruing to the vehicle.
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One of the most important components of the device is the graphics processing unit, which can easily perform complex polygonal calculations. As a result, it is quite useful to solve the problem of blocks of transactions by processing bitcoins. According to experts, GPUs have a clear advantage over CPU hashing technology due to their higher processing power. In addition to working with bitcoins, GPUs can also manage the transfer of cryptocurrency data without any problems, making it compatible with other applications.
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The ASIC version has been introduced to the market for bitcoin mining, as it has much more power than a graphics card. It is mounted on the computer motherboard like any other gateway that is designed to be used for processing purposes. The mass of the programmable field gates on the board can transmit 750 megawatts of power per second. With powerful machines, bitcoin can be mined with astonishing speed. Whether custom chips are expensive and takes some time to prepare, the speed of the data they provide is great.
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5 Emerging Blockchain Training Institutes in India


Mindmajix Training makes you an expert in blockchain programming concepts such as cryptocurrencies, distributed logs, and hyper-logs. This Blockchain online training course focuses on key concepts such as architecture, blockchain core layers, bitcoin mining, and Ethereum public և private blockchain concepts. You will also learn about industry-based real-time projects in different vertical directions.
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Unoversity is the best Blockchain knowledge-based online learning portal offering free online blockchain certification courses in India. Blockchain online courses are categorized into finance, security, technology, development, crypto, basics, and architecture. Courses designed especially for students, beginners և intermediate learners, who can subscribe to online training courses for free տալ Ask questions and questions with an expert in the relevant field.
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Unoversity online training will help you master և learn the best blockchain technology – the driving force of cryptocurrency. In this blockchain certification course you will learn about the different aspects of structure, mechanism, blockchain technology, blockchain network design, deployment for real world applications. Unoversity is a Bangalore-based online learning institute that has trained 1,000+ learners and developers over the course of a year to enroll in 100+ available courses.

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Intellipaat certification course offers final blockchain training that includes programming: Solidity, ethereum, distributed log, hyper log, multi-chain, cryptocurrency, bitcoin mining, architecture, core layers, application, etc. In this course you will work on real world projects և case studies for hands-on experience.
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Naresh Technologies.

Blockchain training is conducted by a real-time expert with real-time scenarios. A blockchain is nothing more than a digital record of all the transactions of the economy, without data loss, abuses, manipulations, “frauds”, mostly careless. It is a distributed database, with the help of blockchain technology, և we can host transaction data from millions of computers at the same time,: we can retrieve data at any time, this data is not available to hackers.
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Simple to learn.

Simplilearn’s Blockchain Certification Training is for developers who want to decipher the global obsession with Blockchain, Bitcoin: cryptocurrencies. You will learn the basics of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger և Multichain Blockchain platforms և technical mechanisms, use the latest tools to create Blockchain applications, create your own private Blockchain, deploy smart contracts on Ethereum և gain hands-on experience with the real world. projects.
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Cryptocurrency Mining:

Cryptocurrency mining is an endless game in this digital world. Bitcoin, the first decentralized currency introduced in early 2000. Cryptocurrency mining is a complicated process of checking transactions and adding them to the public log (blockchain). This record of past transactions is called a blockchain because it is a chain of blocks. The blockchain is used to confirm transactions with the rest of the network. Blockchain is also responsible for launching new bitcoins. Each of the many cryptocurrencies in existence depends on the basic idea of ​​the blockchain.
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Mining process

The cryptocurrency was designed to be decentralized, secure, and unchanging. So every transaction is tangled. When this tangled transaction is done, it is added to what many call a “block” until a certain number of transactions are registered. The block is then added to the blockchain, which is publicly available. During the mining of cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash, Ethereum, etc., the miner has to make the last transactions in blocks, break the computationally complex puzzle. There are several online bitcoin mining sites. It has become a very common way to earn money.
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Cryptocurrency is cryptocurrency, which means that it uses special encryption, which allows you to control the production of coins, confirm the transaction. The block is quite useless with its currently available egg. However, after applying the algorithm to a specific block. As a result of matching, the miner gets a few bitcoins. To be able to hear bitcoin through mining, the miner must be technical. Bitcoin mining is very competitive for profit. Bitcoin price makes it difficult to make money without speculating on prices. The payoff is based on the extent to which their device has helped solve the puzzle. The miners check the deals, make sure they are not fake, the infrastructure keeps smiling.
The best coins for mine

Bitcoins are not a decent decision for beginners who are shooting on a small scale. The cost of maintaining current prepayments, as well as the significant scientific difficulties of the procedures, simply do not make it cost-effective for buyer-level equipment. Bitcoin mining is currently being used for large-scale operations. Litecoins, Dogecoins և Feathercoins, again, are three Scrypt-based digital forms of money that are the best way to save money for students. According to the current Litecoin estimate, a man can earn from 50 kopecks to $ 10 per day using customer-level mining equipment. Dogecoins և Feathercoins will return marginally fewer benefits with similar mining hardware, but are becoming more popular every day. Peercoins can also be a reasonably fair profit for your time: viability.

As more individuals join the cryptocurrency growth, your decision may be more difficult as finding more expensive equipment will be required. You will either have to invest heavily if you have to keep mining that coin, or you have to take your income and switch to less demanding cryptocurrencies. Understanding the top 3 bitcoin mining strategies is probably where to start; This article focuses on mining scrypt coins. Likewise, make sure you are in a country where bitcoins և bitcoin mining is legal.

The purpose of mining

How about focusing on cryptocurrency mining? The whole key point of the mining industry is to do three things.

1. Give accounting to the coin network. Mining is essentially every minute of every day on the computer, called “transaction verification”.

2. Get a small reward for your bookkeeping administration by accepting coin fractions every two days.

3. Slip your personal expenses, including electricity: equipment.

Some basic terms:

A free private database called a coin wallet. This is a password protected container that saves your revenue և keeps a huge record of transactions. Free mining software package, similar to money, usually consisting of a cgminer և layer. Registration in a web-based mining pool, which is a community of miners who consolidate their PCs to increase profitability և wage stability. Register at an online money exchange where you can exchange your virtual coins for regular cash և vice versa. Reliable full-time web association, ideally 2 megabits per second or faster. Place equipment in your basement or other cool, ventilated area.

Work area or specially designed PC for mining. Indeed, you can use your current PC to run, but you will not be able to use the computer while the digger is running. A separate PC is ideal. Hint. Do not use a laptop, game console or handheld for mining. These devices just aren’t good enough to make money. ATI graphics processing unit (GPU) or specialized processing device called ASIC chip mining. Costs range from $ 90 to $ 3000 for each new GPU or ASIC chip. The GPU or ASIC will be the workforce to outsource the mining operations to the accounting administrations.

Home air conditioner to blow cold air through your mining computer. The mining industry generates considerable heat, and equipment freezing is essential for your prosperity. Personal interest. You absolutely demand a strong appetite for constant reading and learning, as there are constant innovations, new methods of modernizing coin mining are emerging. The best coin miners spend hours diligently considering the most ideal ways to regulate and improve their coin mining efficiency.

Profitability of cryptocurrency mining Every time a mathematical problem is perceived, a constant amount of bitcoins is created. The number of bitcoins generated per block starts at 50 and is halved for every 210,000 blocks (about four years). The current number of bitcoins awarded per block is 12.5. The last semi-finished product took place in July 2016, and the next one will be in 2020. Profitability assessment can be done through various online mining calculators. The development of digital currency standards, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash, which have stimulated huge corporate acquisitions, is required to contribute to significant market development in the near future.

Cryptocurrency mining is a computationally intensive process that requires a network of multiple PCs to verify transaction logging, known as blockchain. Excavators are offered a share of the transaction fees, they are more likely to find another block by investing in high computing power. These support transactions help enhance the security of the network հաճախ: guarantee honesty, which is a significant factor in the development of the global cryptocurrency mining market.

How does cryptocurrency work?

Simply put, cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is designed to be secure in some cases anonymously. It is closely related to the Internet using encryption, which is basically a process where readable information is converted into code that cannot be cracked to capture all transfers and purchases.

Cryptography has a history that dates back to World War II, when there was a need to communicate with the safest horse. The same evolution has taken place since then, it has become digital today, where various elements of computer science, mathematical theory are used to provide online communication, money and information.

The first cryptocurrency

The first cryptocurrency was introduced in 2009 and is still known around the world. Many more cryptocurrencies have been introduced in the last few years, և you can find so many available online today.

How do they work?

This type of digital currency uses technology that is decentralized to allow different users to make secure payments, such as save money without having to use a name or even go through a financial institution. They mainly work with blockchain. A blockchain is a public log that is publicly distributed.

Cryptocurrency units are usually created through a process called mining. This usually involves the use of computer power. Doing so solves mathematical problems that can be very difficult when creating coins. Users are only allowed to buy currencies from brokers and then store them in cryptographic wallets where they can easily spend them.

Cryptocurrencies, the use of blockchain technology, are still in their infancy when it comes to finance. More applications may appear in the future, as it is not yet possible to say what else will be invented. Futures of stocks, bonds, and other types of financial assets can be traded very well using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the future.

Why use cryptocurrency?

One of the main features of these currencies is that they are secure, they offer a level of anonymity that you may not get anywhere else. There is no way the transaction can be delayed or forged. This is the biggest reason why you should consider using them.

The fees charged for this type of currency are also quite low, which makes it a very reliable option when compared to regular currency. Because they are decentralized, they can be accessed by anyone, unlike banks, where accounts can only be opened with permission.

Cryptocurrency markets offer a whole new form of cash, and sometimes the rewards can be huge. You can only make a very small investment if you find that it turns out to be something great in a very short period of time. However, it can still be noted that the market can also be volatile, there are risks associated with the purchase.

5 Benefits of Managed Forex Accounts

For anyone working full time, not having time to learn the great secrets of FX trading, or for beginners who are new to this lucrative business, a managed foreign exchange account would be a great option. Foreign currency managed accounts based on the concept of wealth management work more or less the same way. They ensure the growth of your initial investment. Basically, a managed foreign currency account is one that allows the broker or other authorized person to act in your best interests. This means that the authorized party, who is usually an expert in foreign exchange trading, can make transactions on your behalf without the need for your permission. However, you do not have to be the person managing your business. You can choose an automated currency managed account that runs on automated trading software that is programmed to take into account things like recent trades, various statistics, market trends և indicators. Whichever way you choose to go, there are definitely many benefits to running a managed foreign currency account. These include the following:

  • Managed Forex accounts are managed by experts who have the required knowledge and skills in the field of foreign exchange trading. This means that making money from FX is easy for them. Moreover, they take only a small percentage of the profits.
  • Another advantage of FX managed accounts is that you have a guaranteed return. Experts are in a good position to make real-time decisions about how to benefit from any transaction they make, unlike most of us.
  • FX managed accounts are liquid by nature. This means that if you do not feel the need to continue with FX, you can simply withdraw your money.
  • They require low start-up capital; $ 5,000 is actually the minimum investment requirement of most institutions. Compared to most other investments, this one is quite modest.
  • The last advantage is that they provide you with the most up-to-date information on the status of the foreign exchange market. They also offer other relevant information, such as comparisons of your investment progress with recent market trends, and more. This gives you more control over your investments. Moreover, even if your portfolio is managed by another party, you still have the right to manage your affairs.

Advantages and disadvantages of using automatic Forex Trading robots

Automated Forex trading robots are popular functional aids used by many currency traders. These tools are traders’ partners in increasing profit potential. They make the whole trading process efficient and easy, thus facilitating the work of traders.

Like any tool, however, Forex robots also have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s first look at what these tools can do. Using one means you do not have to process everything by hand. These smart tools will make trading much easier for you, so you will have more time to study the market and develop a strategy.

If they give you more time to control the market, you can also trust them to make accurate calculations. They are, after all, based on mathematically validated models. With this feature, they can help you make more money by increasing your chances of making a more profitable trade.

Last but not least, they reduce the likelihood that your business will make catastrophic emotional mistakes. Every trader is at risk of making these terrible mistakes, especially when they are so obsessed with market fluctuations. But if you just let these robots work for you, you will be less emotionally involved, so you will have fewer opportunities to make these mistakes.

Disadvantages of automatic Forex trading robots in the market are available in many versions. It is often difficult to distinguish between good and bad. You have to be very careful when choosing one that will work wonders for you. Another disadvantage is that traders tend to be overly dependent on these programs. When using this tool, make sure you never forget what you know. Never lose your skill, so you can still work effectively in the market, even without a trading robot.

Why Do Many Forex Beginners Fail?

I am often asked why the vast majority of beginners in foreign exchange trading are often prone to failure. The answer is not clear. but it revolves around a few key points.

Forex traders do not become millionaires overnight. It’s a tough business, you have to do it this way. Unfortunately, this perspective often causes us to become overwhelmed when it’s time to start a project. They see it as an easy way to make money, but they learn that not everything is as perfect as the cunning marketers present it. The following are the main reasons why most people can not make a profit.

Lack of Forex Trading education

As with any business, you need to know your market inside to be profitable. Get a free or even better paid training course from a trusted source – study it extensively. Once you’re familiar with the forex market, practice your demo accounts every day to further improve your skills before starting a small trading business. Most often, beginners fail because they do not have to worry about spending time and effort.

Unrealistic expectations

Unfortunately, this perspective often causes us to become overwhelmed when it’s time to start a new business. This false impression is inspired by foreign exchange marketers, promising automated software – robots – so-called foreign exchange experts. To get your money’s worth, they usually boast that making a huge profit with their product or service is just a few clicks away.

Trade without an adequate strategy

Another huge mistake that new traders make is entering the market without any strategy. In general, you should have a clear goal for your overall currency operations, a clear strategy for each trade you make. More specifically, you need to determine the currency pairs you will trade with, the leverage you will use, and the time you will spend in the forex market. Your plan should also include a reasonable return on investment expectations.

Lack of commercial discipline

Once you have an objective trading strategy, you can stick to it. By building your personal plan in advance, you instantly significantly reduce future risks. When you start a business, risk and reward become a reality, a person can easily be guided by fear or excitement. In short, not having enough discipline can lead to emotional turmoil, which can be harmful.

Passing emotional

Many beginners often go through an emotional process that can lead to bad decisions. When it comes to money, use logic, common sense, and practice to prevent overwhelming emotions from gradually consuming your investment. Let’s be realistic, here we are dealing with money, և character is required to stay calm և focused when the market is not going as expected.

Choosing an Unreliable Online Forex Broker

If the mediator you choose does not have the skills, experience և tools needed to give relevant advice to beginners, the chances of failure are greatly increased. Before opening an account with a specific online currency broker, make sure you know everything you can about them. Make sure they provide a high-quality, low-cost trading platform with some confidence.

Stop Loss Order ույթ Failure to make a profit

What most beginners fail to fully grasp is the benefit of the stop loss order, which unfortunately is usually associated with failure in the minds of almost all traders.

“Take Profit” works in the opposite direction, allowing you to determine the exact interest rate at which you want to close open positions so that you can lock in the profit.

Money իսկ risk management issues

Insufficient money risk management skills is one of the main reasons why beginners are not able to succeed in the currency exchange market.

Limiting the risks you take often plays a big role in your currency travel. Highly effective money management should always be your only way to become a successful trader.

Leverage abuse

Another major reason why beginners lose most of their investments is because they risk too much for each transaction. They “bet” on the possibility of making huge profits, very often they are easily discouraged, they leave the market very disappointed. Do not be greedy, never trade for money you can not keep. Reduced leverage gives you cost-effective flexibility, as well as a much wider “stop-loss” that will protect you from the risk of over-capitalization. Excessive leverage in Forex can practically cause your account to disappear in a short time if the market does not obey your decisions.

Forex trading is quite difficult, so be sure to learn all aspects of the market. Build relationships with successful traders և Learn from their experience. Risk management – money is significantly more important in the foreign exchange market – do not expect fast-paced miracles to happen magically.

Lastly, when managing your account, make sure you are capitalizing adequately using the appropriate trading dimensions, limiting risk through smart leverage. With some discipline and patience you can definitely become a successful trader.

Currency Trading Online – 3 Tips to Radically Turn a Beginner into a Winning Trader

Online currency trading is one of the ways to get rich. However, many new entrants to the currency markets just face it, then stand up and repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Becoming a profitable, reliable trader is not really a difficult goal to achieve, but it does require good self-discipline to learn from your mistakes and never repeat them. Here are 5 tips to help you make money online trading և become a full time professional trader.

Tip 1 – Logic vs. Emotions

I will mention this tip first, as you will often see this topic in the world of currencies.

Some traders claim that they are trading on “guts” or “instincts”. What actually happens is that they weigh their brain variants before making a commercial decision.

The brain approaches quite well և usually comes out with the right answer. It’s a bit like adding your own food quickly. You can often get quite close, but you rarely get the overall accuracy if you only have a few seconds.

The difference between making a profit and losing money on a currency is the edge of a very narrow knife. The gut feeling just won’t work, you’ll lose money if you follow that strategy.

Instead, focus on logic. The right way to make any decision is always logic. Logic gives you the opportunity to trade. Never, never trade without a good reason. The common denominator is that traders trade because they get bored. This usually results in rapid losses.

Tip 2. Learn as much as you can

The good thing about the world of online currency trading is that there is a huge amount of educational materials, such as books, videos, and even one-on-one tutorials.

You can read the day trade, the swing trade, the long-term horizon trade, the adult trade, the minors trade, the news trade, and much more.

I advise you to know as much as possible about the world of currency trading. The more you know, the better seller you will be.

There is a lot of free information out there, but there is also a lot of paid information. Do not be afraid to invest in your education. What you learn will be easily repaid in the form of multiple profitable trades.

Tip 3. Start trading

After all, you have to start trading for real money. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from using a demo account, just to feel comfortable with the trading software you are using.

But the moment you start trading for real money, the game changes. Your emotions are trying to strain և affect your trading horse.

So how do you know what it means to trade with your own money without actually risking any of it? Unfortunately, it is impossible, but there is a good solution.

Most brokers allow you to start trading at very low levels. Some even offer “micro lots”. This is a place where you can trade for as little as a penny. This means that even if the market moves significantly against you, for example, 100 points, the maximum you can lose is the dollar. That’s right, one worthless dollar!

But the advantage of trading for even a penny is that you will trade for real money. You will feel what it is like to switch from fake money to real money. If you have never shot one you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Keep trading low until you want to increase your trading volume. As you grow, do it in small steps եք allow yourself time to adjust.

Power tool care և service

Power tools are not cheap,: there is nothing worse than spending a fortune on a new drill to break it down in a year. Unless you’re a carpenter, the average person will use their power tools sparingly, probably just a few times a year or even less. To ensure that you do not waste your investments or endanger your safety, you need to take regular maintenance precautions to keep your tools in top condition.

Keeping yourself safe is a good reason to follow regular maintenance procedures. A rusty blade or broken gear can cause serious injury to you or your loved one. Never switch on the power tool if you think it is damaged.

To prevent problems, keep your tools in a clean, dry place, away from dust and moisture. Dirt can be trapped in mechanisms either by slowing them down or stopping them altogether. Excessive moisture can cause rust, which can easily damage power tools. This is especially true if they are battery operated. Batteries should be checked frequently for leaks and replaced according to factory specifications. Electrical cords ոց plugs should also be inspected for damage before use.

Keeping power tools oily is also an important part of regular maintenance. This helps keep the movement clean և can և prevent rust. Lubrication keeps your equipment smooth և should be done frequently. It’s cheap to buy: it can add years to your power tools.

Larger tools will require more thorough maintenance. Filters should be frequently inspected, changed, such as lubricated, sprayed, and tested for use. Bolts, hoses and other small parts must be securely fastened. Tools such as table saws sometimes need to be balanced to ensure that they work properly. The blades also need to be replaced regularly. If you are not sure how to perform the necessary maintenance, consult a specialist. Never try to clean or repair a car without experience: knowledge. Not only can you damage the tool, but you can also seriously damage it in the process.

If any object gets stuck in the power tool or the mechanisms break down, make sure the machine is completely switched off before disassembling. Always follow all instructions for disassembling and then reassembling the equipment. Do not add or modify any details without consulting the manufacturer.

The most important part of storing power tools is safety. Keep all instruction manuals that came with your power tool. They will be invaluable when problems arise or you use the tool infrequently. If you’re not sure how to fix the problem, either call the manufacturer or have it checked by a specialist. Make sure your tools are in good condition before handing them over to a friend. You do not want to be held responsible for the consequences of using a malfunctioning tool. Doing a little maintenance will keep your power tools running smoothly for years.

What is Bitcoin and how does it differ? "Real:" Money և How can I get some money?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency. It does not exist in the physical form of the currency and coin with which we are accustomed to exist. It does not even exist in the physical form of monopoly money. These are electrons, not molecules.

But keep in mind how much cash you personally spend. You get a salary that you take to the bank, or it is automatically set without even seeing the paper on which it is not printed. Then you use a debit card (or checkbook if you are an old schoolboy) to access those funds. At best, you see 10% of it in cash or in your pocket. So it turns out that 90% of the assets you have are virtual – electrons in a spreadsheet or database.

But wait, these are US funds (or any country you come from), safe in the bank, guaranteed with full FDIC trust, up to about $ 250,000 per account, right? Well, not right. Your financial institution may require you to keep only 10% of your deposit. In some cases it is less. It gives the rest of your money to other people for up to 30 years. It charges them for the loan, և charges you for the privilege that allows them to convert it.

How is money made?

Your bank can make money by lending them.

Say you have invested $ 1,000 in your bank. After that, they give $ 900. Suddenly you have $ 1,000 and another $ 900. Magically, $ 1,900 floats around where there used to be only a grand.

Now say that your bank gives 900 of your dollars to another bank. That bank, in turn, gives $ 810 to another bank, which then gives $ 720 to the customer. Poof $ 3,430 at a glance, almost $ 2,500 created out of nothing as long as the bank follows the rules of your government Central Bank.

Creating Bitcoin is as different from creating bank funds as it is about creating cash from electrons. It is controlled not by the central bank of the government, but by the consent of its users: nodes. It is not created by a limited number of mints in the building, but rather by distributed open source software: calculations. And for creation you need a de facto work. More on that soon.

Who Invented BitCoin?

The first BitCoins were in the 50-bit block (“Genesis Block”), created by Satoshi Nakomoton in January 2009. At first it really had no value. It was just a cryptographic toy based on a paper published by Nakomoton two months ago. Nakotmoto is apparently a fictional name. no one seems to know who he or they are.

Who is behind all this?

When Genesis Block was created, BitCoins have been around ever since, doing all the transaction tracking for all BitCoins as a kind of public registry. The nodes / computers that perform the log calculations are rewarded for this. For each set of successful calculations, the node is awarded a certain amount of BitCoin (“BTC”), which is then newly formed in the BitCoin ecosystem. Hence the term “BitCoin Miner” as the process creates a new BTC. Բ As the supply of BTC increases, քանակ the number of transactions increases, the work required to update the public register becomes more and more difficult. As a result, the number of new BTCs in the system is projected to be around 50 BTC (one block) every 10 minutes worldwide.

Although the computing power of BitCoin mining is now growing exponentially, so is the complexity of the math problem (which, by the way, also requires some guesswork) or the “proof” needed for mining. BitCoin ավորել Manage transaction books at any time. Thus, the system still generates only 50 BTC blocks every 10 minutes or 2106 blocks every 2 weeks.

So, in some ways, everyone is behind it, that is, all the nodes in the network are behind each BitCoin story.

How much is it, where is it?

There is a maximum number of BitCoins that can ever be created, and that number is 21 million. According to the Khan Academy, that number is expected to increase around 2140.

12.1 million BTC were in circulation this morning

Your own BitCoin is stored in a file (your BitCoin wallet) in your own storage on your computer. The file itself indicates how much BTC you have, և it can travel with you on a mobile device.

If that file in your wallet’s password is lost, so is your BitCoin resource supply. And you can not return it.

How much does it cost?

Value varies depending on how much people think it’s worth, just as in the case of “real money” exchanges. But since there is no central government trying to keep value at a certain level, it can be more dynamic. The first BTC was basically worth nothing at the time, but that BTC still exists. As of 11:00 a.m. on December 11, 2013, the public price was $ 906.00 per BitCoin. By the time I finished writing this sentence, it was $ 900.00. At the beginning of 2013, the cost was about $ 20.00. As of November 27, 2013, it was valued at over $ 1,000.00 per BTC. So at the moment it is kind of volatile, but it is expected to be adjusted.

The total value of BitCoin at the end of this sentence is about $ 11 billion.

How can I get some?

First, you need to have a BitCoin wallet. This article has links to get one.

Then one of the ways is to buy from another private party, like these guys on Bloomberg TV. One way is to buy on the stock exchange, for example, Mount Goks.

And last but not least, the headline made you read this article. That’s far beyond the scope of this article. But if you have a few thousand extra dollars, you can buy quite a lot of equipment.

How can I spend it?

There are hundreds of merchants of all sizes who pay for BitCoin, from cafes to car dealers. There is even a BitCoin ATM in Vancouver, British Columbia, to convert your BTC to cash in Vancouver, BC.

And so?

Money has a long history, dating back thousands of years. Some time ago, legend told us that Manhattan Island was bought for vampires, shrimp, and so on. In the early years of the United States, various banks printed their own currency. During a recent visit to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, I spent a currency that was only good on a beautiful island. The common theme was the trust agreement between its users that the currency had value. Sometimes that value was directly related to something as solid as gold. In 1900, the United States tied its currency directly to gold (the “Gold Standard”); in 1971, it ended that bond.

Currency is now traded like any other commodity, and the value of a particular country’s currency can be strengthened or reduced through the actions of the central bank. BitCoin is an alternative currency that is also traded. However, its supply is limited to և known և (as opposed to physical currency) and the history of each BitCoin. Its perceived value, like all other currencies, is based on its usefulness and confidence.

As a currency, BitCoin is nothing new in Creation, but it is certainly a new way to make money.

Bitcoin. Everything that should be.

If you spent $ 27 on bitcoin when it was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, your investment would now be worth more than $ 37,000,000.

Bitcoin, widely considered the largest investment machine of all time, saw meteorite growth in 2017 from $ 777 to $ 17,000.

Creating millionaires from opportunistic investors and abandoning financial institutions, Bitcoin has responded to its critics at every possible event this year, with some believing this is just the beginning.

The launch of Bitcoin futures on December 10, which will allow investors to enter the Bitcoin market for the first time through the major US regulated stock exchange, suggests that we are just getting started.

Bitcoin makes it so valuable that there is a limited quantity. When there will be a maximum of 21 million bitcoins, unlike regular fiat currencies, you can not just print more of them whenever you want. This is due to the fact that bitcoin works on a working protocol. To create it, you need to extract it using the power of computer processing to solve complex algorithms on the Bitcoin blockchain. When you get it, you are rewarded with Bitcoin as a payment for your “work”. Unfortunately, the rewards you get for mining have plummeted almost every year since Bitcoin was founded, which means that for most people, the only viable way to get Bitcoin is to buy it on the stock exchange. Is it worth the risk at current price levels?

Many people think that Bitcoin is just a bubble. I spoke with Duke Randall, a cryptocurrency expert and long-term investor who thinks the asset is overvalued. “I would compare it to the supply-demand bubbles of many times in history, such as the Dutch tulip mania, the late-90s point bubble. Prices are just speculations. based on և when you look at the functionality of bitcoin as a real currency, it’s almost embarrassing. ” For those who do not know, the dot com bubble was the period between 1997-2001, when many Internet companies were created and received terribly optimistic ratings based on net speculation, which later fell by 80-90% as the bubble began to collapse. at the beginning. 2000s Some companies, such as eBay և Amazon, have recovered և are now much higher than those estimates, but for others it was the end of the line.

Bitcoin was originally created to seize power from our financial systems, to put people in control of their own money, by cutting off the average person, by allowing them to do business with partners. However, it is now one of the slowest cryptocurrencies on the market, with transactions four times slower than the fifth largest cryptocurrency Lite Litecoin’s nearest competitor in payment solutions. Monero, the undisputed coin of secrecy, makes transactions faster, boasting that the average blocking time is just two minutes, one-fifth of the time Bitcoin can do it – without anonymity. The world’s second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, already has more transactions than bitcoin, although it is valued at only $ 676 per air, compared to $ 16,726 per bitcoin.

So why is Bitcoin so expensive? I asked the same question to Duke Randall. “Everything goes back to the same supply-demand economy, bitcoin is relatively unavailable, and its recent rise in prices has caught the attention of the media, coupled with the launch of bitcoin futures, which many see as the first sign. Bitcoin is gaining traction in the mass market, which has led many people to jump for financial gain. Like any asset, when there is more demand to buy than to sell, the price goes up. “This is bad because new investors are entering the market without understanding the blockchain, the principles behind these currencies, which means they are likely to burn out.”

Another reason Bitcoin is so volatile is that it is known to rise or fall by thousands of dollars in less than a minute, which, if you’re not used to it, makes less experienced investors panic about selling. which causes damage. This is one of the reasons why Bitcoin will struggle to be accepted as a payment method. The price of bitcoin can fluctuate significantly between the time sellers accept bitcoin from customers and sell it in their local currency exchanges. This irregular movement can erase all their profitability. Will this instability disappear soon? Bitcoin is a relatively new asset class, and although awareness is growing, only a very small percentage of the world’s population owns bitcoin. Until it becomes more widespread, liquidity has improved significantly, and instability will continue.

So, if Bitcoin as a real currency is quite useless, then what are its uses? Many believe that Bitcoin has moved from a viable payment hive to a store of value. Bitcoin is like “digital gold” – it will just be used as a guide for other cryptocurrencies – blockchain projects that need to be measured and sold. There have been recent reports that people in high-inflation-prone countries such as Zimbabwe have bought bitcoins to preserve their wealth rather than see it depreciate due to the recklessness of the central banking system.

Is it too late to get involved with bitcoin? If you believe in what these cryptocurrencies will do for the world, it’s never too late to get involved, but because Bitcoin’s value is so high, it’s a boat for some who have already navigated. It would be better to look at Litecoin, which has grown by 6908% per year, or Ethereum, which has grown by an incredible 7521% over the year. These newer, faster currencies are hoping to achieve what Bitcoin first undertook in its inception in 2009 – replacing the government-run Fiat currencies.

Who knows what the price of these currencies will be in ten, fifteen or even twenty years? However, one thing is for sure, we better connect with ourselves as it will be a wild walk.

Top 10 passive income ideas for 2018

Passive income ideas were a hot topic in 2018, as the waves are fading a bit this year, but the fact has never changed that people are constantly looking for ways to increase their earnings and enjoy financial independence. In this article:

I’m going to share the 10 best passive income ideas that have made a splash in 2018 և How did you find it? passive income opportunities In 2019, in those ideas. But first, if you are new to the topic, your first question will be what a passive income is.

Passive income simply means residual income, that is, money that comes over time from work you did in the past or from what you do now that does not require much time or effort. In other words, passive income is the amount of money you earn from a part-time job. It is different from active income, which is the amount you earn from work, from salary.

The big question people often ask is whether they can make a living from their passive income. By working on your passive income sources և creating residual income streams, you can get to the point where your passive income can be equated to what you earn in your day-to-day work. And that’s the goal – to create a lot of passive income streams so that it eventually equals or exceeds what you earn in your day-to-day work, at which point you can say that you have achieved financial independence, because then you are in control of your time. , your money comes to pay the bills, even if you leave your main job և the system works automatically, you just manage it.

I guess the question on your mind right now is whether there is anything you can do part-time that will bring you almost full-time income. Yes, there is, in fact there are. Here are the top 10 passive income ideas for 2018

  1. Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing provides a fantastic opportunity for people who do not have their own product to get someone else’s good product և to promote it by making a profit from each sale. This is one of the easiest ways to earn a passive income.
  2. Publishing e-books. If you have an idea that can solve a specific problem, Kindle Publishing provides an easy way to put it in a book և and publish it. Publishing a book has never been so easy. Many people ask if there is a business you can start without money. This is one. Everything is free, if you can write your book, edit it, create an attractive cover գրել write a good description for your book, you can start earning money right away.
  3. Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has attracted a lot of attention in 2018 as a source of residual income. There are basically two ways to make money with cryptocurrency. That’s trade: mining. The good thing about this system is that you can trade from your mobile.
  4. Network marketing. Network marketing or multilevel marketing is one of the oldest businesses in the world, a system where you start from the bottom up. While multilevel marketing may not sound like a buzzword, big companies use it to bring in marketable products and individuals use it to reach great heights, making passive, massive revenue for themselves.
  5. Freelancing. You’ve probably heard of sites like up work, fiver, elance, etc. where people go to do different kinds of digital work for themselves. You can also start earning money right away if you have any of the skills required by these sites on a daily basis, such as writing articles, editing articles, creating book covers, developing a website, and more.
  6. Blogging. Yes, people still earn money by blogging, as if the market seems to be full. There are more tools that make it easier for someone to create a blog and make it popular. A blog is a good way to make money, but it’s not the fastest way to make money. That being said, it’s worth noting that this is one of the safest ways to generate a reputation for “longer residual income” if you do it right.
  7. Electronic trading. In the past, this was for big companies, but today anyone can start an e-commerce store, start selling digital products online through WordPress և woocommerce applications.
  8. Skip shipping. This is related to the sale of physical goods through well-established e-commerce platforms such as Aliexpress և Amazon. You do not have to work hard, just research the best-selling products, promote them in your custom-built e-commerce store, which is connected to the main platform, the product is supplied by the company, while you choose the profit.
  9. Mobile applications. There are more smartphones on earth today than humans. And what power do these devices have? Mobile applications. If you have an idea that can solve the problem, then there is an opportunity for you to earn a residual income. You do not have to be a programmer to create a mobile application. All you have to do is come up with an idea փոխանց pass the case to the developer on one of the previously mentioned freelance sites for it to be created.
  10. Video bloggers. YouTube is now the second most popular website in the world. If you’re a fan of videos, here’s a chance to make a passive income. YouTube, with its AdSense և Affiliate Program, allows video creators to make money on the platform.

These are the ten best passive income ideas that were trending in 2018. If you want to earn passive income in 2019, you can consider one of them as a starting point for building your residual income streams. But if you are already making a passive income online, I would like to know how many of these passive income ideas you have tried or earned.

Stages of market mania

What is obsession? It is defined as a mental illness characterized by great excitement, euphoria, delirium, and hyperactivity. When investing, it translates into investment decisions driven by fear and greed without the results of analysis, reason or risk equilibrium. The obsession usually goes hand in hand with the development of the product business, but time can sometimes be skewed.

The tech boom of technology.com in the late ’90s և Today’s boom in cryptocurrencies are two examples of how mania works in real time. These two events will be highlighted in this article at each stage.

Idea stage

The first stage of madness begins with a great idea. The idea is not yet known to many, but the potential for profit is huge. This is usually translated as unlimited profit because “such a thing has never been done before.” The Internet was one such case. People who used paper systems of the time were skeptical, because “how can the Internet replace such a familiar, entrenched system?” The backbone of the idea begins to build. This translates into modems, servers, software կայ websites that were needed to turn the idea into something tangible. At the idea stage, investments start to get dull, made by “knowledgeable” people. In that case, it could be the visions of the people working on the project.

The same question is asked in the world of cryptocurrencies. How can crypto code replace our monetary system, contract system և payment systems?


The first websites were rude, limited, slow, and annoying. The skeptics would look at the words “information highway” that the visionaries were shouting. “How can this really be so useful?” The forgotten element here is that ideas start at their worst and then develop into something better and better. This is sometimes due to better technology, larger scale, cheaper costs, better use of the product in question, or better familiarity with the product, combined with excellent marketing. Early adopters come in on the investment side, but there is still no euphoria աբ astronomical income. In some cases, the investments have brought in decent returns, but not enough to make the masses jump inward. In the world of cryptocurrencies, this is evidenced by the high cost of coin mining, slow transaction times, account breakdown or theft.


Word gets out that this և “.com” is the hottest new thing on the Internet. The product և tangibility is built, but the cost պատճառով due to the mass scale involved և the time will be huge until everyone uses it. The investment aspect of the equation begins to outweigh the business development as markets diminish business potential at the cost of investment. Euphoria begins to materialize, but only among early adopters. This is happening with the explosion of new “altcoins” in the world of cryptocurrencies, the big media press that is gaining space.


At this stage, the parabolic incomes and potential offered by the Internet prevail. They do not think much about implementation or problems, because “the returns are huge, I do not want to miss.” The words “irrational abundance” և “mania” are becoming commonplace as people go shopping out of sheer greed. Negative risks ությունը negativity և largely ignored. Symptoms of addiction include: Any company that has a com.com in its name is hot-tempered, the analysis is thrown out the window in favor of optics, investment knowledge is becoming less and less popular among newcomers, expectations of a return of 10 or 100 tariffs are normal, few really know how the product works or does not work. It happened in the world of cryptocurrencies at the end of 2017 with a stellar yield of hundreds of percentage points of the company’s shares, using the “blockchain” in their name. There are also “reverse buy offers” where counterfeit companies listed on the stock exchange but dormant change their name to something related to the blockchain, and the shares are suddenly actively sold.

The Crash and Burn:

The business landscape of a new product is changing, but not as fast as the investment landscape. Eventually, a change of mindset occurs, քի a huge increase in sales begins. Instability is massive, many “weak hands” are left out of the market. Suddenly, analyzes are used again to substantiate that these companies have no value or are “overestimated”. Fear is spreading, prices are falling faster. Unprofitable companies that survive because of the turmoil and the prospects for the future are stunned. Cases of increasing fraud’s use of greed are exposed, causing more fear վաճառ selling securities. Entrepreneurs who have money are quietly investing in new products, but progress is slowing down because a new product is an “ugly word” until profits are convincingly shown. This is starting to happen in the world of cryptocurrencies with the folding of credit schemes using cryptocurrencies ավելի higher cases of coin theft. Some of the marginal coins are depreciating due to their speculative nature.


At this stage, the investment landscape is burning with stories of losses and bad experiences. At the same time, the great idea becomes tangible, it’s a boom for businesses that use it. It begins to be implemented in daily activities. Products are starting to become standard, և visions quote that the “information highway” is real. The average user notices an improvement in the product և it starts mass acceptance. Businesses that have a real profit strategy are hit hard in the crash phase, but if they have the cash to survive, they move on to the next wave. This has not yet happened in the world of cryptocurrencies. Expected survivors are those who have tangible business-corporate support, but it remains to be seen which companies and coins they will be.

The next wave. business is hippie

At this stage the new product is standard, և the profit becomes obvious. Business is now based on profit: scale, not idea. A second wave of investment emerges, starting with these survivors and spreading to another early stage obsession. The next stage was characterized by social media companies, search engines, online shopping, all of which are derivatives of the original product, the Internet.


Maniacs work with a pattern that plays the same horse over time. Մեկը When one recognizes the stages of each stage and the thought process, it becomes easier to understand what is going on և investment decisions become clearer.