Road stands Hainan attracted 80,000 visits in China International Tourism Fair – Tours Sanya

Hainan Booths attracted 80,000 visits in China International Tourism Exhibition (Shanghai).
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China International Tourism Fair 4th day closed on November 24 in Shanghai. Cabs Hainan specific to rich tropical elements, collected a total of 80 000 people. Some of the Hainan tourism enterprises, participating in the fair, got rapid development.
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During those two fair days open to the public, the citizens of Shanghai and tourists collect tourism catalogs, brochures and information about the trip to tour around the country and abroad. According to incomplete statistics, before the closing of the fair dozens of Hainan corporate exhibitors given out of a total of 25 million copies of travel information to businessmen, buyers, as well as tourists.
Signed 280 contracts for the potential journey, covering 600 thousand tourists. One of the exhibitors Hainan International Pearl River International Travel Service and Chenda International Travel Service signed a travel contract with Russian companies, the number of potential contracting groups in the tens of thousands of people; International Travel Service Hainan Kang Tai has signed a contract for a lot of potential 5 million domestic tourists.
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Administration of tourism in Hainan Province was awarded the “Award for the best stand” and “Award for outstanding organization,” the summary session of the fair in the afternoon.
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According to the current trading situation, the resources of Hainan tourism & # 39; the development has two obvious trends: First, pay more attention to the deep development of tourism resources, improve the characteristics of the product brand, focused on tourism.
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For example, tourism resources are turned into “eco-tourism”. Second, it takes full advantage of valuable older tourist resources in the province of Hainan, such as Sanya, haiku, and so on; and attractions such as hot springs, Hainan fish treatment, the line sea view, rounds of golf and so on.
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Meskalski ethical tourism in Oaxaca, Mexico to understanding

The second decade of this century was the witness the birth of a new and targeted forms of Mexican travel; meskalski tourism. Supporters of spirit, entrepreneurs, photographers and creators of documentary films, as well as the diversity of the students of the rich Mexican culture converge mostly in the southern state of Oaxaca.
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They come to buy, learn and understand, expose the rest of the world, and in some cases, financially benefit from broken work agavodav (amave), artisanal distilling (palenkeros) and their respective seven & # 39; ads. Of the nine states of Mexico, which in 2018 legally could call the spirit of the agave “mezcal”, Oaxaca today with & # 39 is the poorest, by any reasonable criteria.
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And so here, in the state where he was born and raised Benita Yuares, Mexico, the son of Mexico, we must ensure that meskalski tourism is ethical, responsible, sustainable and respectful both to the environment and to the lives of people seeking modest cultivation and agave mezcal preform and distillation. But how can we achieve such lofty goals while ensuring those who support the economy Oaksana?
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Will we move toward understanding meskalskih pilgrimages to Oaxaca in terms of ethical, responsible, sustainable or environmentally friendly, or any combination of the above tourist classifications, we need a point. Most of the more capacious definition contained in the decision by the World Travel Market Declaration on Responsible Tourism in 2002 in Cape Town:
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(1) minimizes negative economic, environmental and social impacts;

(2) create greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well-being of host communities, improves working conditions and access to the industry;

(3) draws locals in decisions that affect their lives and life changes;

(4) makes a positive contribution to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage, to the maintenance of diversity in the world;

(5) provide a more enjoyable experience for tourists through more significant due to the local people and a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues;

(6) provides access for people with disabilities and accidents;

(7) culturally sensitive matter of respect between tourists and hosts, and builds local pride and confidence.

Meskalskaga key players in tourism & # 39 are manufacturers, vinakureli, community, government, industry, regulators, and representatives of brand owners, as well as visitors of Oaxaca. Guides are also included, drivers and others who want to effectively provide appropriate services to those who come to Oaxaca to achieve one or more objectives.
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Almost on a weekly basis in the conduct of meskalskih excursions almost everything that I hear associated with ethical meskalskim tourism for the current “agave shortage” as yourself, because in fact, enough misery. The problem is the sharp rise in the price per kilogram over the last few years, as well as palenkeros and producers who harvest espadin that small, for years before they need to collect in order to produce the best mezcal with optimum yield.
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While demand is growing, tourism, from the point of view of those who travel to Oaxaca to purchase for personal use or to promote export project, only to a limited extent able to resolve this issue in the context of the industry’s sustainability.
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Brand owners, including palenkeros should not pursue their producers, especially those who lead a natural way of life, wanting to get the benefits of the train. They must recognize the cyclical nature of the industry; decent income, received today from the sale of the agave can evaporate in a few short years.
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Likewise, visitors should not refuse wineries sell them at a fair price. Some customers mezcal supporters acknowledge that they are paying a fraction of what they will return home; there is no middle men, no transport costs and often do not have the tax.
Virtually no one in this group of pilgrims is not trying to stay with palenkerasam, and in fact, some insist to pay a little more. They see the standard of living of some seven & # 39; palenkeros ads to which I drive them away, and they have a conscience. Maybe it depends on the type of visitor that keeps me or that I tend to visit predominantly small mom and alcohol plants makeshift factories, which are being moved Oaksana depth, or a combination thereof. Even if your discount when buying mezcal directly with a small artisanal Palenque, will save you only 50% of what you would otherwise have paid back home, who would you prefer to see a profit? Exporter? Dystryb & # 39; Yutariya or sellers: American, British or Mexican? Or something & # 39; I Oaksana who tries every day?

Many tour operators believe that their customers are not willing to pay more for a holiday to the residents of the host region is best shaken. However, a survey of the Association of British Travel Agents has shown that two-thirds of visitors to foreign lands, who were on package tours, will be willing to pay an extra 10-25 pounds for environmental and social improvements. A survey conducted by Tearfund’s aid agency, revealed that 59% of respondents were willing to pay more for their holidays if it will provide a decent salary by local residents and help protect the environment. This supports what I found during meskalskih excursions. Many travelers visiting Oaxaca for peyote, “get.”

Most palenkeros can not even imagine how much it costs per liter of mescal. One company, Aventureros, works with a limited number palenkeros to help them in the calculation of the actual cost of production. This is the highest price paid for raw materials and the final yield, adds to the expense of utility bills, it brings value to the work of family members & # 39; and assisting in various stages of production, and considers more. The problem faced by vinakureli mainly those who want to sell a large number of export is that there will always be a competitor who is willing to pay less and, therefore, knowledge of the real costs of production balanced with finding a market for your peyote. It’s the nature of capitalism, but at least there are people with a decent swing ethical business practices that take Aventurarosa sense of morality. Many of palenkerosav determines prices based on how much they need to “get around” and no more. Consumers who can buy directly from the source, have the ability and possibly the obligation to be fair. Yes, our Western world is not necessarily correct, but, at least, think to do something more, to correct an injustice by your standards. It’s part of ethical tourism, regardless of whether there should be.

The above-mentioned nature of the export business, which deals with foreign brand owners and exporters, with a & # 39 are citizens of Mexico or otherwise. Some believe in fair trade, insist on an appropriate price to pay and / or return of the profits some & # 39; and or society. However, there are others who are trying to squeeze their manufacturers to ensure the best possible cheap price. Some of the former categories represent their business practices as a way to increase sales and / or simply illustrate that they are mostly motivated by altruism. Plotkavyya network to help us learn more about them on both ends of a continuum between them.

To some extent, it solves the problem of the extinction of wild species and sub-species of agave. Some communities dictate its residents that for every wild agave crop yields need to plant two small. It turns out that the lesson has been received in the near extinction of the wild Tabalov near Solo de Vega, previously famous for its beautiful wild mezcal. Regulatory advice CRM (Consejo Regulador del Mezcal) recently began performing promulgated rules that exclude palenkeros that not dealing with the issue, as noted above, and registered the land from which they were harvested, producing mezcal certified for export and for domestic consumption . Of course, there are problems with any regulatory authority, particularly in Mexico, but it’s a start. For me, the notion that mezcal, which is made from wild agave, with & # 39 is better than distilled from cultivation can, with the & # 39 is part of the problem and is clearly false as a general opinion; should be considered more as teroir, specie and sub-specie, production and trade of weapons means palenqero skills and reputation, etc .. Mezcal, peraganyany in copper cultivation espadina may be “better” than Tabola made from wildlife agave and distilled in clay. Buy what you like, and this operation will take place a long way towards sustainability.

Similarly, there are brands who understand the potential cutting trees that are cut and used as traditional wood for burning furnaces. Some begin to programs to restore forests in search of volunteers for planting seedlings in the rainy season. These environmentally conscious entrepreneurs are also encouraged volunteers to agave planting programs.

I do not belong to walk to where the government is. Indeed, you can skillfully argued that the government is doing more than its fair share to promote meskalskay industry for the benefit of producers and distilling, as well as to address environmental issues. But ethical meskalski tourism takes a different approach. Request, and no more than:

• complies with the rules of responsible tourism to direct visitors to Oaxaca only certified on the & # 39 facilities built for tourists;

• whether the principles of responsible tourism, to avoid Palenquero small size call them the spirit of the agave “mezcal”, given that the root of the word predates even the founding of a country, which we now call Mexico;

• conforms to the rules of responsible tourism, or can not be Palenquero collect and pay the tax when they almost scraped off, if there is a viable and reasonable ways to fill public offices.

Yes, of course, meskalnaya industry needs regulation to protect the public consumption, and those who have the ability to pay tax, must pay their fair share, whatever it was. But there are no funds to achieve these objectives, which are more consistent with the principles of responsible tourism or ethical? Since we can stretch the limits of the theme of this article, let’s just leave it at that.

In the short term Oaxaca Visitors wishing to explore, learn, buy, and all the rest, can not have an impact on the public or otherwise controls. meskalnaya industry, and do not think about trying to do it. But they can resolve imbalances by ensuring that they are doing everything reasonably and under its control, to benefit the citizens who grow and create the spirit, if not increase, at least to protect the environment from the adverse effects on humans.

The initial possibility to travel in Oaxaca should ensure that their visit according to their desire to become part of the ethical meskalskaga tourism in choosing their mezcal-facilitator, whether a guide, a driver and fixer in the context of the goal to remove or take a picture. This person must play a key role in ensuring that residents are engaged in the growth of agave or mezcal production, to have a reasonable profit. It is his responsibility – to help those who need help, and at the same time does nothing to reduce or prevent sustainability; that is, to benefit people and the environment.

I wrote about the supporters of the responsibility to make mezcal proper care in evaluating brands, representatives and others in this area, to ensure that their purchases match with respect to social responsibility. It is true that the issue is not directly related to tourism meskalskim. However, usually those who love the spirit of the agave eventually find their way to Oaxaca. And so it is best to begin to address these issues before you go to the state for any reason related to mezcal, to study, to buy or to promote a commercial project. Given the effects and consequences of the visit of the structure in the early stages, it increases the likelihood of a decision on the issue, the relevant ethical tourism meskalskamu.


Tourism in Maldives

Maldives, a place where there are islands where angels float in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, where the atmosphere is a & # 39 is a dream, and significant emissions of light can not fill you in their arms. Formally, the Republic of Maldives – a South Asian island country located in the Indian Ocean, which is mastered in the Arabian Sea. It is located in the south-west of Sri Lanka and India. Maldives – one of the most geographically dispersed countries, as well as the smallest Asian country both by land area and the weight of about 427,756 tenants. Male – the capital and most populous city, which is called "The Island of the head" for its central zone.

Maldives is well known for their impossible leaps. Perfectly clear water and shallow-water lagoon ideal for swimming, while the reef dividers offer a kaleidoscope of marine life for the more experienced zhamperav. The Maldives have an amazing variety of marine life are grouped with corals and over 2,000 species of fish, which extend from the reef reefs and reef sharks to eel grass, trees and whale sharks. Various equipped lagoon islands likewise offer an ideal of & # 39; an object to evaluate his plan a family event or a sentimental getaway for two.

Since the Maldives – an island and 99% loaded with water, so cooking principle – a corner, but the coconut and rice – is also important food items. Garudhiya, fish soup gave rice, lime, baked beans and onions. Weight Huni broke smoked fish with ground coconut and onion. It is regarded as the most precise concepts breakfast in the country. Fihunu mas: fish with a barbecue that has been processed chili stew.

Tourism in the Maldives is rapidly increasing the number of arrivals of researchers and islands to resorts for the last ten years. In the European market the Maldives today are among the most attractive travel purposes in the tropics. Maldives offer a significant conventional resources for tourism and want to ecotourism guaranteed tender condition and submerged life.

It's not just the jumpers and swimmers, who welcome the rich resources are shipped. Moreover, that rest on the shoreline attracted by the possibility of coastline and climatic conditions. This condition does ensure loosening and pulling.

Every resort in the Maldives is located on another island with no other people's contribution and offers an amazing blend of modern extravagance and serene silence. Without exception, all the resorts of the Maldives are gentle sandy coastlines, translucent-friendly tidal pools, enclosures brownies reefs occupied by a variety of widely diverse marine vegetation, and everything else you would expect from a tropical occasion – all this is just a recreational section for a couple of minutes. In any case, every resort island has its own individual appeal, character and mood that you can get to know through personal experience.


How successful tourism industry has led to the globalization

Most of us have heard the word "globalization", which is widely used in various contexts over the past few years. But a proper definition of this term is often second-hand? Merryam-Vebster defines globalization as "the act or process of globalization: the state of globalization, especially: the development of an increasingly integrated global economy marked especially free trade, free capital flows and the use of cheaper foreign labor markets.". Now that we have established the true definition of globalization it is probably easy to see how it plays a vital role in the tourism industry. In the end, the people who visit other countries, of course participate in globalization, when acquiring goods and services in their travels. But what may not be so obvious – how successful tourism has led to globalization. This theme we will explore in this blog.

Although it is difficult to say exactly when began the tourism industry, many historians agree that this is probably began when people who were engaged in Ancient Rome, began to spend the summer in other parts of the region, to avoid the fuss that was then. (And it is even now) Roman metropolis. This would mean that the travel of at least about 2000 years. But the end of the Roman Empire also meant the end of tourism, although several hundred years, as the unrest in the region have made any journey risky at best. A few hundred years in medieval times, the tourism industry has experienced a revival, when large groups of people began to hold a holy pilgrimage. This meant that these people need places to eat and sleep along the way. Several hundred years, people began to travel for other reasons – for example, to improve the health and view the art, architecture and visiting historical places. It was at this time, during the industrial revolution, when the tourism industry began to take the usual form that we know today. They have developed ways of moving, as well as hotels and restaurants to satisfy tourists. Finally, in the 1960s, when airplanes and ocean liners have become more common and more accessible to the masses, tourism has become a global industry. At present day and age, when you have time and money, you can organize a trip, quite literally, anywhere on the planet.

And, as it turns out, many people do not have time and money. In accordance with statistics portalBetween 2006 and 2017 travel and tourism industry has brought into the world economy of $ 8.27 trillion. The biggest participants – North America, the European Union and North-East Asia. While these regions are still in the lead of the tourist tax, others are less likely countries make their mark in this area, of course, thanks to the profitable opportunities that tourism brings with it. Some of the most notable – African countries such as Namibia, Zambia and Angola.

The KOF Index of Globalization of the 100 most globalized countries in 2017 should be no surprise that in the list of leaders in many EU countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, France and others. Also on the list – although more than EU countries – Canada and the United States. KOF Globalization Index takes into account three key indicators: economic, social and political. They define globalization as "… the process of creating networks between sub & # 39 objects at distances shmatkantynentalnyh mediated by various streams, including people, information and ideas, capital and goods." While there is no doubt in the economic impact of tourism on a global scale, other indicators of globalization more difficult to measure – namely, social and political influences that make the tourism industry on the world stage. But if you measure the impact of tourism on globalization in relation to the flow of people, information and ideas, as well as capital and goods, we can say with some confidence that the success of the tourism industry more than likely led the way – directly and indirectly – to globalization.


Notable areas of eco-tourism


As regards the various aspects of travel and tourism, eco-tourism is now attracting conscious individuals both socially and environmentally. Currently, every corner of the world celebrates World Environment Day on June 5, every year suggest to put even a small tree in their premises.

Destination: eco-tourism:

Ecotourism is characterized by the liveliness of the flora and fauna with the & # 39 are the proud treasures on earth. Due to their security number of wild centers and parks have been established in different countries.

Couples wildlife, South Africa

In the gallery of the wild life 292 mammals are represented in South Africa, 13 endangered, 15 vulnerable and 13 species, endangered species, which are very closely watching visitors. However, eco-tourism in the country is still in its infancy, responsible parties and environmentalist are directly involved in nature tourism.

Mazhul Island in Assam, India

This is the largest river island in India is located in the Brahmaputra valley in Assam and covers an area of ​​1080 km². The island contains the snow-capped mountains or winding mountain springs, and eco-friendly visitors often find their place as a paradise on earth.

Kerala, India

The Indian state of Kerala in India shimmers terry green leaves of banana and coconut groves. Huge landscape, the laid a tea plantation, designed not only for Ayurveda but also to assess the greenery overlooking the backwaters. In addition, the wildlife sanctuaries of Kerala like Peryyar, Viynad, Quiet Valley and Eravikulam National Park – popular destinations ecotourism.

Tips for eco-friendly holiday

Ecological trip indifferent to any other types of tourist activities. But the place of untouched natural beauty is threatened ecological imbalance or rather careless task of man.

Thus, before you engage in any ecological tourism program, check out some tips below:

Avoid accumulation and play with marine animals.

Do not order the sea food caught by destructive methods, such as the bombing of fish fishing net fishing and cyanide poisoning.

Try environmentally friendly water sports such as sailing, surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving in the area, which has no pollution.

Know how to avoid violations of the marine life and collect dead specimens on the beach, not in the water.

Follow the rules of the Law on the Protection of Wild Life and disseminate information on eco-tourism in different parts of the world.


The poor part of the city – tourism for the Third World


Rest in a third world country – one of the biggest trends & # 39; Today in tourism. Consider for example the tourism boom in Cambodia; for many the personification of poverty, strife and corruption. By 2007, the number of visitors to Cambodia each year has increased by 1200% in just 10 years. Such interest benefits of employment, revenue and foreign investment. What is important, what is perhaps most important in the world of securities, which deals with information, so international travel introduces and educates people of a different culture and beliefs. Unfortunately, the benefits of international tourism yet. Despite all this activity, & # 39; the bad end of the city & # 39; the world still looks as always.

Interview & # 39; th between Andrew Booth, co-founder of Sage Insights Cambodia, and Nola Hers, an independent journalist from Australia

– Thus, the problems of the world why choose this one?

The problem of extreme poverty in the countries that attract mass tourism, it seems to me as undervalued and decisive in many respects. Open a magazine like TIME. Read the suras & # 39; a major newspaper. See the news on television. We often see the scene confused and hungry people living in parched and unattractive land: land which has few natural resources and little to appreciate the world. No less troubling, though, perhaps, fatal to the & # 39 is poverty on such attractive land; so rich in history, culture and natural beauty that they attract millions of people from halfway around the world on vacation. These places are precious values. Assets that belong to all who call the land their home. However, a large part of the society completely misses the benefits that these assets can bring.

– But surely international tourism in the third world benefit?

Of course! Huge benefits. But my question is "who benefits?" or, more appropriately, "Who is not necessary?" No matter that is of interest to a country such assets; family & # 39; Silver & # 39; country; not applicable investor in the tourist hotel. Also, they do not belong to the travel agents, souvenir vendors, tour guides and even the government. It belongs to every person who calls the country & # 39; home & # 39; and from all those who will ever be.

Of course, the big idea that government manage assets on behalf of all. Thanks to the tax on the tourism industry and an increase in the economic activity they redistribute part of the profits; & # 39; gate receipts to the event & # 39 ;, for its citizens. Unfortunately, a common feature of the third world & # 39 is the lack of an accountable and transparent bureaucracy. Result: the weakest in society, people without a voice & # 39; will receive no benefit from international tourism, attracted by their assets, heritage.

– Do you think that the hotel should not make a profit from the tourists in poor countries?

They need to make profits. Local and international investors in the tourism infrastructure; Group of hotels and tourist companies get a great benefit from the use of the other assets in the country, and so it is necessary! These investors are motivated by financial returns. They are engaged in risk for its investors & # 39; Capital is developing such capabilities. I also acknowledge that local economies are a great stimulus from such investments. Many jobs are created for local people through international tourism. The new hotels need builders, cleaners, gardeners, guards, cooks and clerks.

– So where's the problem?

My point is that local people do not benefit. Rather, it is that all citizens should enjoy international interest in their common heritage. It remains a large group of people, especially in third world countries that are completely deprived of the benefits arising out of their own heritage wealth.

Try to imagine a country that almost overnight lost its entire professional class. How fast is your country recover from the elimination of almost all lawyers, law enforcement officers, bureaucrats, national and local politicians? You laughed. It is easy to joke that there would be a big improvement, but the truth is that without the right to & # 39 standards; law of the jungle quickly asserts itself. Damage to strive for a strong and experienced, not only distributed among the useful and is not weak

– For example?

In Cambodia, more than a fair share of troubles, from which she bravely rushes back. Horror rules Ruzhansky kmerav in the 1970s deprived the country of all its professional class. The country has not recovered from it during the night. Meanwhile, there is a possibility for some. In a recent US assessment of corruption in Cambodia noted that "the unfortunate reality is that corruption has become part of everyday life in Cambodia, that actually reached" pandemic ". The Law of the Jungle had come home, and despite the efforts of the Government, its . In an elaborate scheme to break the common opinion that all go into service & # 39; the system becomes independent.

So suddenly we have seen a boom in tourism, which is less than most needed in society are unlikely to benefit. In fact it is just a little bit worse. Boom activity brings inflation. International travelers in third world countries strain precious resources and push prices for local goods. Fresh fish, which was previously available on the market, suddenly disappears on the road to fill the contract with the new hotel.

– Do you see a way to recover all the benefits?

In Cambodia I have helped find a company called Sage Insights. Profit sage of international tourist interest in Cambodia supports the smallest children in the community. We provide the smallest children of Cambodia an interest in their own heritage. Not only in terms of the benefits of ownership, but also curiosity and motivation to preserve their heritage.

– And your investors: How do they make a profit?

Investors do not have. All the benefits of Sage Insights go home, feed and educate local children on the street, orphans and children from seven & # 39; ads are so poor that they do not have opportunities. Local workers, of course, benefit from a decent and stable income. Being a full-time employee in a less quiet periods, they are encouraged to conduct research and learn more about their country and heritage, to ensure rapid and continuous improvement of services.

This is not a compromise of ethical tourism, compared with excellent service for tourists; They feel the best of Cambodia with a reliable and friendly local management. All services are made on an individual basis, and there is 24-hour personal assistant for travel, which will help on all issues in the sometimes confusing and difficult country. Even high-quality hotels and international travel agents favorable; they have a partner they can trust to take care of their customers in Cambodia; a partner who is doing everything possible to encourage visitors to return.

– To sum up, you are looking for a project?

I hope that as the scale of the project, our competitors will find our standards and ethics. Over time, deprived of their rights will be associated with the value of their own heritage.


5 Tourist specialty Taiwan

Taiwan, located in East Asia, with the & # 39 is one of the industrial and economically prosperous regions of Southeast Asia. Officially known as the Republic of China, she & # 39 is a world leader in technology. It also represents progress in health, education, human development, the wealth of cultures in South Asia. No wonder millions of tourists visit Taiwan every year to enjoy its riches. Read on to find 5 tourist Taiwan specialties.

1. Taipei 101

Before the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in Taiwan was the tallest tower in the world. Known as Taipei 101, this particular tower boasts Platinum certified LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). He is often regarded as a symbol of the merger of the technological evolution with Asian traditions. No tour to Taiwan is not complete without a visit to Taipei 101. Traveling in Taiwan provided by the established tour operators, guarantee you an idea of ​​this architectural miracle. You can also compare it to the Eiffel Tower Asia.

2. The high-speed rail

Travel from one part to another of Taiwan quickly and conveniently with the help of high-speed rail subway. You never have to worry about congested traffic and road problems. Metro very quickly, often exceed the speed of 300 km / h and very punctual. This transport experience, which should be used. Often the main problem faced by tourists visiting various tourist destinations, with & # 39 is the lack of adequate transport infrastructure. But Taiwan – an exception. Wide track subway helping Taiwan maintain its tourist approach.

3. Bunun Dance

It has a traditional dance in each country. Traditional dance with the people of Taiwan & # 39 is the dance of the Bunun. He came to the native Formosan Aborigines, known for their polyphonic vocal music. Their dance – a symbol of cultural independence. Taiwan holiday packages that are provided by well-known tour operators, give tourists the opportunity to experience its wonderful cultural phenomenon.

4. The National Concert Hall and Museum

The main cultural venues in Taiwan with & # 39 is the National Concert Hall, home of the Taiwanese orchestras, art galleries and a theater. Taiwan's cultural richness is due to the fact that it combines Taiwanese culture with Chinese culture. This result – cultural dualism. Cultural museum in the world is known, as there are more than 650 000 units of Chinese artifacts; They include painting, bronze and the famous jade stone. The museum is often considered as the greatest collective Museum of Chinese culture.

5. Kitchen

Taiwanese cuisine is very famous for their varieties. They are different from other cuisines that are seven different variations. Basic delicacies include porcine gene, Fenchihu and nantou. Holiday packages to Taiwan It is never complete without a taste of the magnificent Taiwanese cuisines.

Book travel on Taiwan now, to experience their culture in all its glory. No wonder tourists visiting Taiwan, returned home very satisfied.


5 corporate gift ideas for the travel and tourism industry

The fact that you are distributing sellers, customers, employees and others with whom you come near a business relationship is important. If you razdash that they are not functional and does not want to use, then you are throwing money in the trash. That is how they are going to do: throw it in the trash. If you do not want to throw good money in the trash, consider that some of these corporate gifts is ideally adapted to the travel and tourism industry.

1. Cloth Shopping Bags

This eco-friendly gift that will be enjoyed by all who work in the kitchen or restaurant. Even someone who works with a bed and breakfast or working in the hotel, can take advantage of this. In fact, everyone who eats at some point will use cloth bags. You can find them in attractive colors and patterns, for example, in multi-colored stripes. Throw information on branding and location, and you have a corporate gift that will be used again and again.

2. Pedometer

How many miles driven per day clerk? What about customer service agent or a lope? While distributing the pedometer you will encourage employees and customers to take their level of activity and begin to think about their suitability. This is something that many people buy in stores, and it will benefit if razdash its customers and employees. This is also a corporate gift, which gives an excellent gift or a prize on the company's parties. You can even use it as a reward for friendly competitions, which are held between employees or departments.

3. Small notebooks with cover and handle

It is such a simple corporate gift, but it can always take advantage of any man in the field of tourism and travel industry. How many times have you been at a desk or on the phone if you need to quickly write something? These are the cases when something small with a handle attached very convenient. Your customers and employees will always find a reason to pull it out and make a comment.

4. Turn on the clock

This is a unique corporate gift that you will not find on sale through each seller gifts. You do not have to look too hard, but it's not the most common thing. That's good, because it means that everyone else does not buy them in your area. If you find them, this watch is perfect for those who are involved in traveling and on the road. This is especially appreciated by those who control the truck, bus or other vehicle to life.

5. Holders of passports

This is ideal for those in the travel industry! You spend so much time dealing with passports, whether it be checking them or help someone find the one that was lost. This is a great corporate gift that you can give away guests, employees, customers, or anyone else with whom you interact on a daily basis. It is also very affordable corporate gift.

You work in a very unique industry, so you should give out a very unique corporate gifts. This list should give you some idea of ​​what is there for you.


Medical tourism: health benefits of offshore

Medical tourism can be defined as the provision for patients to travel ashore in search of a fast, cost-effective and safe medical and surgical procedures. The combination of factors has led many people from industrialized countries to migrate to get quality health care. Different reasons – from cost issues, ease and affordability of international travel, long queues unpleasant in many countries and, above all, improvement of technological standards of health care in many countries. And the health sector, and the tourism industry to help facilitate the process in these countries.

medical tourism concept actually dates back to ancient Greece, where pilgrims and patients from all over the Mediterranean & # 39; I have come to the sanctuary of the god of healing, Asklepios, at Epidaurus. In the 18th century, wealthy Europeans from Germany traveled to Mediterranean resorts. 21st Century issued a medical tourism industry beyond the wealthy and the desperately providing low cost treatment and transport services. Vacation, fun and relaxation together with health care have made medical tourism a common form of recreation.

Medical tourism enables hospitals to use the potential of the international healthcare market, and ultimately use its business. The development of medical technology, an increase of & # 39; transportation volumes and the need for immediate medical care quality prompted health workers to become global. Medical tourists travel long distances to search for doctors and world class hospitals. Health professionals around the world are investing to acquire advanced technologies and are sent in the latest medical research. They even provide a favorable non-medical services such as hospitality services, spas and aircraft services to facilitate your stay and treatment for an international clientele.

One of the main reasons that medical tourism is attractive to many people, with the & # 39 is that it offers treatment at a relatively low price. Moreover, the health care system in the developed countries are severely congested, and exit for foreign territory for the immediate treatment often & # 39 is the solution to the problem. Medical tourism is popular and & # 39 is widely recognized, because it provides medical care to patients, accompanied by a five-star treatment and exclusive vacations. Thailand and India, with & # 39 is one of the popular destinations for medical tourism. The governments of these countries have successfully had their guide to aid in the development of the medical tourism industry.

India today & # 39 is one of the leading players in the medical tourism industry. Cosmetic surgery and dentistry is usually what they are looking for medical tourists, but recent studies show that the eye surgery, kidney dialysis and organ transplantation with the & # 39 are among the most common procedures that seek to vacationers. In particular, India is surgery on the open heart, the children's heart surgery, bone marrow transplantation and cancer therapy. Hospitals are equipped with the latest electronic and medical diagnostic equipment. Pharmaceuticals also meet the strict requirements of the US administration of food and medicines, and even the US can match the quality of care standards.

Marketing on the & # 39 objects with informative sites medical tourismThe trend of the day – the nomination of transparent pricing schemes and the availability of advanced medical devices. As soon as more and more patients from wealthy countries seeking viable options outside the bank, medical tourism industry is expanding at a rapid pace. It is known that development can lead to a variety of other economic activities in which the main element is always the quality will remain.


The tourism industry is growing rapidly in Nepal

The tourism industry is growing rapidly in Nepal. He was included in the top ten recommendations for travel around the world. Nepal, the land of mountains, with the & # 39 is one of the most spectacular places on earth. He holds eight of the fourteen highest mountains in the world. Due to the presence of a powerful hot Nepal, is the preferred para trekking and climbing. It develops as a point of adventure tourism. It is internationally recognized place for adventure travel. Adventure sports such as trekking, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, rafting, paragliding, etc.

Developing infrastructure and growing hospitality contributes greatly to the rapid development of the tourism industry. Improving the movement method allows tourists to travel comfortable in the hot areas of Nepal. Many hotels are in urban areas, to provide comfortable accommodation. Tour operators also provide a variety of & # 39 facilities to attract tourists.

It is a paradise for adventurers and nature lovers. They can go to such popular treks like the Everest region, Annapurna region, Dolpo region treks along the way Kanchenzhunga, Langtang regions and others. These trails with & # 39 are the best places in the world for trekking. Trekking in Nepal can be very adventurous and playful with proper preparation and planning. Shlyahovshchyki have to pack bags correctly. They should wear winter clothes, knife, water bottle, essential drugs, etc. Advises to plan a campaign led by guides. The tour guides will provide you with a safe device for a hike along the adventure trails. Travel tours Nepal with & # 39 are the main commercial tourism spot of Nepal. Mountain flight for sightseeing and very contributes to the development of the tourism industry. hiking options attract many adventurers from all over the world.

To strengthen tourism more rapidly, many public corporations and private tour operators to run many tour packages. According to the source, it was confirmed that in Nepal in 2010 was more than five tourists shortcomings. It was also confirmed that the majority of tourists from India, China and Sri Lanka. Such rapid development of tourism due to the development of tourism infrastructure and effective management, which includes accommodation and transport.

If you also want to visit the world-famous and a preferred tourist destination, then plan a trip to Nepal. Enjoy hiking and trekking in Nepal. Nepali trekking very adventurous for Var adventure & # 39; yatav. Many rivers happened to Nepal mountains. These mountain rivers are very ideal for rafting and boating.


Tourism in Sydney

Australia Sydney – the largest city in the country. It lived four million citizens. It is the capital of New South Wales. Nicknamed "Garatski city" Sydney sits at the entrance to the Tasman Sea. The city was founded in 1788. Tourism in Sydney – a large and ever-growing industry of the city.

Sydney is considered a mecca of tourism in Australia. There are so many things to do. You can bask on the beach Bondi, watch a performance at the Opera House in Sydney, visit historic sites and museums, go to the zoo, shop or even a stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens. Lodging is not a lot and visitors need to worry, there are plenty of places to stay.

Sydney Opera House each year attracts many visitors in its corridors. The Opera House was opened in 1973. The Opera House is known for its unique architecture throughout the year. Check schedules and ticketing can be done on their website.

There are many artists that get there. Check out the online Opera House, to find out how to buy tickets to the show. Also, visitors can plan a backstage tour or a tour of the Opera House.

Taronga Zoo – it's a fun place for people of all ages. There are exhibits from around the world. Many animals and there is even a meeting with the animals, where you can get very close to the animals. Do not worry, there are a help. Some examples of zoo animals – chimpanzees, lions, elephants, giraffes, cobras, crocodiles and, of course, kindness koalas. Zoo offers fun programs for children during the holidays, and even sleep in the zoo.

If you need a vacation and want to relax in the sun, Bondi Beach must-see. The beach offers sun and surf. He has beautiful white sandy beaches and excellent surf. There are many shops and restaurants. Beach is conveniently located only thirty minutes from the central city of Sydney.

Royal Botanic Gardens – another place that is a & # 39 is a favorite. Walk through its lovely gardens – a great way to see what Australia has to offer in the way of plant life. There are many types. The visitor can participate in excursions on their own or when more information about what you crave, do tour. They are held daily at noon.

Sydney tourism there for the picking. There are many activities to be done during a visit to Sydney, it would be hard to choose. From the beaches to the zoo and walk through the Royal Garden visitor will find it strange city. It offers a wide variety of activities for young and old.


Luxury eco-holiday in Africa

What is ecotourism? This type of tourism, as a rule, for areas that can be enhanced by environmental that save water, promote recycling, and others. Ecotourists travel frequently, interested in environmental and social consciousness. However, the ecological tourist does not have to be an ardent environmentalists. Designate dollars obtained only by tourists, can give a great contribution to the environmental improvement of the site. For example, there are companies that offer travel around Africa, which guide travelers on an African safari, consciously protecting and preserving the landscape of African resources.

Ecotourism trips usually undeveloped natural areas with minimal pollution damage. Countries such as Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, Zambia, South Africa and Victoria Falls can easily fall into this category. These areas are largely benefit from the awareness efforts in eco-tourism due to the fact that there are more restrictions on the placement of luxury hotels in the middle of the securities or endangered lands. So clever and responsible of these companies will be able to provide a luxury vacation in Africa that encourages the protection of ecosystems and the promotion of social and ecological communities, who were born in these areas.

Travel to Victoria Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world, located in Zambia, offers activities such as canoeing, hiking and bungee jumping. Accommodation in Tongabezi includes river cottages that include personal valet, who mainly provide luxurious trip to Africa. This trip can be provided by One With Africa and planned devoted environmentalists. Therefore all activities and lodging are planned in accordance with the philosophy of sustainable eco-tourism. Another trip to Laikipia, Kenya, is a journey into several community ranches and grazing lands in the wild Northern border country. tourist dollar can contribute to the fact that local communities directly share the profits from their native land. Among the many destinations of trips and events accompanying land, luxury vacation in Africa can be specialized according to the travelers, considering how much direct socio-ecological involvement is necessary to wish to participate during the rest of Africa.

We can pretty much exclude a trip to Dubai, because it has a positive environmental impact. Although tourism in such a place may provide jobs and economic improvements for the citizens of the region, he obviously does not consider financial incentives to preserve the beautiful landscape on which to build resorts and trendy hotel.

By contrast, luxury travel vacations in Africa provided by companies such as One With Africa, which offer ways to participate in protecting the environment and native animals. Even with the wine tours to Africa on safari or walking, tourism can have an incredibly encouraging effect on the environment by such efforts, as living in places with solar power or by recycling and disposal of waste in an environmentally responsible manner. Companies from non-tourism order, for example, One With Africa, constantly think of ways of tourists participate in the preservation of beautiful African landscapes efforts.